10 best cannabis beauty products - organic skin care best organic beauty products

10 best cannabis beauty products  -  organic skin care best organic beauty products
Marijuana is the latest ingredient that makes a splash for beauty editors-no, they don't smoke.
For a long time, people have been discussing the use of marijuana for medical purposes, but the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in California, and news that the Netherlands and Barrett became the first store on the British commercial street to sell sesame oil, let's talk about the possibility of more daily applications.
Cannabis plants produce hundreds of different cannabinoids-chemical compounds-the best-
What is known is the psychological active substance THC (and illegal)part.
But there are potentially huge benefits to many other compounds that won't excite you.
Strangely, the human body has a natural biological affinity for cannabis plants.
Dr. Adam Friedman, consultant dermatologist at the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, said: "The whole brain and body have a large number of cannabinoids receptors, and our bodies produce endogenous cannabinoids . ".
This receptor system is involved in everything from pain to appetite and can be stimulated by cannabinoids produced by our body and cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. “The effects [in skincare]
Can reduce horny cells (skin cell)
Turnover, inflammation, and even the production of sebum, "Friedman said.
"They may also have antioxidant effects.
"Cannabis, an industrial variety produced for non-cannabis
Drug use, which has been used in skincare products for many years, was promoted in the post-90 s by Anita Roddick, founder of the body store, and its cannabis range.
It is still the most common form of marijuana in skincare products.
Dr. Alexis Granite, dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic, explained: "Sesame oil is known for its moisturizing properties and is often used in food . ".
"Cannabis seeds are pressed to remove fat oil.
"Hemp as three, six and nine contain a large amount of sesame oil and are a moisturizer that means it helps keep the skin hydrated. It’s also non-
This means that it can be used on the skin without causing the skin to break.
Another option is CBD oil, granite says, which is "a non-
The psychoactive component of cannabis, derived from the flowers of cannabis plants, with resistance
Characteristic of inflammation.
"Initial research has shown that this makes it an important ingredient to reduce signs of redness, irritation and even aging, as well as skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.
For those who like the idea but do not apply cannabis compound locally, there are also a lot of products that use its dirt, spicy scent-we guarantee that it tastes very different from what you think-so that you can incorporate the trend with insufficient commitment.
There is a lot of research to be done before we name cannabis as the new Holy Grail skin care ingredient, but if you want to give it a try, we 've been testing products that contain it to see if they fit the hype.
This is completely legal before you ask.
MGC Derma recently launched at the British cult beauty company and used CBD in each of its products, leading the field from eye serum to Toner.
Its day cream is neutral fragrance, light texture, easy to absorb, and combines moisturizing,-
The inflammatory properties of CBD are combined with hyaluronic acid to lock in water and peptides, helping to enhance the naturally occurring proteins in the skin.
Pernowdr Perricone first came up with the idea of the link between inflammation and skin condition, then the resistance of CBD
The inflammatory properties to be used?
The highlight of the men's CBx series is facial cleanser, which has a pleasant fresh grass scent that makes the skin smooth and clean but not dry, and reduces the oil content by repeated use.
The skin of our testers is very sensitive and there is absolutely no reaction to using this product.
Buy this natural shampoo now to combine sesame oil with aloe vera, African black soap and a whole bunch of natural oils and extracts to make your hair clean, soft, curlyFree and shiny.
It's a bit strange to use it at first because it doesn't bubble;
Apply a bit on each side of the head, back and head to distribute evenly, and use a little water to help it go further if you need it.
The Buy nowAmerican brand Malin Goetz is another brand that recently joined the cannabis trend with the new cannabis range (including candles and perfume oil.
We chose cannabis Hebi.
Hand and shower gel with fragrance, can clean our dry hands without dehydration.
Buy nowBear from the smell of the Los Angeles brand boys, which is far from the unique smell you might think.
The delicacy of the cannabis flower is balanced with suede lint and musk, making it a sweet and delicious intoxicating combination, unlike any other candle we find.
You have 55 hours of burning time for your money.
Now the core molecule that bought 04 is javanol, a lab.
Notes created like sandalwood, but fresh and crisp instead of heavy.
Paired with pink grapefruit, Juniper leaves, and cannabis, it is made with an egg tart, pepper, and a slightly nutty aroma.
It's unusual, completely addictive, and the cannabis element adds Herbie, a sharp character, not anything more spicy.
Now buying one of the most iconic products in the body store, the hand guard uses sesame oil to lock in moisture and form a barrier against elements.
We found that it only needs to be applied once to nourish the whole day, unlike other hand creams, it requires a variety of applications to make great progress on dry knuckles.
It also has a neutral milk fragrance which is great for those who don't like marijuana --
Products with fragrance
Buy now another body care classic, original biodegradable and multi-faceted by all Dr. Bronner
Use soap containing sesame oil.
From shampoo to lipstick, the brand offers a number of different fragrances and recipes, including cannabis, but our favorite is still the comfort and slightly sweet almond variety.
Buy nowA pick in our nearest facial tanker-
This is a nourishing soil.
The aroma of 21 seed oils is mixed, including cannabis, in a chic deep green bottle.
Massage three or four drops on clean skin every night to reduce redness, Restore softness and restore the balance of hormonal skin.
If you want to go all out, Kiki Health will make your intake of CBD oil like a supplement-drop three drops under your tongue and swallow it three times a day.
Its benefits are reported to include helping with anxiety, pain, nausea and poor appetite, but so far we can only prove that it helps with sleep.
It tastes like a very strong tea and is sour behind the throat.
To take full advantage of the benefits of the CBD, MGC Derma leads the way in terms of formula and results, while cannabis hand guards at the cannabis oil body shop are classic for a reason.
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