5 skin care tips before going to bed - organic makeup and skin care products

5 skin care tips before going to bed  -  organic makeup and skin care products
We all know the benefits of a good night's sleep.
How much does it affect our physical and mental health, skin and body.
That's why it's called beauty sleep by many skin experts and experts.
However, just sleep 6-
8 hours in the evening is no good for your skin and beauty.
You need to deal with something before going to bed.
From time to time we read some skin care tips in magazines or blogs.
Most of us even make sure to follow these points accurately throughout the day.
We drink a lot of water, clean our face, apply the best body wash for dry skin, etc.
However, if you forget to remove makeup or don't do it at night, then everything is in vain.
Before going to bed, you have to follow some steps without omission every day.
For smooth and healthy skin, we have listed 5 skin care habits that you have to develop.
Take a look: if you are applying Kajal, mascara, eyeliner, foundation and other cosmetics all day long, be sure to remove them all before you doze off.
These products have polymers and other harmful chemicals that are not good for your skin and cause a rash if kept overnight.
Therefore, you must remove makeup with cotton or soft tissue using makeup remover or any other natural body wash.
Rub cotton pads gently and remove makeup.
It is not enough to remove makeup with cotton balls alone.
You will also need to wash and clean your face with water and herbs to wash your face or soap, open pores and let them breathe.
Our skin pores are blocked due to pollution and dirt, resulting in acne and oily skin.
You have to make sure you wash your face with water all day.
However, this may not be possible in a busy schedule.
Therefore, you should wash your face with soap every night so that your face will feel fresh and you can remove excess oil.
Moisturize your skin our skin needs protection and care no matter what season it is in your country.
This is the best shower gel in India.
When you clean your face with water, remember to apply lotion not only on your face, but also on your hands and legs to keep it smooth and soft.
You must use antioxidant lotion for vibrant skin and protect your skin from aging.
Massage gently and feel relaxed, you can all grab some Zs.
Avoid hot or cold shower. Many people take a shower before going to bed to remove all the dirt and sweat.
You prefer cold water when the weather is too hot, and the hot tub is the best in winter. Right?
Well, you may be wrong because hot or cold water can irritate your skin and cause a rash.
Also, it will suddenly change the temperature of your body and cause a fever.
So, prefer to take a shower with warm water recommended by all skin experts.
It is observed that many people apply different products at the same time before going to bed.
They believe that more products mean better results.
Instead, however, a bunch of products can damage your skin, dry the skin and cause a rash.
Therefore, it is better to apply herbal cream on the face and natural lotion on other parts of the body to maintain nutrition and moisture.
We hope that you will follow these suggestions and avoid all the things that we have mentioned that should not be done.
Please rest assured that with proper care you will notice the difference in a few weeks.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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