a note and tulips from amsterdam - how to make papaya facial mask at home

a note and tulips from amsterdam  -  how to make papaya facial mask at home
If there is a rule for travel, it is that it is almost never going as planned.
Especially when the weather decides to step in.
What does it mean to be a lay-back four-
A day in Amsterdam soon became 48-
An hour visit due to some unprecedented showers.
Go out for the idea of a day's windy tour and swipe your beer while tasting cheese in the countryside, but helpful friends and friendly tour operators (
Find Wouter de Vries in damrep. com)
The standby schedule was strengthened.
It's a lucky thing to stay at Hyatt House sarphatistrat --
It is located east of the city center and in the heart of Plantage, a community marked by the Boulevard.
I learned that Hortus Botanicus, the botanical garden in Amsterdam, is just like the Artis zoo, with a quick stroll, where it can be very surreal to see flamingos in the winter.
It is only a few minutes away from the Metro station and the tram station, which also means that it is very simple to visit the city.
But first of all, I want to see the scenery from the water.
I took a shower in my Regent's club room and changed my clothes.
There is a canal --
The view, some striking local plant art on the wall, and a comfy queen bed that almost drew me to rest
A whole day of bone lag
I set out to meet my guide Wouter as I promised a boat trip.
Thirteen O'Clock P. M. : Although most cruise ships have an hour long, I chose to shorten it by 30-
First minute, pack more and better in my day.
Of course, there are a lot of options, like the champagne tour, or the lunch and drink tour, but I am very happy with the fresh stuff --out-of-the-
Famous Dutch cookies-oven cookies
Ask for candy Lanskroon, which makes them the size of the Pan-
We walked along.
Amsterdam has 160 canals and more than 1,000 bridges across them.
The historical center forms an amazing backdrop, and the narrow townhouses are depicted in blue, och, pink, maroon, Brown, etc.
Woter asked me to keep an eye out for those painted black, which goes back to the time when the house was painted as the color that represented the inhabitants suffering the plague.
Another stunning sight is the floating houses along the canal;
Although most are residential (
Be sure to resist the urge to peek in the window)
Some are restaurants. 4.
30 PM: flowers and fresh air are one of the oldest botanical gardens in Europe.
By the way, it was also a source of inspiration for Hyatt House cocktails, but more later.
There was a local guide that came in handy as I had just reached the closing time in advance (
Open from ten o'clock A. M. to five o'clock P. M).
However, I still have time to enjoy the full trip in the store.
I have been told that Hortus has built more than 6,000 plants in 1638, and as a herbal garden, when the plague broke out, he began to show plants from all over the world.
In fact, if you can believe it, a arabica coffee factory brought by Dutch East India is the parent company of all South American coffee cultures!
Today, in addition to the local flora and 24 commemorative trees, there are plenty of tropical and desert plants. like a 2,000-year-
A 300-square-meter-Old Cactusyear-
Old East Cape giant cycad.
It's time to get back to the hotel for cocktails.
When I sip ginger (
Dried gin, ginger crumbs, papaya tea and cardamom)
I won the bartender's guessing game.
Identify the plants used in his secret brewing.
Five guess I got a free glass of muhiiscus martini! DAY 28.
50 in the morning: do the right thing next to the museum. There are many options in the museum, but since I have little time to go to two museums, it is the National Museum and the Van Gogh Museum.
I suggest to pick up the ticket the day before (
Remind a lady in the morning)
Get there at least 10 minutes in advance.
Stick to the time and they will turn you back if you miss the entrance.
The tour guide is a good idea if your time is tight --
He or she will help you to browse the main exhibits or plan a walk
By focusing on what you want to do.
For me, there are ancient masters, ceramics and furniture, as well as collections from the East and India.
At the smaller Van Gogh Museum, I spent my time working on various floors --
Watch and listen to the stories behind The Potato Eaters, sunflowers and yellow houses.
One of the highlights is the experience section, where I can check the artist's strokes under magnification, mimic his painting style, and browse through his personal artwork.
The ticket is 17 euros.
50 euros and 18 euros respectively.
Three o'clock P. M. : the morning of the retail therapist "learned" is worth a visit in the shopping district.
I was away from the Dam Square for sightseeing, but instead went to the Ninth Street where the locals went shopping.
Upscale design store Moooi deserves a visit to get an update on contemporary furniture and lighting from names such as Marcel Wanders and Ingo Maurer.
In terms of fashion, I found Amsterdam, a rum from the Dutch and Scandinavian brands, a great choice.
If you're looking for some quirks, there's no better place than the others.
From glass eyeballs and plant products to jewelry and antiques, this is a shop where you can get lost.
Pick up goat cheese from the Amsterdam cheese company before you leave-
Especially the old Gouda and truffle platter. DAY 310.
My last morning, as I was wandering around the red light district late at night, I almost missed my last stop at Anne Frank's House (the red-
Bright windows get a little boring after a while, but people-
Watch and watch at the prostitution museum for a whileopeners).
Buy tickets (€9)
Because the winding queue can be longer than one kilometer long, the house is located in advance on the prinsengrach River.
As soon as I entered the door, the convenient audio guide showed me the life of the various rooms and young girls.
Although there are no original objects (
The House of the expelled Jews was stripped of everything)
, The photos and letters displayed on the wall fill in the blanks, usually heart-shapedwrenchingly so.
Tucker: The food was never far from my mind.
Although it was found that the stalls selling pickled green fish were too cold, the quick break from the Pancake Bakery allowed me to move on.
For a more leisurely meal, I chose the Irish music bar in Mulligan (
After the football victory on TV, Irish impromptu dance made me happy)
There is also the Spanish restaurant Barca, where the tapas platter and sangria de Cava make me happy.
The breakfast buffet was great with local handmade items like bread from Hartog bakery and coffee from Brandmeester.
When I was craving something spicy, I hid in the Indonesian restaurant Mama Makan's nasi goreng and daging sapi in the lobby.
How to Get There: Jet Airways has direct flights from Mumbai to Amsterdam Schiphol.
Or you can also take Emirates, Lufthansa or Turkish Airlines to stop in Dubai, Munich and Islamabad, the capital of Turkey.
Visit the city: Uber is also very convenient in addition to the tram and subway.
Taxis can also be arranged at the hotel.
But if you're willing to be like a local, you can borrow a bike to walk around.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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