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Microfiber Series
Microfiber Series
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Microfiber Series
Happy Macarons Moisturizing Mircofiber Mask

Characteristics of Microfiber Masks


Not Deformed When Pulling

Through the test of pulling rubber ball, excellent tightening ability of Microfiber Masks materials is verified. In the test, mask cloth with rich amount of essence can tightly pull up the ball.


Tight Wrapping Ability

Another test with basketball: cut out a piece of microfiber cloth, wet the cloth and cover a basketball with it, the cloth can easily pull up a 500g basketball, which greatly verify the tight wrapping ability of microfiber!

Four Characteristics of   Macarons Colorful Hydrating Microfiber Masks

Soft Comfortable
Fluffy Breathable
Effectively Absorbable
Effectively Permeable PENETRATION

Soft & Comfortable,Layered & Breathable

Feels like Soft and Smooth Silk! The diameter of the single fiber of Microfiber Mask Cloth is extremely thin and soft that it can closely and tightly fit facial skins. Mask cloth has 3D wedding structure, which makes it fleecy and breathable.


Effectively Absorbable & Permeable

Fiber Has Thin Gaps Which Make it Effectively Absorbable and Permeable! Fiber has the structures like capillary that enable it to absorb and contain more essence. Diameter of the gap of fibers is between diameter of water-drop and water-vapor-droplet, which forms collective pressure and allow essence to effectively permeate into the deep-layer of skins.

Product Recommendation


Calm Blue


Bright white


Fresh Green


Gentle Pink


Bright Yellow

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