10 best hydrating face masks - face mask after facial

10 best hydrating face masks  -  face mask after facial
Lying in the sun may make you golden, but it will lose moisture on your skin.
The skin is mainly made up of water, and when it lacks enough water supply, it loses its softness and elasticity, leading to those terrible signs of aging.
Thirsty skin, need a little pickingme-
A large dose of water, these superHydrating mask. 1.
Bert's bee Power Hydrating Mask, £ 20, John LewisClary Sage is the magical ingredient of this mask;
A plant known for its unique moisturizing ability and can survive even in the driest weather conditions.
The clever lads of Bert Bee have figured out how to take advantage of these features and put them into this aromatic mask to help the skin fight dehydration. Buy now2.
Origin drank £ 23 Intensive Overnight Mask john lewispuskin skin working at night is not only a very sensible use of time, but also a large part of the period during which the skin is most permeable and able to absorb the product.
This delightful scented mask from a natural skin care brand contains apricot oil, orange peel wax and mango butter to help replenish and protect moisture from the skin. Buy now3.
Sisley Paris fast Flower Gel, £ 80, John Lewis three minutes is everything you need to see your skin instantly improve with this mask from the French luxury skin care brand.
For those of you who want something a little lighter, this is the ideal option, with a gel recipe that moisturizes and blends the face.
Its name comes from Lily, Rose and Iris, all of which are used here to keep moisture. Buy now4.
John LewisHydra Floral, 30, a famous skincare collection from Decleor, uses the power of vegetable oil to provide water and protection.
The expert mask is an intensive version that has a creamy texture but is converted into oil in the application.
Apply to the skin twice a week and after 10 minutes the skin will be full immediately. Buy now5.
The 33-year-old Lancome Hydra Mask, the Hydra of John Lewis Lancome-
Use submarine strongly
A tropical plant known for its ability to keep water.
To make the most of its soothing and moisturizing properties, apply a thick layer and leave for 5 minutes and wipe with a cotton pad. Buy now6.
In fact, the 17-year-old laboratory Hydraluron moisturizing mask is slightly different from the usual mask, which is a sheet that is placed on the face for 15 minutes.
The mask contains a pure hyaluronic acid that can hold up to 1000 times the weight in water.
It is an avid ingredient in the beauty world that can penetrate the skin and keep moisture for a long time. Buy now7.
Body store vitamin E sink-
Of the £ 14 moisturizing mask, this mask is perfect for the most dry skin
Thick texture, ideal when you feel you need to apply your skin.
It contains vitamin E, known for its moisturizing properties, as well as soy and wheat germ oil.
Stick it on the skin to benefit from the instant cooling effect and leave for 10 minutes for the active ingredients to start working. Buy now8.
Ole Henriksen Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask, 36, John lewis, although its name is John lewis, there is no sign of blue or black berries in this light mask, this is a more attractive formula for transparent gel.
It contains berry extracts that are good for oxygen and refining, and there are lavender that can be repaired, but the real star ingredient is sodium glass, which combines moisture with the skin. Buy now9.
John lewisluxory skincare brand Crème de la Mer enhanced rejuvenation mask, £ 110, known for its use of the rarest ingredients from the ocean.
This mask contains Glacier kelp, known for its ability to survive in the coldest waters, providing protection against fatigue, stress and pollution to the skin.
A bit far away with this expensive potion;
Leave after 8 minutes of facial massage. Buy now10.
Liz Earle's Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask: 16, Liz Earle, a natural skin care expert at John Lewis, rides the power of St. John's wort, shea butter, and Tianzhu oil, which regulate and balance the skin together, make it feel calm and nutritious.
Can make it work 10-
15 minutes, or overnight when extra strength is needed.
Buy now: our highlight product is the Hydra flower mask from Decleor
This is the signature skincare collection by aromatherapy skincare experts for a reason.
Thanks to innovative ingredients that mimic hydration in plants, you get instant effects and the skin looks more radiant and Fuller.
Followed by origin's drink mask, which smells good enough in addition to its thirst-quenching effect.
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