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Efficacy Series
Efficacy Series
L/C, D/P, T/T

Efficacy Series
3Mins Pre-Makeup Brightening Masks
After-Makeup Cleaning Masks

Micro-Emulsion Essence +Light-Scattering
Particle Moisturize And Care Skins, Exquisite Make-Up

3Mins Pre-Makeup Brightening Masks use super-light TENCEL®  mask cloth, realize natural Soft-light effect ——“Perfect combination of Micro-Emulsion Essence and Light-Scattering Particles” Taking advantage of various oil components of Micro-Emulsion essence to wrap, moisturize and care the deep layers of cells and moisturize skins, combined with “Soft-Light Particles” to rapidly brighten and smooth skins and fill pores, which produce soft-light effect as if taking photos with beauty camera.
Various oil components of Micro-Emulsion Essence to wrap, moisturize and care the deep layers of cells:deeply moisturize skins, rapidly fill in nutrition, balance water and oil, wake up sleepy skins in morning.
Soft-light particles: form light diffuse reflection film upon the surfaces of skins, rapidly moisturize skins, makes basic-make-up product more even and tight for facial skins, achieving soft-light-like effects.

Innovative Technology: Water Oil- solubilizing Technology Remove+ Clean+ Moisture=3 Functions=1 Step!

1.Deep Cleansing
Solubilize oil with oil cleansing components, mildly solubilize and clean up oily make-up products such as foundation and concealers, help clean away inner cosmetics residues and dirt in the lower layers of skins.

2.Clean & Clear
Effectively improve skin condition, exactly prevent face from skin problems such as  pore-clogging, black-head and pimples. Repair and keep skins soft, smooth, tight and render luster.
Deep into pores to moisturize skins, deal with the “Dry Skin after Cleansing” problem. Adjust and balance the Sebum Secretion under the pressure of Cosmetics, release skin pressure and keep skins clear and comfortable.

Make-up everyday would make skin age faster

Most women wear make-up for over 8 hours every day, while exquisite make up actually brings unwanted burden to facial skins. With cosmetic brush rubbing countlessly on facial skins, many layers of make-up products are left on face, which brings  bad impacts on skin’s metabolism. Without careful cleaning and caring steps, skin will become obviously slacker and may begin to age.


Is facial skin really relaxed after cleansing?

Lower layer of skins of people who always make up actually accumulate lots of cosmetics residues and toxins. However, it’s hard to pentrate deep into the lower layer and thoroughly clean away dirt and toxins with simply the basic cleansing and cleaning steps , as a result, lots of skin problems after making up occur naturally.
Mild Cleansing effect without Iritation, water rinsing is enough : unnecessary to further clean with facial cleanser cream.

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