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Adult Acne Remedies - best skin care products with salicylic acid

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-06
Adult Acne Remedies  -  best skin care products with salicylic acid
What is acne?
Acne is a very common skin disease that affects about 80% of adolescents.
This condition is caused by inflammation of the follicles of the skin and the sebum (oil-producing) glands, usually starting from puberty and may last for many years.
When the hair follicles of the skin are blocked by sticky cells that do not normally fall off, acne is present, and this cell captures the sebum (a body oil) produced by the adjacent Pilosa glands ).
Clogged oil
The filled follicles then promote the reproduction of bacteria commonly present in hair follicles.
This will eventually lead to pimples, pimples, or pimples of White heads, and even form a pimples of the SAC.
There are a number of treatments designed to prevent the formation of new injuries and to help the healing of old ones.
Wash your face with sa.
Washing your face with this help will be "empty" because it will cause the outer layer of the skin to fall off.
But because it is acid, we should be very careful when avoiding the eyes, lips, inside the nose, the genitals and the anal area.
That's why it's always wise to use it according to your healthcare provider's instructions or packaging.
It has been used as a phenol gel.
These drugs are applied to the skin as film.
They dry the skin, peel off the skin, fight against the growth of bacteria, and help clear the blocked follicles.
It is recommended that you do not use any rough, rough or dry soap and cleaners, as they will allow your skin to dry further.
Keep your skin clean.
Clean your skin should be gently but thoroughly cleaned with soap and water to remove all dirt and excess cosmetics.
Wash frequently as needed to control the oil quality of the face;
Always use clean towels as bacteria like to thrive in wet and dirty towels.
Open the blocked pores with hot compress.
Open the blocked pores with steam or warm hot compress.
Heat opens the skin, helping your facial cleanser and medication easily reach the problem area of the skin.
Keep your hair away from your face.
Wash your hair or wash your hair every day if possible.
Since hair will also reach or brush a certain part of your face, it is always wise to keep your hair clean and away from your face by combing it or pulling it back from your facial area.
This will further reduce the incidence of acne infection.
Make sure your skin is ready for shaving.
Wrap your face with a warm towel before shaving, which will make your facial hair softer and always shave the way it grows so you
Do not use cosmetics that will clog pores.
Only water-based cosmetics are used.
Do not use greasy or greasy creams, lotions, or cosmetics as these types of cosmetics are more difficult to remove and can easily clog pores.
Don't touch your skin!
Do not crush, Sting or rub damage, these activities only increase damage.
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