What's Oil Control Film?


Brief Introduction
In hot summer, there is oil and sweat on the face, which makes people feel not comfortable. In order to avoid "shining like a mirror", girls should carry on a package of high quality oil control film. Because a piece of thin film both can help you remove oil on the face, but also can maintain your makeup lasting, it is a kind of essential skin care products for women in hot summer.
Materials and Types
When females are choosing their oil control film, they should choose according to the films' material and their own skin.
Powdered Oil Control Film
This type of oil control films contains fine powders. At the same time they have both oil absorption and makeup refining effects, especially suitable for people have makeup habits.
Hemp Oil Control Film
Natural hemp oil control film works well, but compared to other materials, fiber is somewhat rough. When using, users should gently press it on the face to avoid harming the delicate skin.
Gold Foil Paper Oil Control Film
It is also known as gold leaf paper, which is a kind of paper manufactured in ancient times used to draw excess oils when making gold foil, with high paper quality. Who were first to use gold foil paper is Japan Geishas in Kyoto. Gold foil has bactericidal effect, with strong oil absorption function. Thus it is suitable for all skin types. For fragile skin, it is also a good choice.
Oil Control Series
Blue Oil Control Film
It adopts innovative material, soft and flexible blue gum so that it feels soft, with the maximum benefit that it is not easy to be damaged. The oil absorption volume of blue oil control film is 3 times more than the general oil absorbing facial tissue, which can effectively clean away oil, avoid blocked pores. At the same time of oil absorption, retain the moisture necessary for skin.
Rice Paper Oil Control Film
Different from that general oil absorbing tissues can no longer absorb oil after it absorbs certain oil and reaches a saturation condition, rice paper fiber is specially meticulous and close, and can store oil on the face in fiber so that it can repeatedly absorb oil. It can be rated as salvation of oily skin. Meanwhile, rice paper can only absorb oil but not foundation. Thus it does not undermine the makeup. is specialized in wet wipes OEM & ODM services. It mainly produces nonwoven fabric and its downstream products, wet wipes (adult wipes, feminine wet wipes, baby wet wipes, household wet wipes, etc.), cosmetics, and anti-bacterial products. There are four main categories: wet tissue line; facial mask; anti-bacterial products; skin care products.

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