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3-pronged profit plan for 2013 - for newbies and strugglers - dry skin care routine products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-12
3-pronged profit plan for 2013 - for newbies and strugglers  -  dry skin care routine products
Hi Warriors!
I hope you will be more successful marketers to add your insight to newbies and those who have tried and are still struggling. Here is my 3-
We all read the horror story of "all your eggs are in one basket," and one of the problems I saw made by newbies was to say to myself, "I will make a good business model stronger, and then I will expand my business.
In fact, some WF members may recommend it as well, but not me.
I said you're working on your business model.
Write it on a piece of paper-a circle for course creation, a circle for membership promotion, a circle for mobile apps-whatever you're interested in.
Spend time studying in 2013 2-
4 business models and let them go.
Always learning. Always.
I like to print a calendar for each business model using this free PDF calendar printerand.
I schedule tasks and do a few things in a week.
Boredom is never a problem for me-I don't panic when someone accidentally closes something.
I know it goes against the advice of many people, but it will be correct for some of you.
Transparency is one of the biggest benefits for my profit.
I have never claimed to be an expert in anything.
There's always someone who knows more.
So I'm open to that and share my successes and failures-which can work in any area like weight loss, skin care, etc.
Personalized is your favorite.
OK, it can also cause some hatred-but who cares about them when you have a supportive follower?
My conversion rate is 20-
25% when I reviewed the productWhy?
Because I realized and showed my frustration, my "faceless" moments, and the pleasure of my success.
I don't have rainbows or unicorns.
People don't appreciate perfection.
Because they know they're not perfect.
They love losers-someone who stands up from the bottom and succeeds because it's something they're trying to do that makes it easier for you to get along.
Make your blog or website a community.
Interact with people who post comments on your blog-even if you become "big" and don't have time.
You better make time for those people.
I would have said it more bluntly, but I promised Paul that I would have a cleaner mouth here rather than my usual sailor talk.
(Their house, their rules ).
I used to get a call from the master at 2 in the morning.
They did not sleep.
No 4 hours of work per week.
If so, there may be 4 hours of sleep occasionally, but successful people are working hard. Why?
It's not because they can't take a day off, it's because they're addicted to what they're doing.
I love my career because I am pursuing niche markets and strategies that satisfy me.
It makes me happy to read the "You changed my life" email.
But can I take off when I want it?
Yes, that's the beauty of it.
I did a 30 day challenge a few years ago and I didn't do any work-all I did was do a vlog every day to show the remaining revenue for the day.
I didn't promote a product, I didn't create anything.
I spend 10 minutes a day doing a vlog and then queuing up.
But it's not normal-I just stress the importance of the remaining income and try to motivate others through this approach.
Usually, I get up at six o'clock A. M. and work until I go to bed.
But I want to rest.
I'm not working if my kids play school games or I'm sick.
I 've never been fascinated by the myth of that button crap-I know it requires a truck of elbow grease and I'm ready to put everything I have into my business every day.
What about you, warrior?
What is the key to profit?
Or, for those who don't have it, where is the place where you struggle most?
Don't you think you're an expert? Pffft!
No one is an expert.
Learning and sharing-this is all about the business.
Leaders guide, they will not give some miracles to others.
Happy new year for you guys-I know it's 2013 for some people, but in Texas we're just going to put 2012 aside.
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