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ActivPepti All-Effect Treatment Series

ActivPepti All-Effect Treatment Series

L/C, D/P, T/T

ActivPepti  All-effect  Treatment Series

Anti-Aging is Not a Question of When to Start!

 It is More About Making Our Skin Stay  Young!

Submicron-Peptide Inclusion

1、The outer layer of submicron active peptide inclusions, covering hyaluronic acid HA macromolecules

increasing the stability of inclusions, while the skin surface release and brings a very effective moisturizing experience

2、Permeation ester of lipophilic components is good to penetrate through the interstitial cells

while avoiding the peptide and water or oxygen contact, to maximize the effect and protect the activities associated with polypeptide

3、Active polypeptide has a stable process passing through the basal layer and penetrating into the dermis

 which effectively improve fine lines, reducing inflammation caused by skin damage and  helping against wrinkles caused by excessive expressions

Activpepti Multi-repairing eye cream

Silky gel texture, specially for the eye, easy to apply
Immediately soothing for the fine lines around the eye
Providing a deepening moisturizing effect
Suitable for all skin types

Activpepti Spot Treatment Gel Cream

Silky and creamy in texture, focus on repairing spots
Forms a protective film, while providing a moderate firming effect
Suitable for skin types in need of repair, such as the corner of the eye, nasolabial folds and other parts

Activpepti Night Repairing Facial Mask/Neck Mask

A moisturizing soft paste
Double-effect for both facial mask and neck mask
Under constant all night repair
Suitable for all skin types

Activpepti Multi-repairing essence

Balance the corneum moisture with smooth texture
Deep moisturizing, with good all round absorption
Suitable for all skin types



ActivPepti All-effect Treatment Series

AP Spot Treatment Gel Cream

AP Multi-Repairing Eye Cream

AP Multi-Repairing Cream

AP Multi-Repairing Essence

AP Night Repairing Facial Mask/Neck Mask

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