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TENCEL® Series

TENCEL® Series

L/C, D/P, T/T

TENCEL® Series
Art On Face TENCEL® Facial Mask

Recently, some mask product manufacturers begin considering communication strategies in the designing process to make product promotion more interesting and attractive. Colored-painting masks just emerge in contemperory society.

Various colored-painting masks are popular in the market, and created a selfie frenzy. Using masks with various patterns became a very sort out concept.

Besides various models, the attribution of colored-painting masks itself is also expanding, where more and more partial-painting-masks occur after the hot wave of  whole-face-painting mask.

Colored-Painting Effects

Interesting Emoticons, love and being cute Be an Interesting Person, Apply a Funny “Face”!

Apply“Life After Life, Blooms Over Blooms”(Chinese drama) exquisite colored-painting mask!

I love NBC!

I am the Evening Dress Mask, Beautiful isn’t the only thing I present.

Safety X Interest
Testing Record to Prove that Colored-painting Masks are Secure, Safe and Colorfast

Product Message