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Skin Barrier Repairing Mask

Skin Barrier Repairing Mask

From these 3 areas, water, oil and nutrients, to replenish our skin
All-round in repairing and protecting skin barrier

Country: China
Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
Price: FOB, CIF

      Contains rich nutrients to repair damaged sebum film

Soothing and anti-allergic  To prevent excessive moisture evaporation of our skin
Moisturizing skin  Leaves skin supple, smooth and shiny
Anti-infection  Inhibits bacterial growth and purifies our skin
Maintain the ecological stability of our skin  Maintain the ecological balance of our skin in order to make skin stays healthy
Balance the pH value to reduce damage  The pH value of sebum film is of weak acid, help fighting against the damages caused by alkaline substances

A breakthrough from a single formula from 3 areas of water, oil and nutrients replenishment

To synergize in repairing our skin’s barrier-sebum film

3-D All-round in repairing and protecting skin barrier.

Water replenishment   Replenish skin’s moisture loss due to damages of sebum film

Oil replenishment    Supplement of oil loss from sebum film due to a variety of reasons

Nutrients replenishment   Supply skin’s much needed nutrients to reinforce its self-repaired function.

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