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10 Tips for Combating Dry Skin - benzoyl peroxide facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
10 Tips for Combating Dry Skin  -  benzoyl peroxide facial mask
The skin is the biggest organ of the human body, but are we really protecting it?
It is affected by our environment and is often a dryer in winter.
If your skin is dry all the time, then it may be time to step back and adjust your skincare routine. 1.
Some skin care products are made of certain ingredients that will dry your skin-
Even though they claim to help! -
A component that treats acne, wrinkles, psoriasis, and condyloma acuminatum.
Vitamin A acid is effective for such skin problems, but they have serious side effects of drying and stimulating the skin.
Phenol peroxide
It's good to treat acne, but the skin has a bad reaction to it.
It causes peeling, itching, irritation, itching and redness. Alcohol -
No, not drinks!
Adding alcohol to the product helps penetrate the skin, but can damage the skin.
Stick with thicker creams and reduce alcohol. Sa-
Although it is good for exfoliating, it may also be dangerous if it is not used properly.
Consult a dermatologist to see how good it is for your skin type.
Perfumes and preservatives
These ingredients are the number one cause of skin allergy.
If they stimulate your skin, they will make your skin very dry.
It's always a good thing to do your research.
Know what's on your skin! 2.
Yes, even the way we shower will affect the condition of our skin.
Although it feels good to take a hot bath for muscle soreness--
It will damage the skin.
Close the door and trap the skin in humidity (which is great for the skin to prevent the skin from drying.
Limit your bath time5-
10 minutes is usually a good range.
Clean with a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser.
Replace scalding with warm water.
Dry your face instead of rubbing it.
This stimulates the skin.
Apply moisturizer immediately after shower. 3. Anti-Anti-
Aging products will dry your skin.
If you do
Aging make sure to use products that do not contain the following ingredients: Vitamin A acid or AHAs.
These ingredients will dry your skin and make your skin elastic! 4.
The skin is naturally prone to aging and wrinkles, but the damage to the sun will accelerate this.
This prevents the skin from drying and makes the skin look younger.
For correct SPF advice on skin tone and type, please consult a dermatologist. 5.
If you have a skin allergy, then it is easy for you to have dry skin and allergies.
The fragrance in the laundry detergent can cause this.
Try using an alternative laundry soap made for sensitive skin. 6.
Cold and dry air is dangerous to the skin.
When you heat the house in the winter to keep it warm, you destroy the wet environment.
Invest in a humidifier and keep it around 50%. 7.
Lotion stimulates the skin more.
It is best to get ointment and cream containing olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. Lactic Acid -
Remove alpha-oh acid from dead skin cells. Urea -
Penetrate the top layer of the skin and increase water retention.
Hyaluronic acid-Skin healing.
It aims for wounds, burns and skin ulcers. Dimethicone -
Moisturizing skin barrier. Glycerin -Moisturizer.
It absorbs moisture from the air to help dry the skin. Lanolin -
Surface of water skin. Mineral Oil -
Vaseline (Vaseline )-
Skin repair and hydrating. 8.
The lips are dry.
Use nourishing lip balm.
The balms of some lips will actually stimulate your skin and cause the skin to dry.
Just pay attention to the ingredients. 9.
Dry hands.
Keep your hands healthy with cream. 10.
There may be a more serious problem if it doesn't seem to help ---such as eczema.
Looking at a dermatologist will see your treatment plan for skin problems.
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