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Oil Control Facial Toner 125ml

Oil Control Facial Toner 125ml

Minimum: 80,000 bottles
Model: SK2-03
Country: China
Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
Price: FOB, CIF

Technical Description:
1. The need of men's skin differs from females due to a unique skin physiology. Unlike women, men have thicker and oil prone skin, with more prominent pores. Wastons offers the perfect solution with an oil control range specifically formulated for men's unique skin.
2. The man code oil control facial toner features BIOACNE, an ingredient which is specially formulated to address men's oil prone skin. Wastons man code oil control facial toner clears the face of excess oily residue and dead skin cells which clog pores and dulls the complexion. It also works to rebalance skin's moisture level. Regular use provides a clean, bright, smoother-looking skin. The toner can be applied before shaving or moisturising.
3. 125ml.

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