13 ways to make an actually good christmas movie - how to make your own homemade facial mask

13 ways to make an actually good christmas movie  -  how to make your own homemade facial mask
Think this is an open letter to anyone who has made or plans to make a Christmas movie.
Genre is an important genre.
This is a genre that lives in the structure of our society.
Without the annual Christmas movie viewing tradition, millions of happy people will be forced to find their happiness from their families or worse.
So we invested a lot of money in holiday movies.
We expect certain cheers from them, good feelings and wide-ranging-
The translation lens of Rockefeller Center tree.
But that doesn't mean that any movie will be staged in the most sacred season.
Think about Ben Affleck's post.
God bless, Geely is driving a car walking on a board in the hall. Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick.
Our memory of those "movies" is terrible enough to convince us to skip the holiday altogether.
That's why, on our last credit record this Friday, we were relieved.
We just watched a pretty good Christmas movie!
A Christmas movie with no aging stars in their 90 s and no full Christmas lights script.
Flick starsSeth Logan, Joseph Gordon-
Levitt and Anthony McKee are three best friends.
Or, more specifically, three guys, three brothers, three rides-or-die homies)
They are celebrating the last stop of their annual Christmas Eve tradition.
This is a tradition, including in F. A. O.
Schwarz's performance with egg soup-D. M. C.
"Hollis's Christmas" in a dive"
Karaoke, of course.
This custom began in Gordon's time.
The parents of the Levitte character died in his early twenties, the night before seeing the three men call to an end, as they were already in the middle of themthirties (
Along with the success of the football career and the way of the baby, say other obligations)
On Christmas Eve, drug use in the karaoke bar bathroom is no longer so cute.
But because it's a movie starring Seth Logan, they're with a major R-
Rated as bang, even hitting the mysterious warehouse party (
A nut ball. k. a.
Best Party name ever)
They have been trying to enter for years. Our previously-
The sigh of relief mentioned at the end of the film makes us think: what does it take to make a really good Christmas movie? There must be some formula or list of rules.
We decided to make one because we watched a lot of disturbing holiday movies.
Please note that Christmas filmmakers in the United States. 1.
Take advantage of the Christmas traditions and clichés of the past year.
The night before they knew how tired some of them would be, so they decided to put them on their heads and start the movie with elves --style rhyme. . .
Only some dirty twists and turns. 2.
The more popular culture you refer to, the higher the nostalgic factor.
Any good Christmas movie will be watched for many years after its release, and while most movies may not be timed out, the audience will always benefit from the current movie --hilariously-
Outdated catch phrases and references.
Take all the dick picture references alone or the night before and get the awesome "Post-90 s" magazine (just trust us). 3.
Pay tribute to the previous film.
There are only so many metaphors in holiday movies, so you 'd better admit in advance that you're drawing on other stories.
Put your own ideas on classics like turning Grinch into a klecryptomaniac hangirl who has been in the bar and stole marijuana from the main character, or the ghost of the Christmas future and a magical union pharmacy-
If you were Seth Logan4.
Not suitable.
Children have enough to see, so the last thing in the world is another G-rated clay-
Information monster.
There is nothing more interesting than thinking of a little child nestled in bed. . .
When their parents were super drunk downstairs. 5.
The core of the story is not Christmas.
It's as touching as watching a movie about going home for a holiday, and the audience wants to enjoy something other than sugar cookies and socks.
On the night before, the last tradition of Christmas Eve was just a tool to talk about three types --
As we move into full life, adult men begin to accept the changes in our friendships and relationships --on adulthood.
This is obviously a theme close to Logan's heart (
It's hard not to think about the similarities between his screen character and his own character --
Of course, it will give the film some unpleasant moments, but at least it gives the film a chance to reconnect. 6. Be quotable. . . Really interesting.
"Keep the change, you dirty animal.
This line may be single.
In each holiday season, being alone is responsible for the increasing popularity of the family, and we think we can all agree that "you'll keep your eyes wide open," kids "is the only reason anyone is still watching Christmas stories. 7.
The shorter the better.
This is an important rule for all films, especially during the holidays.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are very busy.
Come in, go out, let's continue our lives. 8.
Use the British when in doubt.
Please refer to: the only thing that can keep the holiday going.
Without the British, it might just be an over-complaining movie about the white rich not getting more out of their huge mansion and millions of dollars.
But, it was a totally lovely treat, filled with the concise conversations that took place in the cutest town we 've ever seen. 9.
Avoid the distorted ending.
Family Stone, we look at you here.
There's a time and place for a family drama that caught you off guard for some sort of terrible tragedy, but that's not the case for Christmas.
We came to see a movie to feel it.
Comedy about Luke Wilson and his dad Sarah Jessica Parker becoming the worst girlfriendand strata-baker)
But historically, we had to look at deadDiane Keaton. Major bummer. 10.
Control your emotions. Some sap. . . good. A ton of sap. . .
Instant cavity.
As an audience, we know that Christmas movies are a little sweeter than ordinary stories, which is why generations continue to love elves.
ButElf only works because it knows when to turn down the volume of "Santa! I know him! " schmaltz. 11.
Watch the content even outside the Christmas season.
After more than 10 years, love is actually still making money, which is for a reason, because there has never been a bad day watching a group of loving couples.
Christmas is a pleasure, Valentine's Day is a pleasure, and a random hangover Sunday on June is even more enjoyable.
Please also refer to Rule 8. 12.
If you are going to get dark, it will get dark. Commit 100%.
Some of the dirty jokes here and there seem a little creepy, but if a person is determined to be the most disrespectful Christmas movie ever plaguing young children and the mother who goes to church, then he will
Isn't this a beautiful thing?
Christmas movies are not Turkey, so don't be too exaggerated.
Anyone who wants to watch The Best Man Holiday knows what we're talking about.
Our brains are a little bit tired during the festival, so the audience is not very good --
It is equipped with about a dozen competitive plot lines.
Two or three, brother.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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