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8 Best Powder Foundations for Oily Skin - wet tissue for oily face

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
8 Best Powder Foundations for Oily Skin  -  wet tissue for oily face
Don't want to eat sticky liquid?
The powder base is good because they can be applied very easily in a very short time.
Don't go shopping without reading these excellent foundations that not only control oil but also provide decent insurance. 1.
Mel Norman Chao
Foundation is ideal for women with oily skin who want decent coverage but don't like it or don't have time to use foundation.
If you are one of them, you will love the product and will blame yourself for not using it earlier.
The Merle Norman super powder foundation provides almost full coverage.
It can be wet or dry.
Its fine texture effectively absorbs the oil, leaving the perfect matte surface.
The lasting power is enormous.
It stays for hours and your makeup won't melt even in the summer.
You should not use it as a gel powder on a heavy base, as this will make it look like cakey.
For a gorgeous look, sponge it with a primer or colored moisturizer or a light liquid foundation.
Because of its creamy consistency, if you apply it with a sponge, it will be much better than applying it with a powder brush.
The powder is smooth, so it is easy to touch.
You can easily find your perfect match.
The color selection is huge, and there are many beautiful shades of warm and cool skin tones.
Excellent oil control.
Continue the whole day with the least modification.
Almost completely covered and well hidden the defect.
No oxidation.
Do not highlight pores or fine lines.
Keep your makeup in place even in the heat, humidity and sweat.
It is smooth and fragrant.
If you are sensitive to talc or spices, please avoid using this product.
The price is too high.
The packaging is ugly and looks cheap and annoying. . good concealer. 2.
The world-famous powder foundation is the best for women with greasy skin who suffer from the problem of melting the Foundation or disappearing from their faces.
The Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is a fine pressed Powder that is very helpful in increasing the lasting power and coverage of the good liquid Foundation.
Use it alone if you don't have much to hide, but apply a good lubrication primer underneath to help control the well.
You will never feel so comfortable and beautiful with very little makeup.
If you want to get enough insurance, you can use it on a good foundation solution, or pair it with a Mac masking cream to finish the look with a styling spray.
Be careful when using it on the full cover Foundation, because the coverage of this powder itself is very good, and if you use too much, you end up with a bad cakey look.
Base of high quality, no smell.
For a long time (7-8+ hours).
High coverage but not looking cakey.
Reduce Redness of pores and skin.
There are so many shades to choose from.
Beautiful matte finish.
The light on the skin, let it breathe.
Travel friendly package with sponge and mirror.
Control the oil light;
Suitable for oily and oily skin.
Does not stick to the dry patch.
Choosing the right color can be difficult, so do some online research first before purchasing. Pricey.
A little lighter than your skin color, because it will be oxidized deeper.
Be careful if your skin is very sensitive because it contains talc that will irritate your skin.
No cruel freedom
If your skin is very greasy, you have to use good primer and spray, otherwise it will get greasy soon.
If you drop it, it will crack. 3.
For a budget conscious woman, pressing powder with wet n wild cover is a great choice.
Half-sealed black pan
Transparent flap, Wet n Wild cover all press powder is a very versatile, very affordable product.
It can be used separately, or it can be worn on a liquid foundation or BB cream for additional coverage.
But if you use it on a full coverage basis, you will find this.
If used separately, the Wet n Wild cover presses the powder to provide medium coverage when in use and full coverage when in use.
This is a product suitable for oily to mixed skin.
However, if your skin is very greasy, you may need to apply a moisturizing primer below.
If you have never used a powder as a foundation, or want to see if the Foundation is suitable for you, try to cover all the pressed powder with wet n wild before you buy an expensive Foundation.
You won't regret it! Very affordable.
Fine ground powder, silky soft feeling.
Absorb sunlight and excess oil. Long lasting.
Can make the shaping powder.
Beautiful natural matte finish.
Cover the flaws and the zits well.
A perfect product to set up your BB cream or use it yourself. Cruelty free.
Dry patches can be highlighted.
It doesn't contain any SPF factors, so you have to put a good layer of sunscreen under it before you get in the sun.
For dark circles or spots, you may need to cover the conce cream.
Don't drop this powder down, and don't hit it too hard, it will break.
Cheap, thin packaging.
No mirror, the sponge attached is a bit rough.
This package is not good even by Wild's standards.
Only in a few trade fairs. looking colors. 4.
Whether you're looking for a Polish powder, or a powder used separately as a foundation, or a powder used to set up a liquid foundation.
Illamasqua foundation can meet your needs.
When used separately as a base, it provides beautiful media coverage that is easy to build to complete.
If you like the foundation, but there are a lot of things to hide, such as pigmentation or acne scars, then this is the right product for you as it will easily provide you with decent full coverage.
Illamasqua foundation is a good multi-functional Foundation.
Whatever your makeup is, it blends well together.
So use it to increase the coverage of your foundation liquid and create a lovely and perfect base.
Those who want their run powder to have a good coverage will also love the product.
Easy to build in-to-full coverage.
A high performance pressing Foundation.
There are 13 shades to choose from.
Keep good on oily skin. Paraben free.
Good to cover acne scars and marks.
Beautiful matte finish.
Covered with redness and swelling.
Control the well.
Both dry and wet.
The dry is pretty medium cover and the wet is perfect full cover.
Some people may find the scent (vanilla-
The chocolate cake smells very exciting.
The packaging is hard to open and the powder cake will break if you put it down.
You need a good facial primer. Contains talc. 5.
Located in thick double compartment black compact Nyx to keep matte but not flat powder foundation, best for people with oily skin, love to spend time in front of the camera.
It did a good job.
This is also good for people whose skin is stimulated by talc or mineral oil.
The powder of both ingredients is free.
This is a foundation that is easy to apply.
For medium coverage, apply some primer before you put on this powder and you can go.
This powder will not give you full coverage when used separately, and it will end up looking like cakey if you try to cover it all.
So don't use it too much, hide the problematic spots with a good masking cream, or match it with a well covered liquid foundation.
This product has a little shimmer, and maybe that's why it looks so good on film, showing a beautiful matte but uneven look.
It does not contain talcum and mineral oil.
It feels light on the skin.
Beautiful natural matte finish with a bit of dew but not greasy.
Affordable price. Water proof. Sweat proof.
Control the well for up to five hours.
Coverage from light to medium.
Beautiful and vibrant healthy look.
Bulky packaging for poorly designed mirrors.
The product ran out soon.
It does not offer more insurance as it claims. can fix that.
So it is necessary to use moisturizer.
Those with very greasy skin may find that subtle light is undesirable at completion. 6.
It's always hard for those with active acne to find a good foundation.
The base of cream or sticks, while providing good coverage, they are heavy and aggravate acne.
Foundation is most suitable for oily skin prone to acne.
In addition to perfecting the foundation, Clinique also made Foundation especially for those who fight acne.
It's light, non-
Particles containing absorbent grease to control grease and acne.
For the perfect look, hide the very troublesome place using the spot cover conce cream and apply this powder.
This foundation will not treat your acne in any way or make your skin better than before, but will not aggravate your acne while providing decent coverage.
Natural coverage.
It does not precipitate into creases and fine lines.
A good color range of 15 shades is available.
No spices and parab gold. Double-sided sponge-
Applicator with tip.
The oil-free formula does not clog pores.
It looks natural.
Most suitable for oily skin prone to acne.
Light to medium gorgeous architectural coverage.
It's a good powder, but it won't cover up all of your defects as it promised, and you still need to apply the masking cream below.
Be careful when choosing to cover the conce cream as it may aggravate your skin.
On very greasy skin, it will be on 4-5 hours. 7.
Mineral Wear®Talcum powder free
Average price: $10.
This is a good powder for its price.
Due to its short list of ingredients, it is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.
It can be used as a set powder or as a powder base with a good pure but buildable coverage.
It has a nice satin matte finish that can last the whole day.
If you have very sensitive skin that is prone to acne and almost everything is available, try this one.
It lasted quite a while.
A compact one will last you 6-
Use for 9 months a day.
No Talc, no silicone, no spices.
All media coverage;
Cover red, good acne.
Good at reducing gloss and oil stains.
Gorgeous satin matte finish.
Feel relaxed and gentle on the skin. Noncomedogenic;
No pores.
Stay good over time.
The package is rather bulky and it can easily break if it falls onto a hard surface.
The shadow range is small.
All shades are suitable for light to medium skin tones.
The brush that comes with it is useless.
If you have a lot of places to hide, you need a cover cream to provide decent coverage. 8.
Neutrogena Mineral sheers powder is an oil-free titanium mineral powder with antioxidants for release time.
The ingredients of this Foundation are selected by dermatologists and are very gentle to the skin.
It does not contain spices and grease, so it is suitable not only for oily skin, but also for sensitive skin prone to acne.
You can use it as the finishing powder on the foundation or just the powder itself.
While avoiding the appearance of cakey, it is easy to build light to medium coverage.
It is also easy for touch.
The real benefit of this powder is that it is not easy to pile up.
When you apply it to your face for the first time, it may look powdery, but be patient.
After a while, the powder absorbs some moisture and grease from your face, completely melts on your skin, giving you a beautiful natural glow.
Your skin will look like yours, but better!
It feels like you have nothing on your face.
No spices: no bad smell of any chemicals.
Provide a fine matte surface without letting the skin look pink or cakey.
No pores.
Full media coverage.
Good for sensitive skin;
Do not dry or stimulate the skin.
Well covered up the red and the flaws. Long lasting;
Does not incorporate facial lines or change colors over time. Cons.
Thick packaging is not professional.
They should replace bulky packaging with better things that contain more products.
Only 8 shades are provided.
It is difficult for people with black skin or yellow background to find the right color.
It won't last long unless you use a good primer and spray.
It contains a p-methyl acetate.
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