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Laser wrinkle removal is a popular method of skin care to eliminate skin defects and light and moderate wrinkles.The laser resurfaces the skin, removing the damaged skin layer and exposing the healthy skin below.Wrinkle laser treatment can treat a variety of skin problems such as freckles, fine lines, wrinkles, frowned, brown spots, and minimize acne scars.
Since lasers are precise, they deal with specific problems without affecting the surrounding skin.Laser treatment of wrinkles is usually performed by qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons in the clinic as an outpatient procedure.Your doctor will also advise a on a physical health check based on your medical history.
The procedure involves cleaning the area to be treated and then applying local anesthesia.General or local anesthesia can also be carried out according to the severity of wrinkles.After that, the laser passes through the skin to remove the skin layer at the top.
According to the depth of wrinkles, laser therapy penetrates the skin to remove wrinkles.Most surgeons use carbon dioxide and er to remove wrinkles.While treating deep wrinkles with carbon dioxide, fine lines are also treated with bait.
The recovery period of carbon dioxide laser treatment is longer, and the treatment has side effects.During the procedure, the patient felt only slight discomfort.The whole process of each session can be ten minutes to several hours, depending on the area to be processed.
After treatment, care of the skin needs to apply a local ointment or surgical bandage to keep the skin moist.The skin may "Cry" or ooze, feel raw pain or itching with burning sensation.Your doctor may be bandaging the skin for a few days.
If your entire face is treated, a full head pack may be recommended.A few weeks later, the new skin began to emerge gradually, without wrinkles.Most people will develop swelling or redness discomfort after surgery, but this discomfort will disappear within a few weeks.
With the recovery of the skin, it will peel off to remove the dry and hard skin.It is very important to protect yourself from the sun before fully restored and smooth skin appears.The cost associated with laser treatment for wrinkles depends on a variety of factors, such as your specific needs, the surgeon who treats you, the scope of the treatment area, the aftercare involved and the medication needed for rehabilitation.
During the initial consultation process, your doctor will explain the issues involved and give you an estimate of the cost of treatment.Most health insurance plans will not cover laser skin surface repair unless medically recommended, which is considered cosmetic surgery.Talk to your Medicare provider and see where you stand.
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