How to DIY Oil Control Film?


Test what problems the skin has
First you have to test what problems the skin has in the end. Because access to air-conditioned room all day, the skin is lack of water; the blackhead on the nose is serious: the pores at the bottom of the eyelid are thicker; there are a few small acnes in forehead, nose, chin, the entire facial skin looks dark, and has more dead skin, etc. Therefore, the water replenishment oil control is not enough, you also need mild exfoliating. The cheap mask combining the three (Note that the word "cheap") seems only the paste water washing mask produced by your own. Applying the Oil Control film, meditate rest for 10-15 minutes, then wash off and take a look, you will really do not like what you are!
Oil control replenishment red mask recipe:
1. Thoroughly clean the face with warm water, especially T-site.
2. Lightly polishing the face with dead skin cream, then rinse with warm water.
3. Apply a small amount of toner on the face, making it easy for nutrition absorption of the mask in the next step.
4. Two unary size Nano pearl powder, 3-5 drops dry red wine, a thumbnail size of solid form sugar-free yogurt, 3 drops of honey, a drop of nail size vitamin E, 2-3 drops of mineral water, evenly spread in the face after reconciliation, take a piece of facial cleansing wipes and soak with mineral water, absorb the excess water, it is ok when water droplets will not drop, and then prevail over the mask.
5. Put a section of soft music, best imagine some happy thing, in short, to maintain ease of mind, close eyes and rest for 10-15 minutes.
6. Wash the face with warm water, and then pat toner.
Oil Control Facial Toner
1. For the MM whose skin is drier, yogurt can be replaced by 3-5 drops of pure milk.
2. For MM whose skin is oil, vitamin E can be replaced by vitamin B-6 or a few drops of tomato juice or directly be eliminated.
3. For girls whose skin are very white, do not recommend using the dead skin cream.
4. Highly allergic institutional MM is not recommended to use the mask.
5. Frequency: dry skin 1-2 times a week, and spread the face with pure milk after use; oily skin 2-3 times a week.
6. Pearl powder should be purchased from a regular pharmacy; it is proposed to purchase more than 8500 projects pearl powder, too coarse powder affects the absorption and can clog the pores, making skin problems more serious. is specialized in OEM & ODM services. It mainly produces nonwoven fabric and its downstream products, wet wipes(adult wet wipes, feminine wet wipes, baby wet wipes, household wet wipes, etc.), cosmetics, and anti-bacterial products. There are four main categories: wet tissue line; facial mask; anti-bacterial products; skin care products.

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