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Art On Face  Veocel ™  Facial Mask
Art On Face Veocel ™ Facial Mask
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Veocel TM Series
Art On Face VeocelTM Facial Mask

Recently, some mask product manufacturers begin considering communication strategies in the designing process to make product promotion more interesting and attractive. Colored-painting masks just emerge in contemperory society.

Various colored-painting masks are popular in the market, and created a selfie frenzy. Using masks with various patterns became a very sort out concept.

Besides various models, the attribution of colored-painting masks itself is also expanding, where more and more partial-painting-masks occur after the hot wave of  whole-face-painting mask.

Colored-Painting Effects

Interesting Emoticons, love and being cute Be an Interesting Person, Apply a Funny “Face”!

Apply“Life After Life, Blooms Over Blooms”(Chinese drama) exquisite colored-painting mask!

I love NBC!

I am the Evening Dress Mask, Beautiful isn’t the only thing I present.

Safety X Interest
Testing Record to Prove that Colored-painting Masks are Secure, Safe and Colorfast

Product Message