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by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-12 – cpa network #1. we’ve been with you ...  -  goji berry skin care products
Ladies and gentlemen!
Let me remind you that the excellent CPA membership program AffiliateCube has been helping its partners to convert traffic to real silver for 7 years.
The webmaster receives 75% of the proceeds from the sale of any product (sale) and receives an offer (e. g.
Download/install the program, fill in the registration form, etc. ).
The affiliate program recommends a large number of offers in different categories.
New items and services are added every day, so you have a big choice.
Currently 33 categories (sub-categories for each category)
Category for convenience) over 3500 offers (US/CA/GB/europe etc )!
Here are some categories (in parentheses-sub-
Category) and number of offers for leads/sales expenses: E-
Mail/zip code submission (food/hotel, greeting card, health, home, household items, children's wear, others, personal hygiene, sports, travel, 241 off: up to $3.
Lead/sales 00; Beauty (Anti-
Elderly people under 65 years of age/skin care, cosmetics, foot care, hair, teeth), up to $160.
Lead/sales 00;
Car (price, parts and accessories), 18 quotes: up to $14.
00 for sales/media (books, magazines, TV, videos/movies) 34 offers: up to $26.
Lead/sales 00;
Occupation (occupation, employment), available at 38: up to $16.
Lead/sales 00;
Computer software/Download (anti-spyware, anti-virus, download software, toolbar), 117 offers: up to $20.
Lead/sales 00;
Date/single, 202 off: up to $150.
Lead/sales 00;
Education/School (education services, language learning, scholarship), 22 offers: up to $65.
Lead/sales 00;
Financial services (cash advance payments, credit cards, credit reports and repairs, debt, loans, mortgages, real estate services, tax services), 283 offer: up to $105.
Lead/sales 00;
81 offers: up to $2 for free (coupons, samples, gift cards, stuff, trial ).
35 for sales/sales;
Games (Bingo, download, gambling, online), 143 available: up to $185.
Lead/sales 00;
Health and Fitness (diet, exercise, health, medicine, natural products), 157 offers: up to $55.
Lead/sales 00;
Home and Garden (Garden, home, home decoration, kitchen), 91 yuan Discount: Up to 30 yuan.
Lead/sales 00;
Insurance (car, health, family, life), 111 off: up to $25.
Lead/sales 00;
Law, 21 offers: up to $750.
Lead/sales 00;
Mobile (Android app, mobile content, appointments, games, quizzes, rewards/subscriptions, win Apple products)
Subscription), 1175 off: up to $25.
Lead/sales 00;
Office supplies (ink, other office supplies), 23 offers: up to $22.
50 sales leads;
Pet, 21 deals: up to $23.
Lead/sales 00; Web-
Services/other services (auction, e-commerce)
Shopping, Internet services, rewards and sweepstakes, surveys), 298 offers: up to $165.
Lead/sales 00;
Work from Home/BizOp, 50 offers: up to $80.
Lead/sales 00; Etc.
Statistics: There are different types of statistics in our program: Master statistics-let you observe the statistics of clicks, leads/sales, EPC, ratios every day.
Detailed statistics allow you to observe the number of hits, leads/sales, EPC for each quote/subquote
Account/promotion type etc.
When action is taken, action statistics allow you to observe references, keywords, and sources.
You can export statistics to Excel, CSV. Promo-
Material: in addition to the redirect link and banner, there is an advantage to the accessory cube, that is, the active redirect.
It is a TDS (traffic distribution system) that can get the most profit from the list of offers you have written.
Activity redirect: redirect offers that surfers have not yet visited;
Determine the best efficient service for your traffic;
Redirect the surfer's quote with the best conversion;
Excluded from activity offers with minimum/no conversion;
Excluded from the campaign offer for system deletion.
And this promo.
Tools are necessary if your traffic comes from different countries.
You only need to add in the activity quote in different countries, and the activity will send the quotation to the user who accepts his country.
Use any promotion-
Material it is possible for you to use static and dynamic subaccounts.
In addition, you can redirect rejected clicks and send keywords and sources on the traffic return URL.
Payment: We have been paying our partners without any delay for 7 years.
Member cube has 3-
The horizontal payment system, which includes payments that do not have any reservations twice a month.
The minimum payment amount is $100.
Our payment options: PayPal/wire transfer/WebMoney/EvoPlus/EPESE.
Support: The friendly support team is always ready to help you solve almost all the problems you have.
We have our own approach for each webmaster.
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