Advanced facial masks reverse photoaging, fight blemishes, and rejuvenate skin - ahava facial rene

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Advanced facial masks reverse photoaging, fight blemishes, and rejuvenate skin. - ahava facial renewal peel mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-18
Advanced facial masks reverse photoaging, fight blemishes, and rejuvenate skin.  -  ahava facial renewal peel mask
[Illustration omitted] one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to keep your skin healthy is to use a skin mask for specific benefits.
There are all kinds of nutrients
A rich home mask that helps nourish and restore the healthy look of the skin.
Here are the most advanced ingredients in science today.
Home Based facial mask.
The ancient tradition, the modern progress, the science of natural skin care can be traced back to the 4 th century BC.
The ancient Egyptians were the first to develop natural skin care treatments based on various general skin conditions.
In the writings of Century 1 Roman historian Pliny the Elder, we have even found a practical beauty method that Cleopatraherself has used.
This documented royal treatment began with a black asphalt mud mask on the shores of the Dead Sea, followed by a strong scrub of dead sea salt (still used in skincare products today), and completed a scented massage of sesame oil, to hide the slight smell of asphalt and minerals.
[Illustration omitted] today's natural skin care science, as it was a long time ago, still includes the use of plants-
SOURCE ingredients (such as herbs, roots, essential oils and flowers), combine them with carrier agents that are naturally present, and manufacture them in a way that maintains the integrity of the ingredients.
Unlike our ancient predecessors, we now have the benefits of science and technology that can verify the efficacy of new plant nutrients and evaluate the value of their therapeutic properties.
Modern extraction technology also provides raw materials that are highly concentrated and free of impurities, greatly improving the results in a short period of time.
These advances in natural science and technology have enabled the creation of powerful, targeted formulas specifically for certain skin conditions. ANTI-
Aging Mask: to restore the appearance of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) from the sun, environmental toxins, pressure and other factors when young, easy to produce free radicals that will age the skin.
The damage caused by these free radicals can cause your collagen molecules to break down and then reconnect in a different way.
This process is called crossover.
The link causes the collagen that normally moves under the skin to become stiff, producing less production, resulting in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Over time, free radical attacks can also damage the sensitive double layers of the skin's cell membrane, causing it to lose moisture and become dry and dehydrated.
Skin trauma caused by other oxidation reagents will also release pro-
Inflammatory messenger like nuclear factor
Kappa B can damage skin elasticity and thickness.
[Illustration omitted] since ancient times, therapeutic masks applied to the face have been used to correct many aging factors in today's state-of-the-art health care.
To help restore the young elasticity, tone and texture of the skin, a new resistance
The aging mask has been developed with a unique combination of scientifically proven ingredients that not only reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but also moisturize, moisturize and protect the skin from aging
Accelerate free radicals.
Hyaluronic acid is one of the revitalization components of anti-aging
Anti-Aging Mask ishyaluronic acid.
Such a big sugar
Just like molecules are found in every organization of your body.
It plays a particularly important role in your skin's extracellular matrix, which is a vital jelly
Like a mixture, it delivers the necessary nutrients from your blood to living cells of your skin through a capillary network.
Hyaluronic acid's ability to attract and maintain its own weight by 1000 times in water is unmatched by any other substance in nature.
This makes hyaluronic acid essential to maintain moisture and softness in the skin.
Volume Effect of hyaluronic acid on gel
The likematrix around the collagen network under the skin increases the vital fullness, minimizing facial wrinkles.
Although a large amount of hyaluronic acid has been found in young skin, damage caused by free radicals over time can greatly drain your hyaluronic acid reserve.
Therefore, the addition of hyaluronic acid
Aging recipes are essential to increase cell renewal and regeneration and can help restore the healthy texture, color and moisture of aging skin. (1-
Aging Mask that helps to enlarge wrinkles
Reduction and "decline" of hyaluronic acid isMatrixyl [TM.
(8, 9) this synthetic amino-
Peptide complexes effectively stimulate the synthesis of collagen by interacting with receptors, which convert genes responsible for cell proliferation and renewal.
This patented pentappeptide significantly increases the production of collagen and elastic proteins in the extracellular matrix.
This increased yield complements the volume action of hyaluronic acid, resulting in a significant reduction in the depth, density and number of wrinkles.
Studies have shown that this patented ingredient is as effective as a vitamin A derivative in reducing signs of light aging, but does not cause skin irritation associated with vitamin.
ARGIRELINE or (ethyl hexeptin-3) in the Anti-
Aging Mask is a relatively new kind of local resistance.
Reduce the wrinkle composition of the original wrinkle depth through a new mechanism.
This active peptide was significantly reduced
Regulate muscle contraction and interfere with the neurotransport that causes muscle contraction, thus preventing unwanted wrinkles and the formation of wrinkles. (10-
12) this safe, cheap, natural Botox injection replacement is especially beneficial for significantly reducing the depth of wrinkles around you and on your forehead.
JOJOBA oil effectively lubricate dry skin with new resistance
The old facial mask contains the outstanding moisturizing effect of natural Lotus oil.
Jojoba oil is produced by seeds of jojojoba plants, and the unique chemical composition of jojoba oil is very similar to that of human sebum-
Oily substances secreted by sebaceousglands of The Skin Protect, moisturize, soothe and give the skin a healthy luster by restoring the natural pH balance of the skin.
Jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizer known for its ability to penetrate deeply and absorb quickly to soften dry, rough and wrinkled skin.
(13) concentrate the antioxidant tea mixture finally, concentrate the antioxidant tea mixture
The aging formula contains black tea extract, which is 50 times more efficient when quenching aging
Because of its high concentration of super-oxide enzymes (SOD), free radicals are accelerated than green tea. (14-
In addition, black tea also contains a large amount of alpha-
Not only is it used as a natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, but it is also a health stimulant for collagen production and cell growth. (18-
21) several other natural antioxidants extracted from black tea, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants, help your skin repair, renew and rejuvenate after removing dead skin cells. (22-
31) continued use of black tea can reduce the appearance of many types of skin defects-
Including fine lines and wrinkles-
It makes you shine, healthier and younger. looking skin.
Peel off the cleansing mask: the benefit of purification and beautification is that regular and careful cleaning with soap and water does not remove all cosmetic, dead skin cells and other cell fragments on the surface of the skin.
These accumulate over time, causing your skin to become dull and lifeless.
At the same time, sebum can gather and harden in your pores.
In addition, toxins in the blood and lymph will be discharged through your skin, where they will be combined with your sebum into a paste of glue, curate your skin and clog your pores
When the exposed tip of this plug is oxidized to black, the result is ablackhead (also known as comedone ).
People with oily and mixed skin are particularly vulnerable to these problems.
Designed for people with oily or mixed skin, this new PeelOff cleansing mask carefully removes dead cells on the surface of the skin, and clarify your skin tone by extracting the embedded impurities from the top layer of the skin.
This horny action enables the special herbal extract in this vibrant recipe to penetrate deep into your unblocked pores, increasing the clarity and moisture of the skin.
This vibrant mask makes your skin soft and healthy by stimulating blood circulation, making you feel significantly softer and smoother.
Not only does this significantly improve the look of your skin, but it also helps to maximize the efficacy of other skincare products you can also use.
An important trace mineral found in almost every cell of your body-zinc oxide, which has a strong therapeutic effect because it supports your immune system and provides important antioxidant protection
Zinc not only has an inhibitory effect on cells involved in inflammatory activity, but also can reduce the effect of local toxins and other irritating substances on the skin. (32-
34) one of the main components of the Peel cleaning mask is the azinc oxide compound suspended in the Poly-alcohol base.
When the alcohol base evaporates on your skin, a rubber paste is formed.
When the mask is set, it will fix dead skin cells and other debris on your face while discharging impurities inside the pores.
Also combined in this gel
Like suspension, there are many other therapeutic ingredients that can effectively nourish and renew your skin.
The healing and soothing effect of Chamomilthe skin cleansing mask comes from chamomile, an herbal ingredient that has been treated and resisted for thousands of years
Characteristic of inflammation.
Ancient Egyptian aristocratic women used a preparation containing this sweet shell petal
Smell herbs to soften and refresh the skin.
(35) chamomile flowers contain a kind of yellow pigment called celery, which can prevent the production of proteins, anchor malignant cells in new positions, and can also(36-
38) the complementary action of this compound with high biological activity is other components such as bisabolol and chamazulene, which also contribute to the resistance of chamomile
Ability to inflammation.
The significant healing effect of Yangju is mainly due to its derivatives having a high degree of sterilization, effectively neutralize certain bacteria and prevent infection while relieving pore blockage and softening the skin.
[Illustration] chamomile contains more than 100 active ingredients, including essential oils, beta-
Carrot, tannins, fragrant coumarin, Magnolia, thymol, boron, calcium, bile, essential fatty acids, folic acid, triol, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, B
Vitamins and vitamins A, C, E and K.
The healing, calming and soothing effects of Yangju in this scientific and advanced formula will refresh and significantly improve your skin's health.
The Aloe cleansing mask also contains aloe vera, a highly regarded ingredient for its moisturizing and therapeutic effects.
Aloe vera is medically used at least in 4000, and its first known to occur on Sumerian clay tablets written about 2200BC, where it is listed as "great health Power"
"In fact, the amazing therapeutic properties of this juicy plant are universally respected by cultures such as the ancient Greeks and Indians, who simply call it" the wand of heaven ".
"It is well known that aloe vera contains different mixtures of over 70 active ingredients, including essential oils, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and a GP that provides valuable antibiotics, astring agents, pain-
Support and restrain property. (39-
42) the cucumber has the same natural pH value as the human skin, and the cucumber extracts this peeling cleaning mask to help restore the protective acidic shell of the skin.
The cucumber extract consists of 90% of the water (which is also the reason for its excellent moisturizing and cooling effects) and also contains vitamin C and coffee acid, both antioxidants that help to relieve and relieve skin irritation, while
Cucumber also contains silica, potassium, magnesium and other high minerals.
Silica is an important part of healthy connected tissue, helping to tighten collagen, helping to reduce facial wrinkles and improve skin tone.
(43, 44) The moisturizing, nourishing and convergence properties of cucumber have a great contribution to overall health
This formula for purification and cleaning has a facilitating effect on healthier, younger peoplelooking skin.
Grapefruit citrus oil, such as the grapefruit extract found in this formula, has a high level of vitamin C and bioflavine.
These powerful antioxidants can neutralize highly unstable and extremely active molecules that attack your cells and cause skin aging.
In addition, studies have shown that vitamin C helps to form collagen in the skin, reduce wrinkles and enhance the natural strength and elasticity of the skin.
Citene is also high in grapefruit, another effective antioxidant that can inhibit inflammatory activity and help your skin get a young and healthy glow.
(Consultation on corruption) [illustration from the beginning] healing mask: chemical skin replacement, laser treatment, skin grinding, gel, etc. after supporting skin recovery
The treatment-based facial mask formula can provide quick and effective relief for the irritated skin.
This soothing, healing formula is also ideal for extremely sensitive or allergic skin.
The regeneration, rebalancing and protective properties of the healing mask come from its unique blend of natural ingredients, calming, soothing and reducing redness while moisturizing and moisturizing the skin.
ARNICA is a noteworthy ingredient contained in the therapeutic mask with a strong healing ability, which contains active ingredients known as double-half-oil alcohol to reduce inflammation and reduce pain
(46, 47) Other active ingredients found in the gold cart include essential oils, flavourings, carotene and Daning.
Arnica in this preparation promotes the healing of injured tissues by improving blood circulation.
Arnica's ability to recover quickly and relieve pain, as well as its resistance
Bacteria and resistance
Inflammatory quality makes it a valuable part of this therapeutic formula.
Squalene extracted from natural olive oil, squalene in the healing process has a very similar chemical structure to vitamin.
The value of squalene is directly derived from the fact that it is the main hydrocarbon found in sebum, accounting for about 12% of the total fat content.
Squalene is a natural moisturizer that makes your skin soft and doesn't have an unpleasant greasy feel, it's easy to form an emulsion with a fixed oily sand fat
A soluble substance, but it does not oxidized or stink.
Squalene is quickly absorbed by the skin, and deep into the skin helps accelerate the growth of new cells.
It also helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms that can prevent normal healthy cell development by forming protective antimicrobial agents
There are bacterial and fungal coatings on the skin.
Squalene also stimulates the healing process.
Squalene not only enhances the natural ability of your body to generate, nourish and moisturize skin tissue, but also has great value for its ability to increase speed, depth, and penetration of other local therapeutic drugs. (48-
50) [illustration omitted] the seaweed extract found in the seaweed extract treatment mask has a stimulating, revitalizing and nourishing effect on your skin due to its iodine and sulfur content, it also gives it a soothing reaction.
Inflammation and disinfection ability.
(51) Copper peptide complex copper helps stimulate the ability of collagen formation to make itan effective during skin rejuvenation.
The Copper Peptide breakdown as part of the healing mask helps heal by supporting the function of the peroxide enzyme. (52-
54) correction acne mask: balance acne-
For people with oily, crowded, acne, prone to skin
Now there is a facial treatment that can treat skin that is prone to sweating.
The Correcececlearing mask features a combination of ingredients to purify your skin;
Remove excess oil;
Exfoliating and cleaning pores;
Remove blackheads;
It even helps prevent further outbreaks.
This excellent product, which contains Explosion Prevention, is the perfect "highlight" of Explosion Prevention"
Soothing and soothing the inflammatory components of the skin can help restore normal and healthy steady state.
Zinc oxide is the zinc oxide that forms the foundation of this acne treatment, helping skin imperfections by reducing sebum production, eliminating toxins, accelerating healing and reducing inflammation. (32-
34) [illustration omitted] Sulfur when applied locally to your skin, correct the sulfur component contained in the cleansing mask to interact with the outermost half cysteine of your skin to form hydrogen sulfide.
This hydrogen sulfide effectively breaks down the tough protein
Contain dead skin cells that make up the outer layer and remove them gently.
In addition to this exfoliating effect, sulfur also has an inhibitory effect on the growth of acne-related bacteria, which may be due to the ability of sulfur to invalidate the bacterial enzyme system.
Sulfuris is an excellent resistance
It also effectively reduces inflammation.
It regulates the production of tissue amine by macrophages, resulting in red, swollen and painful skin infection.
(55) the antioxidant tea mixture combined with these active ingredients is a concentrated antioxidant tea mixture that helps reduce the production of inflammatory factors that promote new acne infections.
(56) conclusion nutrients-
The rich facial mask provides advanced solutions to the most common skin problems today. Using time-
Selected plant extracts combined with cutting
Edge Nutrition, you can achieve a radiant, youthful skin color. References (1.
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Rich skin care: What you need to know * men and women have used local natural medicines since ancient times to beautify and improve the health of their skin.
* Advanced advantages of modern natural skin care products can now be easily used at home.
One of the best ways to get benefits from new skin care ingredients is through nutrition --
Rich Mask
* For those trying to offset signs of aging, ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl [TM], argireline, jojojoba oil and black tea help reduce light aging and fine
[Illustration omitted] * individuals with dull, lifeless skin can use deep-
Such as zinc oxide, chrysanthemum, aloe vera, cucumber, grapefruit and other cleaning agents.
* Skin-sensitive, irritated people can soothe and heal their skin using gold carts, squalene, seaweed and copper peptides.
* To prevent and combat acne, use a mask containing zinc oxide, sulfur and black tea.
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