10 Easy Ways to Remove Pimples from Face and Get Clear Skin - how to make a facial mask with tooth

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10 Easy Ways to Remove Pimples from Face and Get Clear Skin - how to make a facial mask with toothpaste

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-23
10 Easy Ways to Remove Pimples from Face and Get Clear Skin  -  how to make a facial mask with toothpaste
The skin is the most sensitive organ covering the human body from head to foot.
It protects the body from external factors such as bacteria, fungi, bacteria and other external injuries.
Human health depends mainly on the health of the skin.
Therefore, keeping the skin healthy is essential to keeping the whole body healthy.
The Indian clove is called Neem, and its wind and surroundings are very healthy for human health.
Its antibacterial, antibacterial and anti-corrosion properties can well eliminate the cause of acne.
You can make fresh nee tree extract by cooking a few leaves, twice a day, which can be used to wash your face.
Even the broken leaves of the Indian clove, when it is applied with the yellow ginger to cure pimples deep in the roots, are very effective.
Garlic is the main source of sulfur, garlic, calcium and zinc.
Due to the rich properties of these elements, garlic has long been beneficial to human skin.
Sulfur can prevent inflammation and infection of pimples. garlic has antibacterial and skin soothing effects and can reduce pimples.
Apply the crushed garlic to the affected area and get a pimple-free skin in just a few minutes.
Toothpaste is an instant pain killer for facial acne.
To solve this skin problem, it is recommended to use only white toothpaste.
The white toothpaste contains hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and chlorine.
Hydrogen peroxide and sodium bicarbonate are an effective antibacterial agent, while triclosan is an antibacterial agent.
It is recommended not to use any color or gel toothpaste because these toothpaste will stimulate the skin due to some of its ingredients.
If you want to relieve acne overnight, you can try broken ice or ice cubes.
Although the oil accumulated due to bacterial infection is the main culprit for pimples on the face, rubbing ice will dry the excess sebum in the affected area.
In addition to drying, it also helps to remove dirt and oil from the face and open pores blocked due to excessive oil.
Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and citric acid.
These two elements are very effective in treating pimples of various skin.
Since exfoliating is a beneficial part of treating pimples, lemon juice plays a good role due to the presence of citric acid.
In addition to this, citric acid is an astring agent that helps dry pus in pimples.
So, to remove acne from your face, you can rub lemon juice or lemon slices in the affected area.
Let it sit for 20 minutes and wash it off.
If you have oily skin, you can take this medicine twice a day.
Honey like skin!
The antibacterial and antioxidant properties of honey effectively remove acne.
Instead of these two attributes, honey contains many awesome attributes that are great for treating pimples.
These are anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion.
Allergic ingredients, so that honey is conducive to the prevention of acne.
Honey mask can be used to acne every day.
The holy basil leaves remove the pimples very effectively.
The inflammatory and antibacterial components of the Loire leaves serve as fighters to provide clear skin by eliminating pimples on the face.
The extract of these leaves can be made with the boiling water of several leaves and the washing of its face.
You can also make a paste with tulsi leaves as a mask.
Egyptian queen Cleopatra takes a bath with milk every day and her skin is perfect.
Therefore, needless to say, if you wash your face with raw milk, the skin will be flawless.
If raw milk is applied directly to the affected area, any bumps and marks on the face can be reduced.
This is possible due to the presence of lactic acid in milk.
Milk can clean the face twice a day and for oily skin a little lemon juice should be added.
Papaya is the main raw material of papaya.
Papaya is an important enzyme that can reduce the formation of acne and pimples.
This is the only reason to choose papaya as the best skin protocol to remove dead skin cells.
Excess oil responsible for acne can be absorbed by applying papaya in the affected area.
So you can choose this yellow fruit to keep your pimples from getting sick.
The continuous use of papaya mask can greatly reduce acne, blemishes, black spots, pigmentation.
If your skin is prone to acne and often has acne problems, then baking soda may be your ideal choice.
Baking soda has a natural bleaching and cleaning quality that removes bacteria and bacteria from inflammation.
So use water to make it a smooth paste for use on your face.
You can get the best results with a drop of lemon juice.
In general, the skin is our best friend and it is our responsibility to keep the skin attractive.
The oil gland is called the oil gland, which produces sebum and is infected by bacteria.
The infected area is gradually swollen and full of pus.
Pimples usually occur on the face, shoulder, back and neck.
However, the acne on the face hinders the beauty of a person, which is needless to say.
Follow these easy ways to remove pimples and enhance your appearance and beauty.
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