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6 millennial fads that are way older than you think - can avocado be used as a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-21
6 millennial fads that are way older than you think  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
Almost everyone agrees on the following points: the water is wet, the baby is lovely, and the millennial generation is the worst generation in human history.
From selfies to avocado toast, what they didn't like didn't become a sign that their invention and fashion were destroying the fabric of society. But guess what?
Half of the "millennial" trends your grandfather complains about are actually older than him. For example . . .
Since RenaissanceIt invented a device that can take pictures and send them to another person, "pornographic text messages" have appeared, which is not surprising how to send photos of your own sexual partner ---
Or it's cooler than what we call "sexy texting.
But the idea of "sending naked" to make your people horny is much older than a camera phone.
Hell, it's better than that. Take this 17th-
A century portrait of a lady who was preparing food, and a black servant gave her a kind of seemingly asking "why did your chest come out ? " Expression.
"The Woman in the picture is the comedian and mistress of King Charles II of England, Nell Gwen, who sent this sexy portrait to her lover at the age of 16 --year affair.
The very enlightening work shows a pure white Gwyn flash-filled cleavage, which we think is equivalent to sending eggplant emojis during the Renaissance.
The original photo created by a clever anonymous painter at the end of the 17 th century was only a little larger than the postcard ---
Not big enough to hang on the wall, but probably just the size that the King carries with him
The size of the pocket, shown to his brother ducal. Flash-
Forwarded to 1828, and this self
The portrait of Boston painter Sarah Goodrich may be the first sext selfie.
Unlike Gwyn, Goodrich knows that there is a faster way to understand a man's unknown things than some subtle images: she is for others other than youS.
Senator Daniel Webster
This is a miniature drawing, about 2x3 inch in size, which was very popular at the time.
Very useless for presentation, but for, say, it's convenient to have it hidden from your wife.
Webster and Goodrich insist that they are just close friends and that historians do not find evidence that they are doing crazy things.
Of course, in addition to the exhibition double D.
Of course, text messages become much easier when the camera appears.
The media already knew the trend and warned the ladies not to "give their identity to young people who are just acquaintances" for such misconduct.
"In early 1900, women often send their own vivid photos to their husbands on the battlefield to show them what the family is waiting (
Very vague half. dressed woman).
British professor Joshua Adair claims that there is a lot of antics all over the place that could put such beautiful pictures in a dusty box-
In fact, he showed his frightened student a picture of his grandmother who found him not wearing pants.
Five out of 1920 selfies use selfie sticks, which is probably the worst thing for millennials to do with open arms to embrace, in addition to Nazism.
But until recently, selfies have been an embarrassing thing to do, holding the camera as far as possible when your trembling hands try to draw the Duck mouth faces of all your friends.
This is the most controversial invention of our time.
Some people like them and others like them because they sometimes put users on train tracks.
But despite the old songs giving kids crap about selfie sticks, they 've been around for nearly a century.
Of course, the selfie itself began.
But the selfie stick has to wait until the camera gets smaller or the person's bicep gets bigger, right?
That's why the official size of the selfie stick is only around 2005.
But when BBC News recently mentioned this in a column, on 1925, a reader, Alan Chefer, mentioned this to his grandparents: the chic gentleman in the pictogram uses the earliest known selfie stick at the same time, and easily provides photographic evidence.
Unfortunately, the background of this picture is like this, but if you look at this picture, it's obviously the face of a person who just invented the selfie stick, although the look on his wife's face is definitely the look of a woman who has just realized that she married the inventor of the selfie stick.
SMS calls can be traced back to the Telegraph era, and we always hear how text messages, Twitter, and other fast messaging platforms can ruin English by converting English into a bunch of shorthand crap.
Of course, unlike in the past, people wrote all their letters with quill pens.
But now, with their abbreviations and emojis, millennials are finalizing 140-
Looks like the role of Rosetta Stone scream to translate bad English into Pac-Human hieroglyphs.
This could be a complaint when people started doing it in the 1870 s.
Before the phone, there is one that you can compare to an early text message.
You will write a text message and pay your local operator to send it to the recipient of your choice using Morse code.
But the telegram is expensive, and it is charged by the letter, which means that eloquence can easily cost you a full week's salary in nickel. As a penny-
From these 1901 textbooks, those who seem to be very similar to the text that the baby boomers are complaining about today are nervous: in fact, many cursed millennials speak to the abbreviations of fast-use
Wire hacking
Most notably, the letter "U" of "you" or "R" is.
The Telegraph also said "thank you" with "ty" and "please" with "please ".
Although they don't say "LOL", they will laugh with "HI (
Less points than haha or he needs).
Perhaps the most surprising initials of this era, the word acronym, is "OMG," a letter from Admiral John Fisher to Winston Churchill on 1917: the position used by a bunch of historical figures
If you work in an office, you may hear that sitting is a new way of smoking. (
In addition, learning is the new ice poison.
Tell your friends. )
So, in order to fight the tyranny of comfort, the new trends that are popular in offices anywhere are often used by millennial workers who buy health statements that think they are sitting for a lifetime, but the older generation who did not act like precious snowflakes was better.
Guess what, we made up a painful Old man: you have now called our founding father snow. Traitor.
It turns out that a bunch of historical figures find it better to stand and work at a desk.
It is said that da Vinci likes to stand up and draft his outdated device.
We have many writers and politicians in recent times, including Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, who prefer this way.
Biographies of Lewis Carroll, nazarille Hawthorne, and Virginia woolve also claim that their respective themes have turned out their books on their feet.
In 1888, the philosopher fridrishi Nietzsche, even at the novelist Gustav Flaubert, claimed that "people cannot think and write except to sit down," he said, "A sedentary life is a sin against the Holy Spirit.
Only the idea of walking is valuable.
"This is the kind of 19 --
A pesky millennial version of what they say to their managers when tasting pumpkin spice Frappucino.
Of course, before standing desks are welcomed by the public --
Most people were forced to participate in the jury. rig them.
This is a picture of Winston Churchill working at his desk and looks like it was put on some sort of cabinet: Ernest Hemingway also put his typewriter on the shelf, improvise his own standing desk, "writing and traveling broadens your ass and I like it if it's not your thoughts
"And this picture is 30-year-
Old Marvel Comics
Founder Stan Lee (
Yes, he used to be very young.
He came out of the bench on the table so that he could not only stand up and write, but also play in the red shir outside.
As he said: "Always stand and write ---
Good for this number. -
Always facing the sun-
Good tan!
"2 adult color books go back to 2015 in 1960, and the publishing industry sees when it's becoming the hottest new trend, even if they are.
Of course, the color books made for children and the color books made for adults are not much different in execution, except for one to shut up the whining brats and the other to the children. (Ha!
Millennials! )
In addition, adult coloring books are also the fashion of another generation: the Greatest Generation.
Coloring books have been published for adults since their early 60 s, and they have the same cynical tone about our stressful day --to-day existence.
A man of 19 61, he does some sarcastic titles every day, such as "this is my table ". It is mahogany.
I wish I was in mahogany, this is my suit.
Paint it gray or I will lose my job.
"In 1962, the book became the first color book to board the best-selling list, where it stayed there for exactly 14 weeks.
It contains 22 pages of ridicule against the Kennedy administration, directing Kennedy to "red, white, blue" and putting "burnt umber" on the nose of his employees ".
"It's nice to see conservative humor not losing any out of date today.
Teasing of a famous '60' conspiracy theory group (
Information during the Cold War)
: Jokingly, it even contains a completely blank page with the title "How many communists can you find in this picture? I can find 11.
This requires practice.
"In Victorian times, one woman was given a tattoo of her sleeves and a puncture of her nipples. Have you ever heard of someone making an over-use joke about hipsters with sleeves tattoos after 40 years
God, our entire nursing home is packed with drooping bodies like Salvador Dali!
Unlike in the past, tattoos are nothing more than tasteful photos of the anchors on your navy grandfather's bicep, or a cheeky little butterfly on your hippie grandma's left ankle. Well surprise!
There's nothing new about the chicks signing up.
In fact, this trend can be traced back at least to the medium term. 1800s.
Like anyone with tattoos, their reasoning is also related to resistance to social norms and strict gender roles, and the added benefit is that it looks cool.
Many famous aristocratic women in Victorian times have tattoos, including (rumor has it).
But, of course, it is the lower class that has played the most counter-
Build as much as possible.
Many poor people and oppressed people, those you have never read about in your textbook, are as well connected as your regular modern craft beer festival customers.
The two funky jerks were Nora Hildebrand and modd Wagner, the circus actors of the late 1800 s, who later became good --
Known for its exquisite body art.
But the controversy surrounding these colorful women has not ended on their tats.
When they showed them to show every inch of their art, they caused quite a scandal.
Make it easier for Victorian people to be bothered by bare thighs instead of full thighsbody tattoo.
But is tattoo really the most shocking thing on the 19 th?
Can Ms. century stab her body? Not even close.
That is honor.
When historians struggle to properly study things like Victorian intimacy and secrecy, some European medical journals have found that nipple ornaments for female patients are back in 1857.
Sometimes they are even connected by chains because of your greatnessgreat-
Grandma is more hardcore than you.
Some women believe that because of the "ongoing excitement of nerves caused by the ring", this procedure allows them to develop larger, more rounded, and stronger breasts.
"If you are a woman in her 1800 s, there is a shortage of nerve excitement.
What about these guys?
Of course, won't Victorian men dream of getting metal products like Dick piercings?
Not only do they think they are fashionable, but they even think they are fashionable.
You see, the middle of another fashion
19 th century is--
It's too tight, they leave little to imagine.
To keep their little sinners away from God.
Scared Eyes
People fix their huge penis with a metal stick (
Later called Prince Albert ")
Don't let any pious woman feel flustered in her pants.
So if you feel insecure, take the time to remember your greatness
Grandpa may have to fix his Titanic manhood under his pants with a barbell.
You won't thank us in the future.
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