a slightly terrifying history of facial beauty treatments—from poison to blood injections - how to make your own homemade facial mask

a slightly terrifying history of facial beauty treatments—from poison to blood injections  -  how to make your own homemade facial mask
"There are no ugly women, there are only lazy women," or at least that's what beauty business tycoon Helena Rubinstein said. 1500s-
Dating back to the 1600 s of the Elizabethan era in Europe, women have taken extreme measures to achieve youth --looking skin.
There is a lack of scientific basis for early skin care, and initial attempts often do more harm than good.
On the skin of 1600, the skin under the sun represents wealth and power.
For further skin
During the whitening process, Queen Elizabeth and other members of the upper layer used Ceruse, a toxic mixture of white lead and vinegar.
Even more extreme, some people draw blood in order to reach that faint color.
At the turn of the century, women pay more attention to young skin and a variety of new beauty products than ever before, such as Mrs. Raleigh's toilet mask, which is on the market.
"An advertisement for an overnight beauty mask was recommended to the ladies for beautifying, bleaching and keeping the skin tone.
"It's not surprising that masks that suffocate your face and encourage sweating fall out of favor when you sleep.
News: The History of topnot1900 tells us that the general preference for glowing skin continues to inspire new, resourceful treatments.
Raw meat masks are rapidly appearing abroad, and with the discovery of RA, some cosmetic companies are beginning to put this chemical into their products.
One change in the trend is the Kemolite radio-
Active beauty plasma promoted for treatment of volcanic clay mud.
Women at the time were booking salon appointments almost every day to get RA
Promise to restore the infusion mask of smoothness and recovery sallowness.
It turns out that the RA salt in the OG mask is actually very harmful to the salongoers health.
1930 ssunbather in their 30 s are so rebellious
They wear spots that remove spots-
Rain-proof cloak that avoids sunlight damage.
Has been freckle
Italian doctor. M.
Matarassoa invented a new freckle removal program that uses carbon monoxide to freeze freckles with sharp needles.
Fortunately, the chemist Franz Grette invented the sunscreen in 1946, leaving the thorn-carrying device behind. 1940sWith well-
Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Aiden lead the industry, and more salons are starting to open nationwide and usher in a variety of new-
Aging Treatment
For a perfect Ruddy, young skin tone, charm hat and other helmets-
It's like a stylish structure.
Through the electronic heating mask, skin, red cheeks are also sought after
To solve problems such as sagging skin, circulation and acne, tighten the packaging and vacuum.
1950 with the advent of every family TV family, the idea of Hollywood beauties becomes achievable, and everyday women are very concerned about their appearance.
In addition to going to the seaweed bath, paraffin treatment and the day spa for many other services that we still see on the menu today, steam facial care has become a hot choice to achieve this long term pursuit
After healthy skin.
From the early days of the toxic serum and the overnight torture device, the face now certainly has gone a long way.
Nowadays, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham are no stranger to the newest and greatest people in the industry.
Kim has tried the vampire face and it promises a younger, stronger skin by using your own blood combined with Restylane or Juvederm.
Victoria is said to be a fan of bird poop faces from medieval Japanese geisha girls, and while Jessica likes Hollywood's most popular product at the moment, it allows LED lights to penetrate the skin and reverse signs of aging.
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