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Product Name:Blue Spirit Repairing Concentrate

Specification:Transparent essence: 7ml, blue essence: 0.5g

Product Description: 

Use destructive packaging materials, the bottle cap is built with closed capsule space, and the core essence is placed in it to reduce the damage caused by light to ensure its high activity. The high-concentration repairing essence can penetrate effectively into the basal layer of skin to achieve intensive targeted repair, resist blue light and soften skin.

Product Formula: 

Choose 100% pure concentrated guaiazulene essence, cocoa seeds which prevent blue light, panthenol and carnosine which moisturize the skin, and whitening and brightening plant essence, to deeply repair and nourish the skin, prevent blue light, and make the skin healthy and shiny.

NBC Advantage:

1.100% pure concentrated guaiazulene essence

2. Use special packaging materials to protect the activity of the functional substance to the maximum extent, with "fresh" efficacy.

Usage Suggestion:


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The production of NOX BELLCOW is ensured by cutting-edge technologies.
The whole production process of NOX BELLCOW is well-controlled and efficient.
NOX BELLCOW uses high-quality raw materials and adopts advanced production technology.
NOX BELLCOW is manufactured by the inclusion of modern machines and sophisticated techniques in the production process.
While manufacturing NOX BELLCOW , only the safe material is chosen.
can provide the such performance as .
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