6 Ways to Cure Acne With Natural Ingredients Found in Your Kitchen - benzoyl peroxide facial mask

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6 Ways to Cure Acne With Natural Ingredients Found in Your Kitchen - benzoyl peroxide facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
6 Ways to Cure Acne With Natural Ingredients Found in Your Kitchen  -  benzoyl peroxide facial mask
There are multiple forms of acne, including dry red skin, blackhead acne, white head acne, large pimples, and scars in extreme cases.
It usually occurs during puberty because hormones in the body rise, but it can occur at any time.
Acne is the most well-known disease on the face, but it can occur throughout the body, including the chest and back.
Common treatments on the counter include peroxide, local ointment, antibiotics in pill form, and sa acid.
Although many people have seen positive results from these commercial products, many people have a negative reaction to these chemicals.
For example, peroxide stimulates sensitive skin to turn red, dry and yellow.
Users may notice a burning sensation and the urge to shave.
For me, only one commercial product works and costs nearly $30 a month.
Yes, it was worth it at the time, but so was my life over time, and so was the bill.
I had to cancel the subscription and try the drugstore facial cleanser but I was unlucky.
Finally, my face was red and painful, and I had pimples.
So, I applied my healthy eating habits to my skin care products. And, wah-
La, it seems that natural, cheaper products can help me clean my skin and also treat very expensive acne. 1.
Honey is not just a delicious and healthy food.
It is one of the greatest creations in the world.
Used in detox, mask and recipes.
Help fight acne.
It is also very sticky, allowing it to extract dirt and oil from your pores. .
Cinnamon is also a common ingredient in natural beauty recipes.
Microwave honey in 5 seconds.
You don't want it to be hot because it will destroy the natural properties in raw honey and because it will burn your skin.
Apply the mixture to your entire face and let you sit 10-
Now your skin is brighter, softer and sweeter.
I don't recommend doing this every day or even every other day as raw honey can be a bit expensive.
I use this mixture once a week on my face, usually in the morning, because cinnamon will brighten the skin and wake your face up.
Although no toothpaste is found in your kitchen, toothpaste can do wonders if you need some treatment.
Before going to bed, put a little toothpaste on your pimples and let it dry.
The next morning, wake up to bed and find a shrinking pimples and less redness. 2.
Do not use this method before dating as you will have a warm Italian kitchen scent for a period of time.
It's more like a "before"Bed \ "treatment.
Garlic has a natural sterilization effect.
So, again, steam your face with a warm rag before starting the process so your pores open and ready to be cleaned. Finely mince 3-
4 cloves of garlic mixed with a small amount of warm water.
It should be like paste.
Cover your face with a mixture and place it 15-20 minutes.
Wash your face with warm water.
I know, I know, you can't smell garlic anymore.
But on the positive side, you won't be attacked by vampires tonight.
Wash your face with a gentle scrub afterwards, if you have to, to help remove the smell. 3.
Lemon juice contains alcohol acid known as exfoliating skin.
So, for cheap and refreshing skin treatments, go buy yourself a lemon and make something magical.
Because lemons contain alcoholic acid, it is possible to dry your skin.
If you would like to use this treatment on a regular basis, I suggest you buy an oil-free moisturizer.
More positively, lemon juice will brighten your skin and any black spots will fade and say goodbye to pesky acne.
This is another treatment that I don't recommend every day or even more than once a week.
Excessive use can cause your skin to dry and annoyed because of acid. 4.
This is best done before the shower or shower, most of the time it is recommended to be used in body therapy as the skin may become rough due to alkaline.
However, it does work, and if you want to have beautiful, clear shoulders in the summer, I would recommend trying it every two weeks or so.
Make a paste with baking soda and water.
Depending on the amount of area you have to cover.
Just make sure it's thick enough to stick to your body instead of sliding it down.
Wipe the paste on the shoulder and chest and do not scrub.
If you can find your back, apply it there as well.
(This is only the estimated time.
Enter the shower or tub and rinse the mixture gently. 5.
Green tea and honey are there when it comes to the benefits of health and beauty.
There are many ways to apply green tea to your face, but my personal favorite is quick and simple. .
You can do this at any time.
Green tea makes your skin vibrant and fresh.
Run a green tea bag under hot water 15-
Is this the ingredient of garlic?
Green tea smells good and feels good, leaving you with an incredible glow that makes all your girlfriends want to know what product you're using. 6.
Who knows that something so delicious can help us clean our skin?
Strawberries help soften the skin, reduce pores, build collagen for less obvious wrinkles, and fight acne.
Best of all, you can bite the strawberries before you do it.
Put juice on your face for 10-
Is this the ingredient of garlic again?
Now you smell like a warm summer day and look like a summer day.
It's cheesy but give it a try and you will sing the same happy song.
Since this lovely fruit helps soften the skin, you can use this treatment as you like.
I know that no matter what kind of beauty or health dilemma I am in, there is usually a natural remedy.
From Facial scrubs to detox, to homemade cleaners, something natural can always surprise commercial products.
Even with children, they are safe around the house and are usually much cheaper.
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