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5 Rules For Classy, Elegant Hands - is the joanna gaines skin care product legitimate

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
5 Rules For Classy, Elegant Hands  -  is the joanna gaines skin care product legitimate
Elegant People understand that your hand, your own hand, should not stand out;
The hand that stands out because the nails are too long, the nail color is too fashionable or the jewelry is too much will reduce the overall elegant appearance.
The key to an elegant look is low profile and style, which is not only your hand, but also your overall look.
Charming fashion. 1.
Beware of nail color.
Elegant nails, if painted in a neutral color --
Pink, brown and cream;
Sometimes purple is OK, but not bright purple.
Occasionally, on special occasions, they wear bold colors such as red, but only if the color matches the color they wear. .
Elegant women do not have shiny nails, black nails, neon nails, and do not have any stylish colors, they insist on classic colors. ;
The length of the nail is the key when you fix it.
If the manicurist has to apply nails on half of your nail bed, you need to wait until the nails are longer.
The elegant French manicure always has white nails and pink nail beds. 2.
Archive your nails to the same length.
Consistency is very important when trying to be elegant, two short nails and three long nails look strange and can damage your overall nails.
If a nail breaks, file the rest until they are all the same length.
However, following these lines, elegant nails get no more than 1/4 from your fingertips, which is a bit long.
I personally will not go more than 1/8 from your fingertips. 3.
I don't want to be clear, but I have.
Gold and platinum are clearly the best quality, but solid silver (not compiled) is the best.
You should not wear a ring on every finger;
It's better to have one for each hand, but sometimes two are OK.
Regarding the ring, the rule of thumb is that if the ring is simple, you can wear two rings and keep one for each hand if it has a large piece of jewelry.
If it's really big, there should be a ring on both hands at most.
Also, if you're going to wear more than one ring, make sure they're the same color, whether you're wearing a gold ring or a silver ring, as long as it's not both. 4.
Take care of your nails.
It's the dead skin on the bottom of your nail bed.
Nails and/or cracks grow and get infected. , painless. .
Then, when the skin becomes soft from the bath, gently push your skin back. .
I know there are corner cuts, but cutting your corner cuts can actually damage the corner cuts, causing drying and cracking.
The skin is used to protect the nails from infection and fungal infection, and you will permanently hurt the nails if you damage them.
When you push your nails back, massage some oil inside. grape-are sufficient. (or the off-
Brand equivalent) will not only heal your skin, but will also add some moisture to your nails to prevent the nails from falling off againdamaged. 5.
Cleaning is important.
This is not too much emphasis;
If your nails are dirty and your hands are dirty then it doesn't matter if everything else is perfect and no one can see the dirt.
It looks dirty even if you are clean.
However, calluses do not have to look ugly;
Remove the healing tissue of any dead skin and smooth the skin.
After that, moisturize with your favorite moisturizer.
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