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7 tips to recruit people online for your mlm business ... - network marketing skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-08
7 tips to recruit people online for your mlm business ...  -  network marketing skin care products
1. Self-
One way to fund a proposal to fund your main network work is to also recruit people from the secondary system.
This allows you to make money when hiring.
This also expands your appeal.
Not everyone will be interested in your main network.
Some people like vitamins and some people don't.
Electricity, mobile phones, weight loss, skin care, etc.
So it's good to have a network.
A neutral system that allows people to recruit for any major network they like.
That way, you can still get the salvage value from those who don't even work your main network.
Example of self
Funding Proposal for MLSP and Transport Authority.
I will personally stay away from the authorized network as it looks particularly rubbish and may not last long. 2.
Wordpress uses wordpress as a way to quickly build your own personal brand website.
Wordpress is also easy to manage and update regularly.
Hosting is relatively cheap and themes and plugins have become better in the last few years.
You can even create a beautiful website using a free theme and a drag and drop layout editor.
Theme Forest is a great choice if you want to use advanced themes.
I like to use the best-selling theme.
They are widely used and supported by developers.
I will stay away from topics that many people don't use.
They are often carriages, often updated from time to time.
Some advanced themes also include visual composers and sliders.
So you don't have to buy these things separately.
Also, I like Akismet, all in one or Yoast and super cache.
Don't install too many plugins.
Keep your website simple.
Create a beautiful logo or spend $5 to get someone to give up designing a logo.
You can even use lead collection plug-ins like Leadpages, Instabuilder or OptimizePress.
But if you know visual composer well, you may not even need another plugin.
In addition, choose a domain that is common to MLM or network.
I will not try to make it specific to your main network.
What if you decide to change?
If you have a generic domain name like CoolMLM.
Com or something, you can easily edit it for the new network.
Use an automatic reply like Aweber or Constant Contact.
Mailchimp doesn't actually make mlms at all.
So it's better to pay and get one that you can rely on.
In the long run, it is important to keep this list intact. 3.
Social media network marketing is a personal business.
You can't hide behind a regular company.
Brand copy website.
People are no longer impressed with these.
Prospects want to know who they will work.
Let them see you. Brand yourself.
Use to attract marketing.
Social media is a great way.
Facebook is probably the easiest place to start, and most effective in many ways, because there are so many people there anyway.
So share posts and let people know what you're doing.
Share your results. Be transparent.
Sharing good and bad is even OK.
People will respect your honesty.
So send out your picture.
Say your love for the company, products and people.
Be a spokesman.
Sell feelings, don't be a salesman.
Make people want to join your adventure.
Use posts, memes, videos and share positive experiences from others.
Don't worry that people will find the company or any other dealer.
They will Google the company anyway, so don't worry.
People will come back to you if they like you.
So be responsive, polite and positive.
Building your own brand on facebook is the key.
Join the group, get active, create your own group, add your posts and get everything done.
People will start to see your activities and see your level of commitment.
LinkedIN is also very social.
Build a lot of connections, join groups and re-post many of the same things you posted on facebook.
This will save you time.
But keep in mind that people don't want to hear about your 2 year old vomiting on LinkedIn.
Save those very personal things for facebook.
I won't spend money on advertising on LinkedIn, though.
I tried it. it's just a waste of money.
Use linkedIn to expand your reach and let them know how to get in touch with you on facebook, skype, email or your own website.
That's what I did.
This is the second largest search engine in the world.
If you like to make videos, make a lot of videos.
I like a short 1 minute or shorter video of sharing tips or insights.
Don't sell for a long time, because no one will watch it.
Search for people's questions on Google or youtube and make videos.
You will get some traffic from youtube, but you can also share your videos on facebook and linkedin.
So spread your video.
I mainly use Camtasia in these videos because it's faster than Premiere Pro.
I'm not worried about trying to make big money --
The video ends.
I just keep it short, simple and true.
People don't care too much about quality as long as you have something worth saying. 4.
SEO installs an SEO plugin on your wordpress blog just like all plugins (free) or Yoast (paid ).
Published a large number of blog posts, especially for the long term
Tail Keyword search.
You can use a software to help identify keywords, or use the google Keyword Planner, or even try to enter the search yourself in google, and have the auto-advice feature tell you what people are typing.
Don't worry about low search volume.
In fact, these are even the first choice.
Because you might just rank your post because the volume is too low and no one else takes the time to target it.
Then do a lot of posts.
Even if you only have one or two clicks a day, you can multiply it by a lot of posts, and traffic increases over time.
In addition, this traffic is often more targeted.
So, make your post as specific as possible.
Make a spreadsheet or list all the keywords you want to target.
Make your H1 and h2 more generic for MLM or web marketing.
I will not choose something like "leader.
It's definitely for MLM.
Then make all the separate post title H1 for your target post keywords.
Also, upload images and videos with files called keywords.
PNGs are fine, but you can also use jpeg, before uploading files to your site, even facebook, Youtube, use the "details" tab to put more keywords into the metadata, linkedIn, etc. 5.
If you're older, you know what it is.
But this is a CRM for the Internet generation.
Always follow people.
It doesn't matter if it's a spreadsheet, gmail, or actual contact management app/software.
Just make sure you have an organized way to keep track of names, emails, phone calls, maybe the name of the current company of potential customers and so on, where you can go with your mobile phone or computer.
You never know when you might be in contact with someone who no longer works in their old company and looks around.
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