20 beauty essentials for women over 50 - organic makeup and skin care products multi level marketing

20 beauty essentials for women over 50  -  organic makeup and skin care products multi level marketing
If you were a womanor approaching)
50, you may notice that your skin, hair and body have changed since you were 30 --
Suddenly become more sinister.
As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity and causes it to drooping (
Others are also falling.
Then I will go! ).
We have less water in the body as a whole, so even those who have oily skin when we are young have a lot of dry skin.
Our eyes will become swollen or dark, and even if we don't, it will make us look tired, and when we don't smile, our smile lines will no longer disappear, spider veins began to show age spots on our legs on our faces, hands and hair, once shiny and healthy --
Looks lifeless and thin.
As we all know, these changes are part of the natural process of our lives.
But that doesn't mean we have to turn over and pretend to die.
We can fight against aging at every step of the way, a big part of this fight is taking care of our skin and hair.
Continue to read my list of 20 beauty essentials for women over 50.
Facial Cleanser cleans our face every day, and it is very important to remove cosmetics and daily residues on the skin.
Without it, debris, excess oil and bacteria build up on your skin's surface, which can cause pores to clog and no lifelooking skin.
However, as we grow older, we must make sure that we also gently clean our faces.
I like the 7-year-old facial cleanser boots.
This cleansing cream is rich in fruit acid and can purify, restore, exfoliate and brighten the skin.
It also contains an antioxidant complex to support your resistance
Aging Skin Care program.
Regular use can improve the texture of the skin and make the skin shine. looking skin.
If you are not familiar with the boot brand, be sure to check it out.
This is a British beauty brand and is now available in the United States. S. ! $8. 99 at Target.
SPF long sun exposure comDay Creme is the main reason for premature aging, so it is very important to protect the skin from sunlight if we want to keep the skin looking young.
There are a lot of creams with SPFs on the outside, but many creams also feel thick and sticky when making up.
I recommend two here because I really like these two.
Color tone correction Daily Moisturizer (SPF 30)
It contains stable vitamin C and vitamin a sa, which helps to constantly update the appearance of the skin, help eliminate wrinkles and reduce the appearance of age spots.
Helioplex's stable wide spectrum UVA/uva spf technology provides excellent protection for skin
Aging UVA rays help prevent color change in the future.
The product is rich but absorbs fast and is suitable for use with other cosmetics. $19. 99 at Ulta.
Com Olay has done a great job in making daily creams that contain not only 50 high SPF but also their unique amino group
Peptide B3 complex (Vitamin B3, Pro-
Vitamin B5, vitamin E and green tea extract and amino groupPeptides)
Replenish the moisture barrier of the skin to regenerate the appearance of the skin.
This product also feels very comfortable on the skin and absorbs quickly when making up.
It is now sold in pharmacies. com for $23.
99 enhanced night cream because our skin gets dry as we grow older, it is very important to solve this drying with serious ammunition.
Because we don't make up for sleep (
If you do this, you shouldn't do it because it's important to give your skin time to breathe)
Evening is the best time to treat and nourish your skin using a moisturizer rich in vitamin oil and other nutrients.
I 've never bothered to get my pillow dirty with the rich evening cream, but try the satin pillowcase if you have one --
Satin obviously won't absorb oil from your face, so won't stain!
I have two favorites in this category.
Gf of Vichy new alcohol
Carved care cream designed for menopause skin.
This cream contains log essence and protein Gf, which has been shown to be able to reconstruct skin tissue to a more dense mass by supporting its lipids for only one month
Synthesis of the structure and stimulation of the level of the leather and the skin (
Generally speaking, this means that the product goes deep into the skin).
The manufacturer claims that continued use will reveal a redefined jaw line, a stronger neck and a smoother facial line. The price of VichyUSA is $48.
ComThe Celazome night restorative treatment cream is ideal for dry, delicate or mature skin.
This is an enhanced antioxidant treatment that protects and moisturizes the skin and restores the clarity, softness, vitality and vitality of the skin.
As it continues to be used, the manufacturer claims that the appearance of fine lines will be reduced and the damage caused by free radicals will be offset.
Hydrating Lyphazome and nanospheres repair the leather, stimulate cell regeneration and increase capillary blood flow.
The price at CelazomeSkin is $58.
I always think the serum is a bit mysterious.
I am a suspicious serum user because I have tried a few serum that seems to have done nothing.
Good serum should be active and contain high levels of vitamins and nutrients.
It should make your moisturizer more effective and continuing to use it will make your skin look fresher.
In terms of serum, cult likes John master's vitamin C resistance best
The aging facial serum seems to have it all.
It contains extracts from seaweed and rose buds that help promote
Production of collagen.
Studies have shown that free radicals (
From pollution and other sources of the environment)
Is one of the main reasons for premature aging.
High levels of vitamin C-
This is natural amino.
Acid, the form of the peptide, so it can penetrate into the skin better
Solve free radicals on the front.
This serum also contains a hyperoxide enzyme and a gooseberry that helps combat the aging effect caused by ultraviolet rays.
Frequent use can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and freckles.
$30, a few drops a day, worth a try of course! $30 at Nubonau.
I recently tried Annemarie Borlind LL recycled eye cream which is lovely.
Full of decadent feel, but it absorbs fast enough to be used when making up.
Borlind proprietary LL Bio-
The compound helps stimulate cell regeneration, tone of herbal extract, calm and soothing skin, Rose and echin chrysanthemum extract strengthens skin and provides antioxidant protection. $49. 99 (
Never be afraid, take a long way a little bit! )at Borlind. com.
Rapid Repair of edema is inherited and exacerbated by stress and lack of sleep.
As we grow older,
Eye bags can become more obvious, so it is important to have a remedy.
Hands, if you wake up with swollen eyes and eye bags.
I really like Kiehl's Facial Fuel eye. Puffer.
Their facial fuel line is for men, but I use it every day and find it light enough to be great when it comes to makeup.
I am looking forward to using it in the morning as it feels very cool and refreshing due to the Arctic roots in the product.
This Sesame Stick contains caffeine (it's odorless)
This has been shown to help reduce the appearance of edema in skin care products. $18. 50 at Kiehls.
Com you can also find the caffeine extract on Sally Hansen's feet.
This active gel can cool and relieve fatigue, swelling legs, feet and ankles quickly.
Perfect for hot summer! $6. 25 at Sears.
If the skin is dehydrated, it can make it look older.
Generally speaking, we should have at least 8 drinks.
A glass of water per day is a good precaution against dehydration.
However, other factors may cause dehydration of the skin, such as sun exposure, drinking, air travel and harsh cleaning products.
I flew recently and it was a pleasure to bring my Juara skin care avocado banana Moisturizing Mask (
Travel size is perfect for aircraft! ).
I used it to apply my face when I took off and organized it before we landed (
Don't worry-
I don't look greasy during the flight! )
I also used it to handle my hands and nails and they look beautiful even after a long and dry flight.
This super rich creamy leaf
The mask provides a lot of moisture to the skin, making the skin tone softer and healthier.
Nourishing avocado, which has been used in Indonesia for centuries, is used to treat the skin to dry, moisturize and rejuvenate while Minerals-
Rich bananas help soften the skin and keep moisture.
After each use, the skin feels smoother and softer.
The price of JuaraSkinCare is $37. comAt-
There is nothing that makes you look older than a dull, lifeless skin.
I recommend using Clinique turn-around Instant Facial Care 2-
Keep your skin fresh and energetic 3 times a week.
In just five minutes, this is high.
Performance face provides all the gloss and smoothness of the grinded-
The irritation and stress on the skin are significantly reduced.
Promote multi-level surface cell turnover and instantly introduce fresher, more energetic and more uniform skintoned. Oil-
Free, very easy to use-
Smooth on clean skin, leave for five minutes and rinse clean. $36. 50 at Clinique.
If you prefer a gentle approach, try the natural fruit enzyme mask, such as the Kohana papaya pineapple enzyme mask.
Very simple formula at the aloe juice base, when it is lying on the skin, it will fall off dead skin cells.
The product is 96% organic vegetarian-certified too.
The price of KohanaSkin is $16.
Com body cleaner and scrub while it is important to regularly clean and exfoliate the body to keep the skin alive, it is equally important to use products that are gentle and nourishing as you age.
I am a huge fan of the tree house product line.
They are economically
Price, but incredibly highquality.
My favorite is the Kukui nut body wash in Hawaii and the Kukui nut body scrub in Hawaii.
The body wash is rich in kukui nuts, red flower seeds, evening grass and avocado oil, creating a moisturizing cream foam that makes your skin smooth, soft and delicate in fragrance.
Body Scrub is like a spa experience at home.
This luxurious scrub is rich in the same ingredients as washing, but contains exfoliating sugar particles, shea butter and vitamin C, which will shed any dead surface cells and give you a silky, accessible
You can also try the Brazilian nut version. YUM! Body Wash $6.
59, body scrub $17. 57 at Amazon.
Take care of the body.
The body is firm and the quality is firm.
Aveeno front age-free compact shower gel is a magical long
A long-lasting body moisturizer does make the skin feel tighter.
My skin is very dry and it's hard to find a really effective moisturizer.
This lotion not only moisturizes and absorbs quickly, but also provides a stronger and elastic skin in just two weeks (
Clinical display).
Note: it says it has a slight scent, but the scent is light and will never conflict with your perfume. $7. 19 at CVS.
Take care of the body.
Age point and spider vein Vita-
K has two clinical test products worth seeing.
Their age point therapy and spider vein therapy combine the mature benefits of K with amino acid/peptide complexes targeted at age points to improve elasticity and tone.
To really see the results, you need to use it twice a day for four to six weeks.
$15 at freeman Beauty hotel.
Take care of the body.
Hands our hands, as they are constantly used and often exposed to the sun, can really show our age.
The skin is also a problem.
Nails get rough if not careful
Especially with age.
My dry hands and nails are always grateful for the opportunity to try the hand-perfect range of products from the world's most successful hand model, Alan silo.
She knows hand care, right?
Her all-day cream is rich in hyaluronic acid, evening primrose and flax seed oil, and even light-colored --
A reflective component that makes the hand look younger.
Very moisturizing, but very quickly absorbed-
Hands are not greasy.
Her nails and skin treatments contain Omega-
3 fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins A and E nourish the dry skin.
It has a handy pen applicator so it's great to carry with you.
It absorbs immediately, so it is perfect on the journey.
These two items can be purchased together for $59 (value $72)
In HandPerfection.
Take care of the body.
Feet our feet can really be beaten, but we don't want them to look like they are.
I recommend a great way to exfoliate and moisturize and keep your feet fresh, soft and dry.
Plantogen sole scrub and sole repair Creme is a great team.
The only scrub is exfoliated with apricots and moisturized and refreshed with mint oil, tea tree oil, mint alcohol and sea chrysanthemum.
The repair cream for sale is a mint-flavored foot cream with butter, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, mint mellow and mint. $15.
05 when it comes to Brighton. ComQuick review
Support my friend firmly.
Experienced in the beauty industry who have tried all this)
Alchimie Forever Alexander gel swears for The Neck and Decollete and now I have a chance to try it and so do I.
After the application, you will immediately feel that you have exercised.
You will notice the feeling of tension right away, which is simply refreshing.
This is a perfect product to use every day, or when you are wearing clothes that reveal the cleavage or upper arm.
This bright oil
The free gel tone and the skin of the company's neck and arms help to give this regular
The forgotten part of the body
Antioxidants in green tea and Rosemary help prevent sunlight damage and reduce uneven pigmentation, especially under sunscreen. $55 when Alchimie-forever.
Take care of your hair.
Vibrant shampoo and conditioner is all-
Natural products made of wheat protein and other extracts.
It is formulated to nourish your scalp and hair.
Suitable for women over the age of 50, the color is also very safetreated hair.
Shampoo is clarified and revitalized with pure and gentle ingredients.
It protects the color of the hair and is rich in pan-alcohol and wheat protein, helping to strengthen and provide nutrition.
Conditioner is a light formula that helps to increase the gloss of the body and hair without weighing.
This conditioner is specially formulated with jojoba oil and wheat protein to help provide shine and vitality to the originally dull hair.
Available in Walgreens, Ulta and wo
Supermarkets across the country. On the Go —
This seems to be random, but trust me, there's nothing worse than being caught in an unprepared rain.
On those unexpected rainy days, keep a stylish but waterproof rain cap, just like the miniature fiber rain cap at the end of the land is hidden in your wallet, and you will reach your destination and look perfect.
If it is a windy day, you will want a hair that is comfortable enough, but loose enough that it will not flatten your hair.
The cute hat is rolled up for only $24.
There are 50 at the end of the land.
They also offer a wider edge option called Cyclone, which I also like very much. On the Go —
A "everything" stick, how many times have you walked somewhere, and you realize that your heels look less and less --than-
Is your slingshot great?
Horny? Flaky lips? Ashy elbows?
A good solution to all of these problems is what I call "everything" great.
I have more beautiful brides with Mike.
I have repairs everywhere.
This is a wide stick packed with shea butter and neem, Rose fruit, Plum foam and rosemary oil that can cure, moisturize and eliminate bacteria.
All these dry places can be solved with a sweep.
$ Month on mcbridebeautyy.
The very good stick product from ComAnother is the Thermaskin skin repair stick, which is perfect for treating chapped hands and lips and can be used directly around the eyes against fishtail lines and eye bags.
This patented formula combines arnica, kola nut, goldenseal, olive oil, and grape seed oil to soften and repair the skin.
It uses the power of caps (cayenne)
Stem cells from rare Apple in SwitzerlandPhytoCellTec®)
Conditioning the skin on the basis of beeswax to reduce wrinkles. $19.
In the green 95.
Bright eyes are red and glass eyes will make us grow old.
If you have a tendency to have red eyes, develop a habit and give them a little love in red --
Reduce eye treatment.
When you wake up, or after a long day on your computer, use it every morning.
You look like you'll be alive right away. rested!
I used Visine eye drops to relieve redness and swelling in advance. $6. 99 Walgreens Street
The trick for a coma good makeup artist to fight redness and swelling is to brush the meat-colored (
Not white, too hard for non-white peoplemakeup artist)
Pencil on the inner edge of the eye.
This is because it hides pink.
A big part of the problem when your eyes look bloodshot is --
Make your eyes look brighter and clearer.
Laura Geller made a good thing that was also waterproof.
What I care about is the pencil in the bone. $22. 72 (for 2)on QVC.
ComFor brilliant smile we all like brilliant smile, when we go through life, it's harder for us to keep our teeth white just because of what we drink and eat --
Wine and coffee are the culprit.
Fortunately, in recent years, some families
Products that solve the problem of tooth whitening can already be bought in the market.
Rembrandt is one of the leaders of advanced technology-home whitening.
Rembrandt has a complete system that produces solid results if you follow it.
From 2-
An hourly whitening suit for intensive treatment and then daily maintenance with whitening strips, whitening mint toothpaste and white mouthwash.
The price of the pharmacy is about $7. com—
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