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a beer lover’s defense of miller lite - liquid gold golden facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-23
a beer lover’s defense of miller lite  -  liquid gold golden facial mask
Social media platforms are our safe haven.
When things get crazy for all the wrong reasons, peddling, hypocritical apologies and shameless forgiveness.
You can't find it here.
In fact, not only does my signature American beer taste good, but it also has less filling --a good old —while I double-
Take note of my response to the criticism I received fairly on our employee Twitter and Instagram accounts on Sunday, when I praised a can of Miller Lite.
Obviously, I need to provide more background for this article. (
To be honest, the tag the reader came up with is really smart. )
Ici, tweet (@mySA_Food)and Instagram (@en_food)
Someone with a problem reads this: "I know the beer is snobbish, but if there is a better beer after 4 hours of yard work, we need to know what it is.
"This photo is a photo of the Miller Lite Tank.
I'm not going to apologize for the "recipient" in the post, as this could be a twitch in my brain, was when I was taking care of my organic garden and I almost died after heatstroke, after banging about 10 ounces of liquid gold on the first chu
You see, the theme of Beergate is to grow his own organic vegetables.
There will be more later.
The allegation that the account was hijacked by the reader's father is not entirely unfounded.
I'm 41 and 10. year-old kid.
My hair line retreated faster than the Arctic ice rack, and my chest hair began to whiten over the past 12 months.
It stinks, but I did grow up in the age of "hair metal" and it was great.
I grew up in a small town with a population of 2,500 in Iowa, and when I was 1970 and in my early 80 s, when I was a child, it was a habit to run to the old man for a beer or two in the hot summer.
At least at my house, that bottle of beer is the cheapest in the store, usually Miller Wright or Old Milwaukee.
One day he and I played a vicious game of backyard whip whi ball in a steaming wet environment, then he drank a fresh beer and I grabbed it and drank it
He took a stern look at me and it soon ended my fight for the rights to beer all the time in my childhood because of my 10-to 11-year-old body.
So, now that I'm the dad who does sweaty yard work, there's some nostalgia there, part of me is definitely trying to provide a similar happy childhood for my own children.
Let's focus on the "I see" section of Twitter.
That's the way I admit the fact, and I know that Miller Lite didn't crack any legitimate top --
Local beer companies don't like big beer companies.
But while I am not snobbish, I do like beer and know where I am on the craft label.
Over the years, the choice of beer has grown to the point that anyone who loves brewing can enter the market to some extent.
Even having their own label is excellent.
I really don't have an answer when asked what my favorite is because the next great beer is probably brewed in the garage and I would like to try it out.
When I moved to Texas, it was already local and it was not shameful as your first choiceto.
Now there are local brands in this area, for example ,.
, And later, many of them can be paired with the best beef or freshest seafood, and provide an experience that improves the culinary experience equally with any glass of fine wine.
I might have a Miller Lite pilsner in the little red barn, but I will upgrade my options at the Bohannan restaurant.
In the bar, unless more than $7 per pint, I'll pour a glass on the local tap.
Although there are haters, there is occasionally a Guinness Book of space.
San Arnold, the oldest craft brewery in Texas, is located in Houston, which makes Germany-
Style kolsch, which is specifically marked as a "fancy mower", is not new information.
The label convinced me to buy a few of these six packs, which is a good beer, but, after sweating under the boiling sun in Texas, not the kind of sizzling beer that makes life better.
Maybe I was really single-handedly and got into the craft beer pioneer first. Mea culpa.
But don't drink too much beer.
Love the locals to drink those 16-
Dragon star tallboysGoing back to the garden.
About five years ago, I thought it was a great idea to put it in, but it took at least 15 to 20 minutes a day.
I can't keep up with the weeds, in the neglected window, the warm-up game on the weekend needs compensation.
Miller Lite connects all of this to help me recover and without it my beloved product will be purchased by the store. Nobody —including me —
I would argue that this is the best beer in the fridge, but that doesn't mean it can't be a favorite in this particular case.
That guy (@usafnole95)
Who posted a picture of a tank of natural light when he went?
Support for code Brewing (
And many other people who responded positively)
Man, I'm back. The next $7. 99 12-
Pack is on me and I will be proud to share this photo on social media.
Next time I drink Alamo Golden beer or Bahamas beer
Kalik brewed, I will definitely post a photo as well.
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