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SOS Stress Relief Revitalizing Mask

SOS Stress Relief Revitalizing Mask

Antioxidant repair

Icy moist

Water-lock moisturizing

Soothing & anti-allergy

Country: China
Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
Price: FOB, CIF

Soothe and reduce heat damages

Effectively soothes and repairs damaged skin

Special triple-compound repairing technology 

synergistic effect of compound repair, soothing and repairing skin comprehensively

  Damaged Skin Remedy    Repair Compound    

Antioxidant, repair damaged skin to restore its health.    

Compound ingredients: daemonorops draco bl, panthenol, nicotinamide

Sensitive Skin Remedy    Sensitive skin improvement compound

Soothing allergic condition, relieve itchy, redness and other sensitive phenomena.

Compound ingredients: vitex fruit, peony root

 Soothing Remedy

Anti-inflammatory factors, soothe the skin, improve its condition.

Compound ingredients: Rose, vegetarian, daisies

Ideas for Repairing: Improvement on appearances, internal repairing & soothing sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin Remedy: Improve capillary circulation, relieve redness and other sensitive phenomena.

Damaged Skin Remedy: Antioxidant, repair damaged tissue, strengthen skin’s muscle to restore its health.

Soothing Remedy: Anti-irritation, soothe the skin and relieve pain, itchy and other sensitive feelings.


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