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10 F.B.I Agents who Went Rogue - distribution channels for skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-04
10 F.B.I Agents who Went Rogue  -  distribution channels for skin care products
It stems from his special relationship with the infamous winter mountain gang and the mob James whiteyer Buger and Steve Fry.
Connolly and White grew up as neighbors and friends, but when Connolly accepted the two, the relationship changed differently.
In 1976, Whitney's diamond ring was worth $5000.
The ring was stolen from another man by White's associate, John matorano.
A few months after the exchange, Connolly revealed to White about Richard casterch, a gaming company that provided the FBI with information about two members of the white gang
Shortly after the dealer was killed on White's orders, Connolly continued to protect white.
White was an informant, but he let him continue his business.
In addition to that, there is the fact that Mr.
Mueller, an assistant American lawyer at the time, called Whitty the top line and often refused to sue him.
Connolly was first convicted of 40-
After being found, the FBI mistakenly included allegations of guns. 9.
Armstrong, a special agent of the FBI, was recently listed as a member of the cyber crime task force by the sherriff's division in Buen County.
The role of the task force is to prevent child pornography.
At midnight on March 1, 2014, Armstrong released a 13-boy in a choke-
The boy lost consciousness at last.
The boy's parents later took pictures of his son's neck, with signs of being squeezed around his neck, including redness and fabric patterns.
Third misdemeanorJune 2014.
(Link 6) on the boy's neck until the teenager is unconscious, but it doesn't say why he has stuffed the boy.
A report from the Calloway County Police Department did mention the time and date of the incident, but did not mention why the boy was at armstrong's residence at the time and why he had stuffed the boy, did not elaborate on whether his wife was at home at the time of the incident.
In addition to the misdemeanor charges, the agent is also the object of the FBI's internal affairs investigation. 8.
Ortiz worked for the FBI for 21 years and was then arrested for trying to acquire.
Murdered his predecessor.
Wife and Robert E.
He is a special agent at the FBI's Dallas office and suspended Ortiz on suspicion of domestic violence against his separated wife.
In fact, he was involved in two different events;
In 1992, former director of the Dallas Federal Bureau of Investigation, Oliver Ravel, wanted to fire him, but was rejected by Washington's superiors;
In the 2004 incident, his then boss, Guadalupe Gonzalez, kept him at work.
In the months leading up to the assassination attempt, Ortiz abused anxiety drugs, struggled financially due to a costly divorce and custody dispute over his son, and even applied for food stamps.
When Ortiz asked him for it, a friend contacted the FBI.
50-caliber rifle
After the arrest, the agents searched his home and found more than 30 weapons and an envelope marked "dad brought to reporters.
In federal prison. 7. James J. James. J.
An FBI agent who asked an informant to steal confidential information she passed to China.
A fund for women businessmen and politics
Lyser also happens to be a double spy between Beijing and the United States. S. A.
Smith had an affair with Liang Zhenying for 20 years. he allegedly brought confidential documents to their tryst when he visited Liang Zhenying at home, and Liang Zhenying took his briefcase.
About the activities of leung.
In a previous incident, another FBI agent found that Liang Zhenying had passed sensitive information to a Chinese handler --
Her name is Mao, but surprisingly, the FBI has continued to use her for 11 years.
Smith was arrested on 2003, and he was accused of lying again on the matter with Liang, and there was no report that Liang refused to be tested by a lie detector.
That means he has only three months of home imprisonment and 100 hours of community service. 6.
He started at 22.
Three years after joining the FBI, he approached a Russian agency and offered it more than $1.
Cash and diamonds 4 million
In fact, Hanssen had several close-up calls that he was easily arrested.
On 1981, his wife Bonnie found out that he had written a letter to the Soviet Union, claiming that he had sent false information, and that his wife was at his disposal.
Similarly, in 1990, Hansen's brotherin-
Mark Wacker, who is also an FBI agent, suggested that after Bonnier's sister found a pile of cash at Hansen's house, he was investigated, but they did not take any action.
He hacked his computer with his colleagues, but somehow he evaded detection or disciplinary action.
Even when the convicted FBI agent Edwin Earl Pitts told the agency that he suspected Hansen was dirty, the FBI turned a blind eye.
It turned out that the smoking gun was a secret recording handed over by a Russian spy to Hansen and his KGB agent.
Set a trap and he was finally caught when he tried to drop some information.
When he was arrested, he asked why it took you so long? . 5.
Peitz was accused of spying for the Soviet Union.
In 1987, he began his spy career, when he was working on a mission to hunt down and recruit KGB officials at the fbi's New York office to provide services to the Soviet Union.
Various highly confidential and sensitive documents were consulted.
His contact with the KGB lasted about five years and received payments of more than $224,000.
When his KGB head, Alexander Karpov, defected to the United States and named Pitts his secret mole, Pitts's dual espionage identity was revealed. 16-
Among them was convincing Pitts that the Russian government wanted him to be a spy again.
When he was arrested, Pitts cited the various grievances of the FBI and said he wanted to pay them back.
He even involved Robert Hansen, but did not take any action.
Suspected he was a spy and told the FBI.
Even after his wife had been suspicious of him as a spy, Peitz had been trying to sell US secrets. 4. was a 20-
A one-year-old FBI veteran, he was the first FBI member accused of spying.
On October 1984, Miller was arrested with two Russians Svetlana and Nikolai ogoronikov, who were disguised as refugees but were actually visiting members of the KGB.
In exchange for confidential information on the switch, Miller asked ogorlodynikov for $50000 in gold and cash, $15000, and also had an affair with Nikolai.
After the arrest of Cyrus, a previous psychiatric assessment showed that he was unstable and advised him to remain harmless until he retired, but the FBI kept him on receiving defense and spy intelligence.
Miller was also overweight and was repeatedly asked to lose weight, but he couldn't lose weight considering he took three
When reading comic books
Trying to infiltrate the KGB by recruiting Ogorodnikovs. May 1994. 3. Dan A. Mitrione Jr.
Mitrione, who has been working for the FBI for about 10 years, was assigned to Air Force operations in 1982, a secret operation designed to break the cocaine distribution channel that enters the United States through Miami.
Mitrione is working with Hilmer Sandini, an FBI informant who is still active in the drug trading scene.
Ignoring the drug deal reached between Sandini and the alleged drug cartels under investigation.
He was sent to collect 235 kilograms of cocaine from Memphis, Tennessee, but only brought 193 kilograms of cocaine back.
Get $850000 in bribes and returns from drug deals
Before sentencing, Mitron told the judge not to deny my crime;
I just don't think the government should deny them.
No guidelines to follow, no schools to attend, this is play --it-by-the-ear. 2.
Putnam is the only FBI agent accused of murder.
On June 1989, FBI informant Susan Daniel Smith went missing, her family and friends were in pain for her whereabouts, and Putnam knew what had happened to her and remained silent.
Claiming he was troubled by guilt.
In 1989, Putnam was just transferred to the FBI Miami office and started an illegal relationship with his informant.
According to Putnam, when Smith began to threaten him to tell his wife and supervisor that she was waiting for his child, the relationship had an unpleasant change.
Putnam said he offered to adopt the child, but Smith wanted him to leave his wife.
Putnan threw Smith out in a hurry, threw her body on a road in the coal mine, and returned to the house of his wife and two children.
The autopsy found that Smith was not pregnant.
As a result of his cooperation, he was allowed to defend the lesser charge of first-class manslaughter, rather than before he received 16-
Years in prison.
A model prisoner. 1.
He is not an FBI agent, but an FBI intelligence analyst because he is the only known spy case in the White House and deserves special mention.
Aragoncillo, a Filipino-American citizen, worked in the US Marines and the White House before becoming an FBI intelligence analyst.
He is believed to have been recruited as a spy in 2000, when President Joseph Estrada visited the White House for the first time, and even after joining the FBI office in New Jersey in 2004, he continued to work as a spy.
With the help of Michael Ray Aquino, former deputy director of the Philippine National Police, who lives in New York, Aragoncillo began using e-mail to send confidential information, text messages and CDs to the Philippines. .
Aragoncillo was suspected of involvement in the expulsion of his associate, Aquino.
Suspicious U. S. immigration officials then issued an alert to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which began auditing the computer activities of Aragon Celo and found that he was downloading and printing confidential documents related to the Philippines.
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