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a-list appreciation day...who are your top 5? | warrior ... - top 5 cosmeceutical brands

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-27
a-list appreciation day...who are your top 5? | warrior ...  -  top 5 cosmeceutical brands
It\'s A-
List copy appreciation days.
As a copywriter, whose work has the greatest impact on your development?
Who gave you the biggest break?
Whose copy are you currently working on?
Whether it's dead or alive, say your top five in any order.
Also share comments/ideas about what you appreciate.
This is mine: 1.
Halan Kirstein-
For me, Haran is a master of simple and clear writing.
Read his mail!
Short and powerful sentences that use very few words but tell you everything you need to know.
Part of it, I believe, comes from mastering the use of presets (including his other techniques ).
Reminds me of the famous saying of the great salesman Elmer Wheeler, "Don't write ---telegraph!
"Harlan and Matt Furey have become the best email authors together.
In addition, his negotiating skills for closing clients are also great. 2. Carl Galletti --
It can be said that it is the only copy that teaches AIDA to work.
I also like his speech about "what is the real benefit.
A full article, not part of the sloppy benefits that many copywriters are lazily trying to escape, I have included before.
Another master of copywriting3. Gary Halbert --Legend.
Thank you for all his wisdom, including his bullets.
Gary said he wrote bullets before even making headlines.
When he wrote the bullet, he beat the fact that there was no need to hype.
Start with the truth-
A powerful truth
Then twist it into a bullet.
No effective way to use hypey words. 4.
Gary in this strange and-
Admire his persuasion equation and Bencivenga bullets.
Also cherish the book he recommended about the sale: Harry Brown's secret of selling anything.
Gary said this is probably the best book ever sold. 5.
Eugene Schwartz-
What I like most is his 33 years old. 33 method.
Basically, you set the timer for 33 minutes and 33 seconds without any interference.
It's time. you can have a rest. But for 33.
33 You need a 100% focused working mode.
It changed my life.
How many blocks I use "33" to measure my productivity.
It takes 33 \ "to complete a task \".
Another advantage of Eugene Schwartz is that when he distinguishes what makes people buy is a product, not a replica.
So a lot of people think you just need a great copy to catch up with the words-
Instead of selling.
However, it is the knowledge of the product that gives you the tools to convince others to buy.
Eugene Schwartz's talk to Phillips and Rodale Press is also a gem, if you can find it.
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