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10 uses of Turmeric that might surprise you - himalaya neem facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-23
10 uses of Turmeric that might surprise you  -  himalaya neem facial mask
As we all know, ginger powder has been used in India for more than 2,500 years, where plants are most likely to come from India.
Today, India is a major supplier in the world.
The demand for ginger is high, but this plant is also widely grown in many southern countries. East Asia.
Ginger is widely considered a spice in Indian cooking, but more importantly, it is considered a powerful medicinal plant.
Although Oriental medicine has known and applied beneficial properties of ginger plants since thousands of years, Western medicine has only recently started to study and recommend the use of ginger plants.
The main active ingredient of ginger powder is called "ginger powder" and is usually eaten in the form of powder, juice or pills and capsules.
Check out the list of benefits powder foods have for your health and you will really reconsider spending more on your every dayday-
Life, if you haven't done it yet.
Nevertheless, many of us do not know the various properties of this plant and will be surprised by its many different uses. Anti-
: Against it
Septic tank, disinfectant and resistance
The bacterial properties of ginger have long been applied directly to wounds, bruises and burns.
In addition, it is well known to help speed up the process of wound healing and reshape the damaged skin. Anti-
: Ginger in India is used to prevent colds, inflammation and even tuberculosis.
Has been found,
The inflammatory properties of ginger also have resistance
Arthritis effect
It is recommended to take it in the form of Huangjiang capsule to fight arthritis and rheumatism arthritis. The Anti-
As we all know, the oxidation properties of ginger can protect the body from free radicals, thus playing an important role in preventing cancer and fighting cancer.
Aging and prevention of inflammation.
Ginger has long been used to help digest, improve the intestinal flora, and treat stomach discomfort.
In Thailand, ginger is widely used as an-
Diarrhea and appetite stimulant.
Even current Western medicine is recommended to treat digestive problems in food or through capsules.
: The medicinal list of ginger is very long.
While many of the findings are still in their early stages and require further medical research, it's interesting to know what this magical plant might be able to reserve for you!
Cancer: Although the study is in its early stages, Turmeric has shown in laboratory tests that it may cause cancer cell death and excessive growth
All of this reduces the growth of cancer cells.
The study found that ginger can inhibit the growth of melanoma (skin cancer) and prevent tumor cells from spreading to the lungs of breast cancer.
In addition, it is believed that the combination of ginger powder and broccoli has a positive effect on prostate cancer.
Some medical studies have shown that the use of ginger powder can reduce the risk of early childhood leukemia and is effectively used in the treatment of colon cancer.
In addition, it is said that Jiang huanggen can reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy.
Liver: recent studies have shown that Jiang huanggen has a protective effect on the liver and can delay damage to the liver tissue due to long-term drinking or excessive use of painkillers.
Alzheimer's disease: The same study is still in its early stages, but recent studies have found that Jiang huanggen may prevent and slow down the disease by reducing the accumulation of AMI Lloyd plaque in brain tissue
In addition, ginger may help fight multiple hardening and depression and is considered a powerful natural pain killer.
In traditional oriental medicine, it is used to treat hemorrhoids, dizziness, ulcers, and even eradicate ringworm when applied externally.
In addition, it was found that Jiang huanggen can enhance the immune system, protect the central nervous system, and reduce the level of low-density cholesterol, thus protecting the heart.
A vascular system that prevents joint hardening (vascular blockage and hardening.
Please see the notes below the article and then you venture now to do some self
Drug experiments.
Most medical studies are still in experimental stages and are not usually validated in humans. While the over-
All signs of using more ginger powder in your daily life are clearly positive, and high doses should be discussed with your doctor first!
It is one of the most important spices in cooking.
The taste of ginger huanggen is mild and slightly musky, although it has great health benefits and nutritional advantages (rich in fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, iron, manganese) it is also used to raise the color of the food to light yellow to gold.
Due to the very mild taste of ginger, you don't have to cook Indian curry if you want to use it (although it may be a good idea for you to try)
For your health and taste
Sake), but you can add some sprinkling, such as eggs, to your regular dishes
Do not interfere with the original salad or mashed potatoes.
Especially in heavy-flavored meat dishes/stews you can easily add more quantity (1/2 lbs) of ginger without significantly changing the taste but still have it
In particular, the addition of ginger powder to barbecue/Cook on high flame meat can reduce the level of cyclic amine (HCAs), which is associated with a high risk of cancer.
A recent study found that ginger may reduce HCAs by up to 40%.
In addition, some people think that ginger may be a natural weight.
Help you speed up your metabolism.
Who can say no to this magical ingredient (but please make sure it is organic, see the note below )?
: Due to the medical properties of the above plants, eating ginger is said to have a positive impact on your skin.
Nevertheless, most cosmetic uses of ginger are applied externally as a paste, oil, lotion or ointment.
Especially in India, ginger is widely used as an external cosmetic and is said to make the skin clearer, cleaner, brighter and brighter.
Of course, the effect on dark and light skin will be different, so if you are super
White you may want to reconsider using the ginger powder mask as it will turn your face yellow for a few days!
Nevertheless, in many cases it is still worth considering to treat the skin with ginger powder, as it is said to be very effective for acne, heel rupture, wrinkles, pigmentation problems and scrubbing.
In addition, yellow ginger can be used for soap, in manufacturing
Beat the Foundation or mix with oil to improve the condition of the scalp and reduce dandruff.
: Ginger powder is famous for its rich yellow color
Orange, can stain anything it touches in a short period of time, including accidentally dirty your hand while cooking.
Dye, it does not need a fixer when used to dye textiles.
Here, follow my steps-by-step guide.
It is very simple, absolutely organic and has a wonderful bright color effect! eco-home-.
It has been found that ginger powder, plant extracts and their essential oils are expected to become pest control means for various known agricultural pests and even some important fungal threats. Being non-
Therefore, yellow ginger is toxic to humans and may be controlled and replaced for organic pests based on non-
Sustainable synthetic pesticides
An Israeli company recently developed a special plastic package for food, pressing a layer of ginger butter in the middle of the package to prevent food from being attacked by pests.
While research on food packaging is still under development, the same paper is currently being used to effectively protect sensitive crops from various pests.
In addition, it is also found that the application of ginger butter has brought up to 9 hours of full protection to the landing and bite of mosquitoes!
: Apply ginger powder to fresh wounds when trimming trees and shrubs in the garden.
It is said to speed up the healing process of plants and prevent them from infecting bacteria or fungi through exposed tissues.
: The medical benefits of ginger seem to apply not only to humans, but also to pets in your home!
Therefore, it is recommended to add some ginger powder to your dog/cat's food to enhance your 4-
Health of leg friends.
A lot of preparation now
The product being manufactured claims to include ginger powder in their mixture, but you can't be sure that the quantity is huge, nor is it that the product used is of good quality, because cheap ginger is related to high levels of pesticides, this is essential.
It's easy to add some ginger powder to your pet food, you just have to sprinkle some in the mixture, and of course it's better to be at home --made.
Although dogs are very sensitive to smells, they don't seem to be put --
Smell the scent.
: Make sure you use only reliable supplier organic ginger powder to avoid the benefits of affecting ginger powder due to the negative effects of a large number of pesticides and herbicides in food and cosmetics.
You may consider cheaper yellow ginger when dyeing textiles or objects, but in the end, even these products may be in close contact with your skin.
Once you have high quality ginger powder at home, make sure you store it in a tightly sealed container and keep it in a cool, dark and dry place.
Fresh ginger root stems should be kept in the refrigerator.
: Ginger root is an effective medicinal plant as mentioned above, if you have pre-
Illness or need to fight a serious illness, it is essential to consult your doctor or Pet Vet!
If you are a healthy adult, just add some ginger powder to your daily cooking and you will most likely be safe, but if you plan on yourself
The capsule contains a high dose of ginger and you should seek professional advice in advance.
Even beneficial plants like ginger may be harmful in some cases, and it is not recommended for people with gall stones, jaundice, hepatitis, acute gallbladder pain, gastric ulcer, or high acidity.
Pregnant women should consult a gynecologist before using ginger for a long time.
This list may not be correct or complete.
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