a year after saanich girl struck, parents hold on to hope - facial masks that actually work

a year after saanich girl struck, parents hold on to hope  -  facial masks that actually work
Tuan Bui gently carried his daughter Leila from her wheelchair to the hospital. style bed.
She has a pastel in her room.
Colorful stuffed animals and handmade
On December, a card for her 12 th birthday. 6.
Her eyes are still closed, her heart
Her father whispered in her ear, "Well, honey, I'm going to move you to bed now.
"After the nurse and Leila do stretching, Tuan and his wife Kairry will take Leila to Torquay Elementary School, 6 years old for her younger brother and sisteryear-
Old Jace and nine-year-
Old Mira will have a Christmas concert.
It's hard to know Leila's level of consciousness, but her parents believe the concert will be exciting for Leila, who has always enjoyed classical music.
Thursday will be the year when 11-year-old Lera was hit by an SUV while crossing Ashway on Gordon's crosswalk before returning home in the morning.
The impact hurt her brain so badly that she was close
Since then, in a coma.
After multiple surgeries and 6 months of in-hospital treatment, Leila returned home and she needed to be there --the-clock care.
Kairry and Tuan did not give up hope and one day the lively, smart, creative little girls they knew would come back to them.
In the weeks after the accident, neurologist at Victoria General Hospital "didn't give us much hope," Kairry said ".
They bluntly warned Leila that her cognitive ability may never improve.
"Basically, they want us to give up on her.
She remembered a doctor saying, "I can't do it if it's me . "
I can't live without seeing my children like this.
"My husband and I want her to be young and she can recover.
"I know it won't happen immediately, but she is willing to wait," Kairry said.
"We pray that one day she wakes up and comes back to us," Tuan said . ".
He cited the story of American girl Victoria Allen, who developed two rare diseases at the age of 11, causing her to be in a plant State.
The doctor had little hope for her survival, but almost four years later, she began eating, talking and acting, winning four swimming medals at 2012 Summer Paralympics in London.
Sitting in the living room and looking at the flashing family Christmas tree, Tuan remembers that two days before the crash, Leila helped decorate the tree and carefully placed her favorite decorations, golden Owl and fluffy bear on branches.
While Leila will not tear up Christmas gifts with her three siblings this year, Kerry and Joon are just grateful that the whole family will be together.
"This year, it's important to have her home with us," says Tuan . ".
Earlier in Christmas last year, Kerry and the regiment sat nervously outside General Victoria's operating room, while Leila underwent an operation to open the bone and remove part of the skull to reduce brain swelling.
This is one of the nine surgeries she performed in the pediatric intensive care unit of the hospital. care unit.
Laila received two months of intensive rehabilitation at Sunshine Mountain Children's Health Center. C.
Before she returned home in June, she was at the Children's Hospital in Vancouver.
Leila breathes through the trachea open tube and eats through the gastric canal.
She has to sleep in bed every three hours to prevent bed.
Her health needs mean the family has been approved. the-
But not every shift is attended by nurses.
This involved Kairry and Tuan as caregivers.
Both parents acknowledge that their dedication to the injured daughter means a significant sacrifice from their other three children, Quynh, Jace and Myla.
Thank you, the couple recently bought a puppy for the kids, a super pony Tibo named Benji.
Both parents work for B. C.
The government and Kairry were given the opportunity to take time off and work part-time at home.
Sometimes Leila makes some gestures to convince her parents that she knows what's going on around her.
She used to shake her head back and forth when she was uncomfortable, or bite her teeth when she was unhappy.
Now she shakes her head, but Kerry says they don't know what that means yet.
Laila's parents and her 14-year-
Old sister Quynh read her favorite book before, including R. 's children's novel "miracle"J.
Palacio tells the story of a boy with a severe deformity in his face.
This is the last book she read before she was injured.
"I think this book embodies who she is and her character," Tuan pointed to Leila's generosity and strength . ".
"Leila is so strong," Kerry said . "
"She fought for coming here.
Leila sits in a wheelchair next to her parents, wearing a gray cardigan, gray and black striped tights and pink fuzzy socks.
Her black hair was neat --
Woven into a bun in the back of her head.
Her forehead was covered with wandering hair.
Tuan wiped her daughter's face with a purple towel and gently stroked her cheek with the back of her hand.
Two Sundays ago, 17 students from Arbutus Middle School celebrated Leila's 12 th birthday at home.
Laila dreams of opening one day at a spa center that comes with a bakery, so the home is full of the flavor of baked goods, covered with nail polish and facial mask on the table.
As a birthday present, her friend bought her a purple wool blanket with her name on it, and now her bed is covered.
A homemade birthday card hangs on a rope on the wall.
"I just wanted to make this day special for her," Kairry said . ".
"We just wanted her to have a normal birthday," Tuan said, sitting near his wife on a leather ottoman.
Lila stay awake
Her eyes opened slightly.
Her parents think it shows that she knows her friends are by her side.
Since Lera returned home in June, her friends have come to visit her.
The girls gathered in Leila's room to tell her gossip at school about the latest music videos or YouTube stars, Kairry said.
"It's an encouraging sign to see her friends catch up with her and maybe she'll be back.
She won't miss anything because her friends keep her up to date.
"Once a week, Leila goes to Victor School, a school for children with special needs such as autism or severe physical and medical disabilities.
The teacher provided programs such as music therapy and pet therapy for Lila and her 13 classmates.
Leila is the only child who can't attend, but her parents think it is important to give her a routine to be with the people around her. A 21-year-
The old North saniqi woman, tenumi Rayann Lyric Nikirk, was accused of dangerous driving a motor vehicle related to the crash, causing physical injury.
Even a year later, Tuan says, he and his wife are still learning about their daughter, and sometimes, the secret goals and wishes that only close friends know or write on the diary page. It’s heart-
Her father said she broke but was also inspiring.
"She has a lot of potential.
I know everyone thinks their kids are special, but Leila is a great kid.
It makes me want to bring her back as much as I can so that she can fulfill her dreams and her vision in life.
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