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ADULT ACNE: When Zits Follow Us As We Age - benzoyl peroxide facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
ADULT ACNE: When Zits Follow Us As We Age  -  benzoyl peroxide facial mask
I remember when I was 13 years old, I received so much praise for my beautiful skin color.
(Then my cheek, then pinched by a good friend of a neighbor or grandmother ).
My skin was never the same.
The three of us, my two sisters and I, had chickenpox in the same week. festival.
Yes, yes, my mom often tells us not to pick or catch.
But I am stubborn and have some (almost no) obvious scars to prove this.
Is this enough for me to experience chickenpox and I feel like it changed my skin color? Oh, so beautiful?
Of course not.
Let's put adolescence into it and really change this face!
) Affects almost all men and women during puberty.
Increased hormonal activity begins to stimulate the oil glands.
Greasy secretions clog the opening of the hair SAC, causing pore blockage.
Depending on the size of the pores, the face, neck, upper back, chest and shoulders sometimes form black and/or white.
The white head is formed in smaller follicles, usually closed, the skincolored bumps.
Black spots are formed in larger follicles, usually flat spots, and the center is darkened due to chemical reactions exposed to the air.
Although the cause of acne is said to be complex and somewhat unknown, the main factors include over-active oil glands, blocked skin pores, normal skin bacterial activity, and inflammation.
Common acne affects both men and women, starting with adolescent adolescents and usually fading in their early 20 s.
But sometimes, as you get older, acne comes along. . .
Acne in adults is more common than you think, including facial acne and acne in other parts of the body.
Women are more prone to adult acne than men.
It is estimated that 30% of adult women and 20% of adult men suffer from adult acne at the age of 20, 30, 40 or even 50.
Some people have signs of acne all their lives.
Potential causes include stress, hormones, bacteria, certain drugs, and manufacturing. up.
Fighting acne in adults can be difficult, causing social anxiety and depression like teenagers.
Adults should not use acne medication for teenagers, as adult skin is usually dry than oily skin for teenagers. Over-The-
Adults with acne should avoid the use of grinding products of particles or beads that stimulate already sensitive skin.
Use gentle cleaners such as Shute and Aquanil.
Clean pores using lotion containing vitamin.
Vitamin A also helps reduce fine lines.
Products that have been used with phenol to help eliminate bacteria.
Products containing sa and alcohol acid will help to dilute the scars caused by acne.
There are some antibiotics that are used locally or taken orally, which will help to eliminate skin bacteria such as penicillin or penicillin.
Oral contraceptives can help women balance hormones.
These types of treatments can be expensive. To kill acne-
Use blue light to cause bacteria.
Laser and pulse light treatments were found to help eliminate acne scars.
Here are a variety of treatment options for acne in adults.
A dermatologist can help you with the right prescription.
More useful facts and tips you may not have thought. . .
Consider turning to non-acne hair and skin products, especially those formulated to not clog pores.
Products marked with dermatologist tested will still cause acne.
Avoid mass production
Up or skin products during exercise.
Rinse if you sweat or at least dry the towel.
Eating chocolate won't cause acne.
Drinking soda will not cause acne.
Reduce emergencies by minimizing the number and variety of products you use.
Avoid placing your chin or cheek on your hand.
Acne is not just a problem of poor hygiene.
Picking or squeezing can lead to deeper inflammation and scars.
Often wash the straps on helmets and other safety devices to reduce bacteria. Reduce stress.
As in any case, please talk to the health care provider if the problem persists. Happy Aging!
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