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A guide to understand the Indian Train System - what is wet strength tissue paper

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-12
A guide to understand the Indian Train System  -  what is wet strength tissue paper
When you first come to India and want to travel by train, it can be an overwhelming experience.
No one really explains to you if your ticket says what "race" means, there seem to be hundreds of different classes on the train, many times unless you choose "tatkar ", otherwise it can be tricky to buy tickets.
When traveling in India for the first time.
First of all, traveling by train in India is a cheap, safe and fun way to get to your destination while learning about Indian people and customs.
There's no other way to travel that will get you in touch with the locals so much, and what's better than leaning back and allowing the landscape to move from the window while enjoying a hearty Indian meal?
But, if you care about your comfort, your experience when traveling by train depends to a large extent on choosing the right train, the right class and the right berth.
Let me first explain the different classes that are available on the Indian train and what this means for your comfort, safety and pocket.
The ordinary class is the simplest of all Indian railway classes and can be described as the poor class.
Tickets are too cheap and I'll call them almost for free, but unless you like to stand for a few hours, squeeze in the middle of a large group of people and constantly scramble for space without toilets (because you can't move ), there is no way to leave your luggage unattended and there is no hope of a seat, you should not even consider traveling on a regular flight.
On one occasion, during my early trip to India, when I kept competing with myself to win the smallest victory --budget-backpacker-in-the-
I was stuck in Ahmedabad for the next two days with no train tickets.
Now, the general class tickets are like this because they are not sold according to the seat number.
I survived the 8 hour journey and stood on the pass pushing against the wall --
Through between the two coaches, so at least it is safe to avoid waiting for your kicks at each station, and when young people swing from the door frame to the back of the seat, they will be like the above-the-crowd jumpers.
I even got a seat for the last 3 hours of the journey, purely out of this kindness --
India's kind people gave me a seat despite the rules of survival of the fittest.
But even though I 've had a genuine treat in this case, it's not a repeat experience, so, if you can afford it, I personally suggest that you forget the trip to the regular class and that you can afford it!
The next step is sleep class (SL), which is already a completely different league!
You have your own bunk (at least in the evening) in an open compartment and you will find two beds above each other across one side and two rows and three berths on the other.
If you are a budget backpacker and don't mind being rude, sleeper classes are still very cheap and quite comfortable.
The real advantage of the sleeper class is to open the windows and doors during the trip, which makes you look more pleasant outside and enjoy the fresh breeze on your face.
Followed by a group of flying businessmen, beggars and constant noise and commotion filled with SL coaches at each station.
Also, if you travel in the hot season, the weather will get very hot, since Indian trains sometimes wait a long time between the station and the station, these stations change the bus with metal body into an oven, and the small fan increases the convection mode.
Especially if you are in a slow car, when people who are no longer suitable for regular classes are crowded in SL, it will also become very crowded during the day.
Well, this is the best if you have a side sleeper, so be sure to have a place to sit.
I will explain the different berth s sheets below.
If you need to charge your phone, you can only find a plug point at the entrance, and of course you have to stand while charging.
I mainly traveled SL and enjoyed most of the time.
My opinion only changed when I started to really live in India, and if I could avoid it, I wouldn't be traveling in SL for another 30 hours now.
If you can afford it and most locals have the same attitude, why suffer voluntarily?
Without other options, visitors often find fascinating things that easily turn into troubles during their first trip.
If you have reached this stage and now value your comfort more than your pocket, any AC coach offers you more peace and privacy than more expensive tickets.
But I have an exception.
For example, when traveling overnight from Mumbai to Goa, the journey was so short that most of the time it was overnight that I could hardly tell the difference in comfort and therefore didn't mind taking SL.
In this class you have the same seating arrangements as SL, but all the benefits of AC coach are the well-temperature, closed doors throughout the day, resulting in only authorized personnel coming to the coach to sell food and drinks, your sleeper will only be sold when competing with other passengers in the carriage.
You usually get a sheet, pillow and blanket for the night and can separate Beth from the pass with a curtain.
While Windows are mostly colored and dirty, so it's not fun to look out, you can at least enjoy a feeling of privacy and calm throughout the journey.
The price of a ticket is usually more than double that of a SL ticket, but especially during long trips during the hot season, I find that the extra money is worth it.
In all the AC compartments, you will find a plug point that can charge your electronics in the compartment.
On many trains that do not have an additional level 1 coach, this is already the highest level.
The main difference is that each carriage only holds 6 berths, not 8 berths, so that each passenger can lie down at any time during the trip.
On some trains, the 2nd AC contains a meal similar to a plane meal and is mounted on a tray.
Otherwise, the service is like a three tier AC.
I have been to the 2-storey air conditioner many times now and of course it is comfortable.
But overall, the difference between the 3 tier AC and the 2 tier AC is small and not worth the extra money.
Only when you really need to stay away from too many crowds, the 2-storey air conditioner is definitely worth it because it feels fairly spacious and empty compared to other classes.
There are extra first class coaches on each train, so you 'd better ask first.
I have never been to first class in person, but I have heard that the service here is very good and very comfortable.
Still, first class tickets are very expensive even in India, and in most cases you will find cheaper inland tickets.
While I would normally recommend flying by train for environmental reasons, I might rather fly than first class.
After all, the reduced travel time from 24 hours to 2 hours is worth more to me than the cubicle with doors and some care on the go.
This class is only available on a few express trains, which means you have to sit on the whole journey.
I heard they are quite comfortable, but when I can't sit there and sleep, I even prefer my own sleeper at any time during my 16 hour journey.
Most people don't ask which berth you want when you book a train ticket, so if you have a personal preference, remember to mention it right away.
There are two lower berths in each compartment, the main drawback is that during the day, each passenger in your compartment can sit on it.
This means you can only lie down at night and most of the time between ten o'clock P. M. and six o'clock A. M.
Especially in SL, you can have up to 4-
If the train gets crowded and 5 people are crowded on your bunk, most of us won't feel comfortable!
According to me, the berth in the middle is the worst of all!
During the day, the berth in the middle is folded up as the back of each person sitting on the lower bunk.
Of course, this means that you can only lie down when all the other passengers are going to sleep, and you can finally hang up the bed.
But don't ask shyly, if it's already ten o'clock P. M. , it seems your fellow passengers don't want to go to bed soon.
When the first person wants to sleep, everyone must follow some kind of unwritten law.
Fortunately, the intermediate berth does not exist in the 2-story AC.
The upper bunk provides you with more comfort because if you want to sit on the lower bunk or want to lie on the upper bunk, you can choose to spend the whole day.
The downside is that you need a little acrobatics to climb down, and once you climb up, the space between you and the ceiling is too small to sit down.
Also, it will be hot under the ceiling if you are traveling in SL, so you may prefer to sit downstairs.
Now, if you lie on the SL bunk for half a day, you may find that your seat is occupied by some passengers with fewer seats.
Don't be shy to speak, you have the right to sit down!
This is one of the two berths next to the pass. through.
The side berth is a little narrower, and I think it's even a little shorter than the peers in the compartment.
Still, my favorite seat is the side berth!
If you are traveling with two people, try to make the sides and sides lower!
The underside of the day consists of two seats opposite each other, each with a window.
If you are traveling on your own, you still have to share a full day's bunk with one passenger or sometimes many passengers (in SL.
The downside is that if you have a wide shoulder (sometimes even if you don't), you will encounter people constantly hitting you when you get on the bus, especially when they carry sports bags with shoulder straps.
But you will eventually get used to it.
This is my favorite seat all the time, especially when traveling alone.
The side spread is spacious enough for you to sit or sleep all day.
So, if you are not willing to squeeze in with many passengers in SL, you can go back to your side and stay there even if you will miss a window.
In other classes other than SL, you can also sit well in a bunk seat next to you during the day and climb up when you want to lie down (it's not high, so more than climbing up UB ).
I like the flexibility!
Of course, if you're traveling with two people, it's better to have seats on both sides so you can sit and sleep quietly when you like.
Last but not least, if you're a little claustrophobic, the berths on both sides will give you more space while you sleep, then the other 6 berths in the main compartment
Often, it is wise to put valuables in hand luggage and carry them with you throughout the journey.
Make sure your hand luggage is not too bulky;
Otherwise, it will be crowded on your already small bunk.
Your main luggage should be placed under any lower berth and it is better not to put it on the edge.
Any travel guide will advise you to bundle your luggage with chains and padlocks throughout your journey (padlocks are useful during your trip) or I prefer those flexible wire bike locks.
There is a special hook under the lower bunk to lock the luggage on it.
The fact is, I haven't seen or heard a lot of thieves on Indian trains, instead, when I got off the bus, once I put a pair of broken headphones in my seat, let a little boy run around on the platform behind me and send them to me!
So I basically didn't even lock my luggage and nothing happened to me.
However, for example, if you sleep on the upper bunk, it's hard to notice if someone is trying to take your luggage at night, so if you simply chain it, you're likely to sleep better!
Especially in more expensive classes, thieves sometimes try to sneak in at night to grab a lady's purse, so make sure your valuables are always out of reach!
If you have heavy luggage (even a bicycle or motorcycle) to transport, you can check your luggage in a special luggage compartment.
You must arrange a few days before departure, please ask when purchasing your ticket.
I used to send a motorcycle, it was cheap and easy, but if the luggage disappeared or damaged during the trip, you may have a hard time paying back any fees.
One thing you will never lack on Indian trains is food!
In all the courses on the train, you will be asked if you would like to order and it is said that the quality is good.
I had a few meals on the train and they were decent and didn't make me feel uncomfortable.
But when you are completely new to this country, I still suggest you carry some bananas, oranges, dried fruits, biscuits and cookies with you.
Of course, most of these snacks are sold throughout the journey, but you never know when to sell them, so it's always good to have basic snacks and water reserves from the start.
Today, every train has its own uniform who sells food.
If you have adapted to Indian food, all of this is safe for you.
Only in SL, you should always be a little careful, as there are also businessmen from villages here who are trying to sell their goods, which may have stayed in the heat for a long time.
Many Indians take their home
Cook food with them and you may also get some if you are in contact with your passengers.
There is now a general warning not to accept any food or drink from passengers on the train, as tourists are later mixed and robbed.
I think almost all these stories happened in the far north.
Crime is said to be very high in Bihar, East India.
So if you're on a train between Varanasi and Kolkata, be extra careful, or trust your intuition! .
In fact, most trains are not particularly clean.
Of course, it also depends on the class you travel.
While higher classes are properly cleaned between new destinations, SL sometimes seems to carry a hundred years of grease.
Usually only the garbage is removed and I have found it many times in the compartment, and what is frustrating for me is that.
This is not always the case, but you can't rely on clean compartments in SL as you did in senior grades.
During the journey, the toilet is usually degraded slowly, depending on the balance of your fellow passengers when they complete their business.
No toilet paper is available, so bring your own toilet paper with you or better fit into the Indian ass --cleaning-with-
The method of water, because everything is in orbit.
Try to follow the Indian habit of using the left hand in all the dirty business including touch handles and taps.
There is a place to wash your hands, but to bring your own soap, I personally recommend dry travel soap.
In addition, it is very convenient to save a small bottle of hands
You can quickly apply disinfectant before eating snacks.
Don't forget to advance if you are female
Plan for the next period of time and it's hard to get sanipads or tampax on the go!
For the poor ladies who had to travel by Indian train during their menstrual period, I highly recommend that they bring wet clothes
Paper towels and extra hand sanitizer. Pre-
Plan your clothes too!
After all, you might stand on two slippery mountain feet in a damp messy bathroom for an acrobatic show and you don't want to make it more difficult than it is now!
Overall, traveling in India is safe, and when booking train tickets, they are likely to book a carriage with other women or other foreigners.
Especially in SL, you will be a bit exotic, so be prepared to be stared.
Wearing decently means that men and women wear trousers and T-
Shirt covering the shoulder.
Most of the skirts are not practical if you need to climb up a higher berth.
The best option for women is to wear a Salwar Kameez dress, a typical long shirt worn by most Indian women with pants and shawls.
This closure is very nice, comfortable, cool in the heat, buy cheap and cause positive reactions from Indians.
This shawl is very practical and you can use it to make, such as thin blankets, towels or pillows.
I 've only been harassed once on the train and obviously I 've been harassed once in SL by a madman.
He ran away with a shout.
Nevertheless, as a woman, it is certainly safer and more comfortable to travel long distances with some other tourists. The north-
Eastern India (Bihar, UP) is said to be less secure than other regions, so be careful here.
I personally suggest that if you are a female and travel alone, don't take SL (although I have done it before) but better lessons, you will definitely be more comfortable!
Please feel free to ask me if you have any other questions.
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