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99 Interesting Facts About Apples - gwyneth paltrow skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-10
99 Interesting Facts About Apples  -  gwyneth paltrow skin care products
A survey of Apple
Are you a fan of Apple?
Then prepare 99 interesting facts about Apple!
More reason to eat more apples! .
What is Apple's academic name? 2. . 3.
Where does Apple come from? 4.
How many apples does a person eat on average a year? 65. 5. Did you know?
That's why they have a rose scent! 6.
Animals that eat apples include horses, monkeys, chimpanzees, bears, racoons and rabbits. 7.
In addition to the candy bars they also like, horses also like to eat apples. 8.
How many are the biggest apples ever?
3 pounds 2 ounces. 9.
If you throw an apple into the water, it won't float in the water!
That's because 25% of their volume is made up of air. 10.
Why do you eat your apples with skin?
Because most of them
Apples contain antioxidants, including Quercetin skin.
Interesting facts about Apple11.
Which country produces the most apples? China. 12.
Which state in the United States produces the most apples?
Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania and California. 13.
The biggest importers of Apple are Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom. 14.
New York City is nicknamed the Big Apple ". 15.
In 1989, Apple was designated the official fruit of Washington. 16.
Apples are native to Central Asia. 17.
Apple trees have a life span of more than 100 years. 18.
Apple is widely regarded as a forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.
But this is not mentioned in the Bible! 19.
Apples and pears can't be compared. 20.
Your neighbor's Apple is the sweetest.
Interesting facts about Apple21.
"Pear trees can't knot apples ". 22.
The bump at the front of the throat is called the adams apple, which is said to be caused by the forbidden fruit stuck in Adams's throat when he was eating in the Garden of Eden. 23.
\ "Since Eve offered Adam Apple to start all this, the woman's punishment is to provide food to the man, and then suffer consequences when the man does not agree with him. \" --24.
What is the most popular apple variety in the United States?
Delicious in red, delicious in gold, and Grandma Smith. 25.
What are the varieties of apples native to America?
Only one is Haitang. 26.
During the European colonial period of Native Americans, Apple was called "Winter Banana" or "melting ". in-the-mouth. 27.
How many calories does Apple contain?
An Apple of medium size contains 80 calories. 28.
Apple trees are also affected by mildew, which leads to a gray powder coating on the leaves. 29.
Apple can help you improve your memory. 30.
How much fiber does a medium-sized Apple contain?
Interesting facts about Apple31.
Five small apples contain 15 grams of fiber. 32.
The daily demand for fiber is 25 grams.
Apple is one of the highest sources of fiber. 33.
Can help lower cholesterol levels. 34.
Apple is cholesterol. free, sodium-free and fat-free. 35.
High apple fiber levels help fight constipation. 36.
Eating an apple before going to bed can help clean the teeth, which is said to whiten the teeth. 37.
Eating too much Apple can lead to some people's gas because the soluble fiber contained in the apple is broken down by bacteria in the intestines. 38.
Apple trees will bear fruit only after the age of 5. 39.
In Africa, apples are grown only in the Mediterranean. 40.
Humans have been eating apples for a while, starting at 6500 BC!
Interesting facts about Apple41.
In Chinese culture, the word apple is pronounced "peace" and also represents peace.
That's why Apple is a popular gift when visiting someone in China. 42.
Apple is not a real fruit!
From a plant point of view, the real fruit is grown from the ovary of the flower, while the Apple is grown from the flower. 43.
Apple has an average of 10 seeds. 44.
It is said that when the Apple falls on Newton's head, he finds the law of gravity! 45.
How high is the average Apple tree? Over 40 feet! 46.
The dwarf apple trees are now more popular, and they are smaller in height, making it easy to trim branches and harvest apples. 47.
Producing an Apple requires the energy of 50 leaves. 48.
The smallest Apple is about the size of the pea, and some big apples like the size of a small pumpkin. 49.
In autumn, apples are still picked by hand. 50.
Mackintosh Apple is the national Apple of Canada.
Interesting facts about Apple51.
It is widely believed that Apple originated in Ha. 52.
The most famous thing about Apple is that one apple a day keeps doctors away. 53.
The old British motto is that eating an apple before going to bed will make the doctor beg for his bread. 54.
As the saying goes, you are the apple of my eye, a romantic phrase that is often used in lovers. 55.
A bad tree can't produce good apples. 56.
The famous actress and singer gwynis Paltrow named her first daughter "Apple ". 57.
"The sweeter the Apple, the darker the core.
Grab a lover and find an enemy! \" -58.
Some of the famous poems about Apple include Robert Frost's after-apple-picking. 59.
Apple is popular in ancient Greece and Rome and is a sign of wealth. 60. Step of evil
Mother tried to kill Snow White with poison apples.
Interesting facts about Apple61.
As an apple, successfully shooting an apple from the child's head is a feat of archers. 62.
Apple cider vinegar is extracted from the fermentation required by apples, and is a brown yellow color. 63.
Apples can be grown in two ways.
Germination grafting. 64.
It takes about 36 apples to produce a gallon of cider. 65.
Due to oxidation, freshly squeezed apple juice immediately becomes brown when in contact with the air. 66.
One trick to keep fresh apple juice from turning yellow is to add some lemon juice or lime juice.
This helps prevent oxidation. 67.
In literature, Apple is used to symbolize all kinds of meanings, including temptation, immortality and reincarnation. 68.
Apple is also said to be a symbol of health, love and childbirth. 69.
Apple blossoms are a symbol of women's beauty. 70.
Italy is one of the top five countries in apple production.
Interesting facts about Apple71.
Apple matures in the refrigerator five to six times slower than at room temperature. 72.
The Apple Macintosh computer is named because it is Jef Raskin's favorite Apple, the team leader who created the computer. 73. . 74.
Children will have diarrhea when drinking apple juice. 75.
Is Apple food for the brain? Yes!
Apple contains a large amount of boron, which stimulates the electrical activity of the brain and increases mental alertness. 76.
Apple's calcium content may not be high, but its high boron content makes it a good food to prevent osteoporosis and enhance bones. 77.
Apple has largely improved estrogen levels in menopausal women. 78.
The flower of the apple tree is called Apple Blossom. 79.
The color of the apple blossoms is pink, but they turn white as they grow older. 80.
Apple flowers are fertilized by cross-pollination.
Interesting facts about Apple81.
Bees are the most important pollinators of apple blossoms. 82.
In ancient Rome, apples were considered luxurious fruits. 83.
There are more than 8,000 varieties of apples, which is the largest existing fruit variety. 84.
Why do we need so many kinds of apples?
Because there are so many people
A man has the right to satisfy his proper taste. \" --85.
Apples come in a variety of colors, from green lime to golden brown to Burgundy and chocolate brown. 86.
Turks eat the most apples per person in the world. 87.
Turkey is one of the world's top apple producers. 88.
Some of the pests that affect apple trees are aphids. 89.
"When the Apple is ripe, it will fall. \" --90.
Roman goddess Pomona is the goddess of apples.
Interesting facts about Apple91.
In the Norwegian mythology of the young goddess, Eden is believed to have planted magical apples to keep the gods youthful. 92.
People say people who like Apple are outspoken, attractive and enthusiastic. 93.
Apple seeds contain a cyanide compound. 94.
No, the cyanide in the apple seeds is hard to kill.
A small amount of poison is locked in a hard seed coat and may go through your digestive system completely. 95.
Millions of people saw the Apple fall, but Newton asked why. \" -Bernard M. 96.
Fear of Apple is considered an unaccustomed behavior. 97. 98.
Apple is one of the most popular juices for breakfast in the United States. 99.
The shape of the Apple is that most of the body fat is stored in the waist and abdomen, and in the middle of the abdomen.
Want to know how good Apple is to you?
The health benefits of apple!
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