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“Ari Feel“ Veocel ™ Facial Mask

“Ari Feel“ Veocel ™ Facial Mask

L/C, D/P, T/T

Light & Thin

“Air Feel” Veocel ™ Facial Mask

Co-developed by Nox Bellcow and Lenzing Group

 Using renewable resources- The cellulose in trees serves as the raw material

      100% natural

                                NOX BELLCOW-Natural Face Masks |“ari Feel“ Veocel ™ Facial Mask | Nox Bellcow

 The production of VEOCEL™ fiber

The production process is a new technique that produces cellulose fibers without chemical reaction


     More breathable, with two-way breathable mesh, while drawing nutrition, it does not affect pores’ normal breathing process. A greater amount of steam can get through this Tencel mesh as compared to average non-woven fiber.


    Generates more liquid absorption, water absorption rate is 15.25 times of the material’s, it can hold a larger amount of liquid due to the high pressure water needle impact reflection process, which produces a softer three-dimensional porous network structure.


    Softer, can hold more essence, through the precise control of pressure of water needle, the mask becomes fluffier and soft, as flexible as a sponge-like cushion.


    Appeared to be much more transparent, and beautiful. Thin and even mesh lines when infiltrated with serum; the mask appeared to be more even and transparent. It restores your beautiful self in just a second.


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