24k gold royal wedding iphone x celebrates harry and meg’s big day and costs over £3,500 - d or 24k gold facial mask

24k gold royal wedding iphone x celebrates harry and meg’s big day and costs over £3,500  -  d or 24k gold facial mask
Just when you think luxury hair dryers can't be more luxurious, someone went to do a 24 k gold iPhone X featuring Prince Harry and his bride.
The new £ 3,597 device also comes with diamonds
Apple logo on the back.
It's black below. and-
The royal couple's white carvings will be married at Windsor Castle this Saturday.
"Royal wedding 2018" reads the text under the etching of the jubilant duo.
"Madam Prince Harry. Meghan Markle".
You will expect this explosive device to appear on the gift list for Harry and Meg.
At least you can do the best. of-the-
Price Range for IPhone X's 256 GB storage model.
This phone will be delivered in a "luxury Cherry Oak Finish box" with all the peripherals you find in your regular packaging.
If you really want to snap it up, we should note that only 99 limited edition phones are available.
So you better hurry up.
The royal wedding iPhone X is the creative of Goldgenie, who has been producing gadgets and cars for nearly a decade.
The company is now valued at £ 10 million and its celebrity clients include Usain Bolt, Rihanna and Elton John.
"From the 24 k gold ten speed bike, to the coffee machine, to the iMacs, the Goldgenie team has created works of art and seamless functionality," the company claims . ".
If you don't have an extra £ 3,597 around you, there's a cheaper iPhone X version that can dig out diamonds.
It only costs you 3,097 for that device.
Still, the phone isn't as fancy as the gold iPhone X with the Putin mug on the back.
Laban Roomes, CEO and founder of Goldgenie, said: "This is indeed an event in a way that brings the world together . ".
"It definitely unfolds on the world stage, so we want to provide our elegant explanation for this spectacular love story.
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