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Wet Wipes and Patent Technology of Spunlace Embossed
A wet wipe, also known as a wet nap, wet towel, a moist towelette or wet tissue, is used for cleaning purposes, like personal hygiene or household cleaning. RO water, spunlace and liquid are the three basic article to make a wet wipe. With the accelerating pace of production upgrading, wet wipe market develops rapidly, which will certainly owns a broad prospects.
The main material of wet wipe is spunlace. Those produced by different manufacturers are much the same in ingredient, structure, function and appearance, therefore, it is hard for manufacturers or brand owner to launch unique and typical products. That is why there comes a serious product homogeneity. Finally, how to get a breakthrough in product uniqueness and form characteristic is a most notable question in wet wipe field.
Spunlace embossed technique is a patented technology which was developed by Nox-Bellcow(ZS) Nonwoven Chemical Ltd. In 2005. It obtained national patent. It uses the interaction between metal plate roller and high pressure water jet to project the desired figure on the surface of spunlace, forming a special concave-convex pattern, such as brand logo, English characters alphanumeric and so on.
Because this technology uses the high pressure water jet witch is from the spunlace production line to form figure, and also the spunlace will be dried on line by high temperature, it has advantage over the traditional method which just press the figure on the finished spunlace, both in sanitary and production cost. With this technology, the brand logo can not only be showed on the outer pack, but also be viewed on the wipe sheet, which play a security role and raise the brand level and brand feature.