10 ways to rid your body of toxic chemicals - organic india skin care products

10 ways to rid your body of toxic chemicals  -  organic india skin care products
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we are surrounded by toxic chemicals every day-worth about £ 80,000 (EPA).
Chemicals are everywhere from pesticides on our food to the latest tech gadgets and the hottest beauty products.
Unfortunately, these chemicals, such as phenol (BPA)
Formaldehyde, neighboring benzene Ester and toxic flame retardant are easily absorbed by the human body and are related to obesity, infertility, asthma, heart disease and even cancer.
Toxic chemicals are especially disturbing for children because their bodies are much smaller and they are still developing.
In fact, a recent study in the journal Environmental Health outlook found that exposure to chemicals found in furniture and dirt-resistant items could lead to breast cancer.
More importantly, many of these chemicals have never been tested for human safety and experts agree that strong legislation is needed.
It is impossible to completely avoid chemicals, but there are a few things you can do to reduce your exposure and the level of toxicity in the body. 1.
Eating organic food "if you choose food carefully, you can significantly reduce the toxic chemicals you eat," said Rick Smith.
The author of "toxins: Getting harmful chemicals from our bodies and the world.
"Choose organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat to reduce exposure to harmful pesticides and hormones.
Organic foods are grown or produced without the help of pesticides or antibiotics. 2.
Reading labels are the largest source of chemicals found in personal care products and cosmetics, especially since there are so many that they are designed to be easily and quickly absorbed through the skin, Smith said.
Looking for products containing neighboring benzene compoundsand paraben-free.
Also avoid products containing vitamin A acid ester, a vitamin A that breaks down in the sun and is associated with skin tumors and lesions. 3.
Playing the gym toxic chemicals are actually stored in the body, and one of the most effective ways to break down fat cells and rinse the chemicals out is through regular exercise. 4.
Forget about "Detox," Smith said, with a lot of cleaning and detox plans, but they don't actually work that well in eliminating toxins.
In fact, he and his colleagues
Author Bruce Lury found that sweating is more effective in eliminating BPA than urinating-a synthetic compound found in plastic that is associated with a range of health problems. .
So it's time to sweat in the gym or sauna. 5.
Reducing saturated fat "many toxic chemicals are attracted to fat," Smith said, noting that once these chemicals enter our bodies, they enter our fat cells.
You don't have to be a vegetarian, but try to avoid finding saturated fat in some meats and other fried foods. 6. Use better—and less—
Cleaning products many cleaning products are toxic to breathing and especially effective for children.
Sonya Lunder, a senior analyst at the Environmental Working Group, said: "realize that" cleaning "can bring prices . " (EWG).
In particular, the disinfection products said by Lunder are overused and misused.
Do not use disinfectant unless someone in your house is infected.
Looking for a green certified cleaner, the total number of purchases of these products will decrease. 7.
Make sure your indoor air is clean and the pollution is toxic, but things in our home can be as dangerous-especially since we have spent a large part of our lives there.
Looking for paint, carpet floor and floor with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
, Toxic chemicals that can be discharged from certain solids or liquids as gases.
Open your window, let the air flow, reduce the exposure of furnituregassing. 8.
Avoid using plastic and non-stick pansChoose glass, not plastic, when storing food, to avoid exposure to BPA, and do not add hot plastic to the microwave oven, as this may cause
Choose stainless steel or cast iron pan on non-stick pan. 9.
Chuwaterwater is a good way to drain toxins out of the body.
Men should aim for drinking.
7 liters a day, women should try 2 liters. 7 liters. 10.
Advocating for change, Smith said, "it's easy to produce these products in the first place without these chemicals . ".
You can minimize exposure as much as possible, but chemicals will still be in our environment if the law does not change.
Find out about the issues on the EWG website and contact your local representative today.
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