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About Using Colloidal Silver for Dogs - colloidal silver skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-05
About Using Colloidal Silver for Dogs  -  colloidal silver skin care products
What is the colloidal silver used by dogs?
Why do dogs use colloidal silver?
Since the beginning of the 20 th century, colloidal silver has been used by doctors and surgeons, but due to the prevalence of modern antibiotics, its use began to subside in about 1940 seconds.
It consists of silver particles suspended in the liquid and is considered an alternative drug and treatment method
For many diseases.
It was used as a disinfectant to prevent infection before antibacterial soap and wound dressing were found.
In the church, because they are considered to prevent the spread of disease in the congregation, silver chalk is used for Holy gatherings.
When a storage container made of silver is found to ooze silver particles, gum silver is accidentally discovered.
The royal family has been eating and drinking with silverware and chalk for many years.
Found among European nobles
In ancient Greece, it was thought that, compared to those who ate with ceramics or iron, the nobles who ate with silverware were less likely to get sick.
Interestingly, before using cold storage, a silver coin is usually thrown into the milk container to prevent early deterioration.
The Cowboys used to do the same, throwing a silver coin into the water in the canteen.
Today, many people believe in the benefits of colloidal silver, which many claim to be able to combat more than 650 organisms that cause disease.
There are many claims that colloidal silver can help people heal from serious diseases such as fungal infection, tuberculosis, HIV, MSRA, herpes and even cancer.
Its way of action is to enhance the immune system and make it more effective in fighting diseases.
The use of colloidal silver is also considered to treat many diseases of pets, whether caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses, which is very natural.
Continue reading and discover controversial issues and some uses of colloidal silver in dogs.
Like many holistic therapies and alternative drugs, some are controversial.
One of them is colloidal silver.
Some have vowed that it can cure a serious illness, while others have claimed that it is just a hype and can even be dangerous to use.
A doctor and president
The election of the American Academy of Family Doctors, in an article on Web MD, claimed that "the effects of colloidal silver are toxic and cumulative, and worse, they are irreversible.
"Then he talked about the ability of colloidal silver to turn the skin into gray
Blue, a disease known as "argyria", can cause cell damage and organ failure. Byron J.
, A board-certified clinical nutritionist who has been using colloidal silver with thousands of people in his practice for more than 15 years, reveals how medical staff hate it, and leak gray skin.
"Silver supplements have been used by millions of people, but it is very rare to report skin discoloration known as argyria;
This can only happen if you consume too much.
Why is there such a different opinion on such a product?
A large part of many articles explain that medical and pharmaceutical institutions may not want to let people know how effective colloidal silver is, because anyone can produce at home with cheap equipment and colloidal silver can't apply for a patent
Therefore, anti-glue Silver propagandists continue to spread their negative effects.
Google searches for phrases such as "the truth about colloidal silver" or "colloidal silver conspiracy" can bring some very interesting reading.
Several manufacturers are engaged in cheating, calling their products "colloidal silver" because most of these products contain 90% of the ionic silver solution silver and 10% of the silver particles. .
One must wonder if the same dispute has to occur with the veterinarian in the use of colloidal silver.
Depending on who you ask, the opinion seems to be different.
, \ "Colloidal silver has no place in the vet.
The intake of silver accumulates in each organ and can lead to irreversible neurotoxicity.
The veterinary center further claims that the fda is not aware of any substantial scientific evidence to support the safe and effective use of colloidal silver ingredients or silver salts in any animal disease condition.
Acknowledge the use of essential oils, colloidal silver, manuka honey and Pavia cream for the treatment of S. aureus in dogs. Dr. , BS, DVM, ND.
He claimed that "recently found that colloidal silver has a strong positive impact on the immune system when used internally.
"Several other overall veterinarians recommend using it, and countless owners have demonstrated its efficacy.
There are many useful uses for colloidal silver.
As mentioned earlier, it is believed that it has a strong resistance to a large number of bacteria, viruses and fungi.
It is locally used as a spray for eye drops, nebulizers, wounds, abscess, or other skin irritation, and can also be used for immersion or internal administration.
Because it tastes like water and the minerals taste small, it is easy for pets.
When shooting internally, it is important for the expert to suggest encouraging the dog to drink alcohol, as it helps him eliminate and remove all harmful organisms in his body.
Owners of dogs with kidney problems should consult their overall vet.
So, should you use colloidal silver for your dog?
From this point of view, it looks like a controversial topic.
If you are interested in alternative medicine, the best way is to consult an overall vet who can determine the best course of action based on the symptoms of your dog.
Overall veterinarians can also discuss the possibility of complications.
If he or she determines that colloidal silver may be beneficial to the pet, he or she will provide you with the correct dose depending on the size of your dog and the disease being treated.
Statement: This article is not used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice.
Therefore, it does not mean to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.
If you are interested in using colloidal silver for your dog, the best thing to do is consult the overall vet in your area for advice.
You can accept this disclaimer by reading this article.
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