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Urban Protector

Urban Protector

L/C, D/P, T/T

Urban Protector

3X External Protection,Inter Restoration

Wisely Against Different Harmful Environmental Elements to Skin

3 X  External Protection-Improtant protection against urban pollution

Most inportant is protection 


1.Blocking air pollutants and part of the light haze pollution

2.Effective antioxidant against free radicals

3.Enhances skin barrier function and to prevent any micro-damage on skin

3 X Internal Protection -Important Protection against urban pollution

Besides prevention,"protection"is much needed


1.Purifying and cleansing to reduce pressure on skin     

2.Sooths sensitive skin and strenghtens it

3.Active repairing ingredient awakens skin vitality


Automatically Adapt to Environment

In cold and dry environment,skin will form a soft and  comfortable protective film;in hot and humid environment,it can help to stablize the organoleptic properties,keeping skin in a light and non-greasy state.


Long-Lasting Moisturizing Action

Whether it is of immediate or long-term effect,it can greatly improve skin moisture level:43% increase after 30 minutes,increased by 40 after 8 hours.


Significant Improvement in Skin Appearances

Skin can be effectively and abundantly moisturized;skin glossiness increased by 77%, skin is more refined by 68% . 58% increases in smoothness and a 35% increase in skin elasticity.



Light and smooth on skin,skin feels comfortable with the automatic environment recognition protective film.

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