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5 Reasons to Watch My Love from the Star (Korean Drama 2013) - jun ji hyun skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
5 Reasons to Watch My Love from the Star (Korean Drama 2013)  -  jun ji hyun skin care products
Love From Another Star is a fantasy romantic comedy suspense historical drama about 400
The old alien, Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) and a beautiful star, Cheon Song Yi (Ji Hyun, June ).
This is one of the sweetest and most memorable Korean dramas I have ever seen.
The first time I saw the teaser of the Korean TV series "My love for stars", it looked promising, but the plot didn't get me too excited.
It was not until I had read some articles about it slowly becoming popular that I wondered what caught the attention of the audience.
I decided it was time to satisfy my curiosity.
Given the storyline of the drama, I started watching My Love from the stars, just for entertainment, without any high expectations, and of course I'm glad I did. The Storyline.
A drama that focuses primarily on an extra love story
For the Earth and for the human race, this is one of the themes that I usually feel pessimistic about.
The odd and unnatural subject development storyline that comes only from assumptions can be dangerous and challenging and sometimes on the verge of being ridiculous or ridiculous.
Like a complicated puzzle.
Put these pieces together, you will encounter disasters, patiently and effectively put the pieces together, you will get a harmonious and amazing image.
Overcoming the challenge, the love of the star team is absolutely well done in this drama.
Not just focusing on m -. alien-youâx80x99re-human-yet-love-conquers-
The stories of the main characters, who effectively inject a variety of conflicts and ingredients to balance the fantasies, passions, plot dramas, humor and suspense that appeal to a large audience.
As a result, the Korean TV series caught the hearts of the audience and became one of the highest-rated TV series in the time period.
My Love from the star team was able to perfectly connect these pieces together and create an amazing and beautiful masterpiece.
Film photography.
Another prominent part of the TV series is film photography.
Just like the characters in a moving picture, the color is clear and the contrast of the scene is good.
The play undoubtedly takes advantage of its fantasy, an extended timeline plot; Century Seoul.
The director, creative team and the film crew did a fantastic job of taking advantage of various types of camera shots, angles and tricks to ensure that the base of the scene is properly established and that the lens complements the character's emotions.
In addition, it is also worth mentioning that the special effects team did a great job in showing Min joon's special abilities. The Actors.
In June, Ji Xian played Cheon Song Yi, who was absolutely outstanding and perfect for the role.
Jun Kumar's portrayal of her character's unique qualities and personality is both cute and funny.
It was her first television project to focus on movies and endorsements in 14 years.
She has won several awards, including the top TV award for 2014 Baeksang Art Awards, the "Grand Saint Award ".
Her leading actor, Kim Soo Hyun, also did a great job playing Do Min Joon, who played 400-year old alien.
He also won several awards for his role, including the award of the Most Popular Actor (TV) and the seventh Korean theater award during the 50 Baichuan Art Awards.
The two protagonists and their chemistry are definitely another reason to watch the play, given that it may be their last series, at least for the next few years.
There are possible movies, sequels and even prequel about the play, but the main characters may be played by other actors.
On June, she expressed her desire to take a break and focus on her family, while Kim Jong Il will soon begin to perform his military duties.
Can't you get enough gold show?
This is another article of his film, very secret.
Script and dialogue.
In addition to the awesome entertainment program, this is also one of the highest-rated programs on Korean TV, and the clever and profound scripts and dialogues also attract emotions, it also teaches a lot about life and being human.
In most cases, it makes things more meaningful, interesting and interesting from the perspective of the alien protagonist.
The communication between the protagonists and the dialogue between other actors is also meaningful and worthy of reflection.
If you want, things will happen even if you don't.
Earth people call it fate. âx80x9d -
"If the reason I met her came, then don't you think I will?
If I don't see her, it's because I have no reason to see her. \" -
"The strange thing is that you are always by my side whenever I encounter difficulties. \" -
"Can you live here by chance?
If you leave, after you begin to care deeply about someone, then the heartache suffered by the person left behind will not be commensurate with the depth of the feelings, let alone the person to leave? \" -
"I obviously want to seduce you for 15 seconds.
Have I been tempted, too? \" -
"What's the point of having a super big state?
He fainted with a kiss. \" -
"Although countless times come and go, I don't have much real time left for myself.
Now I know too well that the length of time does not matter.
What matters is who you are. \" -The Soundtrack.
Another highlight is the set of songs included in the official soundtrack.
They're amazing.
They should have their own space to win songs. .
Please feel free to check.
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