a skin-care line that is not just another pretty toxic face - organic non toxic skin care products

a skin-care line that is not just another pretty toxic face  -  organic non toxic skin care products
Gregg Renfrew wants to change the way people live, starting with their cosmetics.
Sitting under her lights
In Santa Monica's office, Renfrew spoke out what she thought was the most shocking statistics when it came to some of the lotions, sprays and powders we applied to our bodies every day.
"Did you know that the cosmetics industry has not passed federal law since 1938?
From toothpaste to shampoo, lipstick to lotion, nearly 12,000 ingredients have been used in all personal care products, of which 80% have never been tested for human health safety. "The self-
Describes successive entrepreneurs and mothers of three young children who were inspired to look for better options after watching the 10 Am Eriksson, "2006, the non-profit organization Environmental Working Group released a film about the exposure of hundreds of chemicals and pollutants to infants in the uterus.
Renfrew began replacing her own family's household cleaners and beauty products with healthier alternatives she found through research.
She quickly realized that there appeared to be a shortage of beauty lines that also prioritize human health fashion and fashion. Renfrew —
Founder of the wedding list (
She sold the online bridal registration service to Martha Stewart in 2001)
He served as chief executive officer of children's clothing brand Best & Co. —
Determined to fill the gaps in the market.
The result is her new company, Beautycounter, which aims to build a brand and community of personal care products that can educate consumers.
It also undertakes to contribute to three non-profit organizations, including the Environmental Working Group, which focus on eliminating unhealthy components and harmful chemicals in the environment.
The series does not contain known carcinogens, endocrine inhibitors, or elements that are harmful to reproductive health.
The product does not contain any of the 1,300 chemical components prohibited by the EU for use in cosmetics, nor does it contain 11 prohibited by the United StatesS.
In addition, the company has promised "never listed" nearly 30 ingredients not included in any product ".
Some are clear offenders such as formaldehyde and Mercury.
The rest is best left to the green chemist to decipher.
"We want people to feel that we have done homework for them," Renfrew said . ".
"Unless you have a PhD in chemistry, you can hardly start reading the back of the beauty label.
Renfrew highlighted the message of Beautycounter about transparency rather than perfection.
If the new information shows that the ingredients used in the Beautycounter product may be harmful, the company will make the necessary modifications to the formula so that the product is safe.
"We want you to be an informed consumer and we will tell you everything," Renfrew said.
"The philosophy of this line is not terrible, she said, and it is far from the soap box --driven.
"It's not that I'm at the core.
"I just want a product that's safe and healthy for me and makes me a woman today," she said . ".
"I don't like to choose between health, style or performance.
I think this is wrong.
Ken Cook, chairman and founder of the Environmental Working Group, said that the beauty market will definitely see more companies adopting health-
When it comes to their products, their attitude.
"I think you will see more brands using ingredients that are safe for human health.
In the end, big companies will have to respond to safety and health and take some measures because companies like Beautycounter are leading the trend, and soon consumers will not be satisfied with reducing consumption.
"Botai counter is under construction in the well --
Direct establishment-
The sales system used by Avon and Mary Kay sells products by organizing a nationwide network of "consultants.
Renfrew referred to this approach as "social sales" and said that Beautycounter consultants can combine modern technology and social media with traditional direct sales models.
"We looked at the direct selling model and its past and wanted to combine it with what we are doing today to create a new social sales model, let people sell 24/7, says renfrew.
The initial cost was $85, the consultants were equipped with marketing materials and training guides, their own website where people could buy products directly from them, and enjoy a 25% discount on the product they want to buy as part of their sales kit. (
Beautycounter donated $ to start every month
Charge a higher fee to a non-profit organization that it has committed to assisting. )
The company also hosts weekly webinars for consultants to introduce them to products and latest findings in the field of Safe Cosmetics.
But customers can bypass the direct
The best-selling structure and purchase is directly from the Beautycounter website.
To develop the product, Renfrew was assisted by a team of industry experts with experience in non-fieldToxic Cosmetics
Mia Davis, director of the safe cosmetics campaign, is vice president of health and safety at Beautycounter.
Celebrity makeup artist Christy Coleman, vice president of creative design, draws on her experience in researching non-toxic cosmetics for customers when creating first-line products for the company.
Coleman uses ingredients such as organic coconut oil and aloe vera as well as aromas such as jasmine and golden calend flowers to create product lines that make people feel unisex and highend.
Launched for the company in March, Beautycounter introduced nine years
The product, known as the "basic skincare line", ranges from $22 to $68.
In April, the company added a gentle daily shampoo and conditioner as well as a hair and body care series for body wash and Poland.
Children's products will be launched this month.
In the fall, the Beautycounter color cosmetics collection, including eye shadow, blush, bronze and lipstick, will bow.
Coleman has tested makeup on her clients, and on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in February, she swept a layer on the eyelids of girl writer and actress Lena Denham
Mascara is an item not included in the cosmetics series.
Coleman says they haven't found a way to make this product so it doesn't contain toxic ingredients.
"I don't think there's anything better than mascara, except mascara," she said . ".
The complete color series will include a lip-side pure, two matte bronzes, three two-person blushers, one mattifying translucent powder, six eyeshadow duos and one
Pencil for eyes.
Coleman says she always considers the look and packaging of each product to make sure it feels luxurious and stylish.
For example: Crimson
Hued lipstick in the cosmetics collection is packaged in a chic Art Deco style, with a faint vanilla fragrance.
"You will be very proud to walk into any party and take it out of your handbag," she said . ".
"At the end of the day, you don't want to think that beautiful things you buy can hurt you. "image@latimes.
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