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acne suffers: discover the causes of acne by terri king ... - elisse skin care & beauty products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-24
acne suffers: discover the causes of acne by terri king ...  -  elisse skin care & beauty products
Acne is one of the most common skin diseases in adolescents and adults.
Acne can cause permanent scars when it is serious.
Acne usually occurs on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. What is Acne?
Many tiny hairs cover your face, neck, back, chest and shoulders.
These hair are usually barely noticeable.
There is a gland around each hair sac.
This gland is secreted through your hair sac.
When the follicles are blocked, the glands cannot be secreted through the follicles.
Bacteria will start to develop in blocked follicles, which will lead to inflammation.
Swelling and rupture of hair follicles cause bacteria to spill over the skin.
What is the cause of acne?
The exact cause of acne has not yet been determined.
Studies have shown that adolescents have higher hormone levels during puberty, which leads to more secretion of glands around follicles.
Genetics may be another factor.
Family history will show if acne is a problem in your family.
What causes acne to deteriorate?
For girls, hormone changes that occur before the menstrual cycle can lead to acne outbreaks.
Starting or stopping birth control pills can lead to changes in hormone levels in girls.
This can cause acne to get worse.
Stress can make acne worse.
Certain drugs can cause your acne attack.
Acne gets worse when hair follicles are under pressure.
Cosmetics containing oil can cause hair follicles to stick together.
Applying pressure to sites prone to acne can cause hair follicles to clog.
Putting your face in your hands and wearing a backpack, bodysuit collar or helmet will cause hair follicles to stick together and block.
Air pollution and a humid climate can aggravate your acne. Donx92t Pick!
You make it worse when you squeeze or pick pimples.
Rubbing your face hard will also make the situation worse.
What can cause acne?
White Head/blackhead: it may become white head or blackhead when the follicles are blocked.
The white head is a small white bump that is not opened on the skin.
When black reaches the top of the skin and opens, black forms.
Black is not dirt.
Pimples: there is a small pink lump on the skin, which feels very tender and is an inflamed blocked follicle.
Pustules: pimples are inflamed and the bottom is filled with pus and red.
Nodules: located deep in the skin, these are major and painful real lesions.
Cyst: a deep and inflamed lesion filled with pus.
A cyst can cause permanent scars.
Dermatologists will treat acne to help reduce scars and recurrence of the lesion.
Acne-removing drugs will help to reduce inflammation caused by blocked hair follicles, skin fat production, bacteria, and acne.
There are drugs on the counter to treat acne.
Prescription drugs usually contain antibiotics that help control the growth of bacteria.
Wash your face gently.
Wash twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening, using a gentle cleaner.
Keep in mind that if you scrub hard, you may cause acne to get worse.
Rinse your face thoroughly.
Wash your hair regularly.
If your hair is greasy, wash it once a day.
Don't touch your skin.
Scars will appear if you choose or squeeze your acne.
Use oil-free cosmetics.
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