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3 ways to spot a a liar by their facial expression - masked facial expression

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-24
3 ways to spot a a liar by their facial expression  -  masked facial expression
Is it possible to read facial expressions to judge when someone is dishonest?
We find it much harder to control our facial expressions than we choose words.
In fact, the researchers have finally proved that they are specific muscles that are very difficult to control on our faces, and these muscles are the most reliable in lie detection.
These facial expressions are triggered by emotions and are unconscious.
Some people who have mastered the ability to explain these involuntary muscle movements have achieved an amazing 90% accuracy.
Here are 3 facial clues to discover deception or lies; 1.
If their facial expressions are out of sync with what they say, they get nervous.
They might be hiding something or lying.
For example, if a smile is needed at this moment and the smile is delayed, or the time is up. .
They smile sincerely on their faces, just like the waves. 2.
When someone lies, they do one of three things. -
Show emotions when they don't
No emotions (poker face)-
Cover up an emotion with another emotion
Eyes and Upper half
The lower half of a person's upper half is much more reliable than the lower half.
It will produce more unconscious clues, which is very difficult for someone to control.
Take a smile, for example, if asmile is real or made, the most obvious clue is in the eyes.
Look at the muscles around the eyes.
The main muscles on the left and right sides extending from the cheekbones to the corners of the mouth represent a sincere smile.
Although these are very strong signals, you should always look for other body language and voice signals.
Knowledge is irreplaceable.
Knowing how to explain the signals of lying and how to apply the right technology to confirm your doubts will greatly increase your success.
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