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Alcoholic Liver Disease- The reality of drinking - alpha lipoic acid skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-09
Alcoholic Liver Disease- The reality of drinking  -  alpha lipoic acid skin care products
If it weren't the most dangerous drug, some people would think (including myself) alcohol is one.
Legally available.
Alcohol is on your face no matter where you go.
Millions of young and old people are affected each year and die from the liver
Related damage caused by drinking.
It's where the liver disease team is going to take action --
Leading cause of death in the United States and Europe.
People in their 20 s and 30 s die from alcohol
Liver damage!
Most people don't want to talk about the problem or the reality of it.
The media, liquor manufacturers and governments have pointed out that alcohol is safe in a reasonable amount of consumption.
The truth is that no one knows it's true, just like many other toxic (legal or illegal) substances.
You don't have to be an avid alcoholic in order to get you.
Alcohol abuse is a progressive, depressed, destructive disease.
Alcohol turns the person you love into someone you don't even know.
Work and Health.
As with any addiction, you will lose your mental health first, then your mental health, then your physical health.
If you know there is a problem with drinking, talk to them now. Don\'t wait.
Advise and encourage help and recovery before it's too late.
The reality of alcoholic liver disease is that it will destroy your body and mind and allow you to enter a very early grave.
ALD is a huge burden for patients, it emphasizes community resources, brings burden to families, and it is a terrible disease to witness someone's death.
Drinking is not the only physical problem.
Alcohol affects every part of the body.
It can lead to premature aging, heart disease, pancreatic disease, impotence, multiple diseases
Organ failure and mental illness
The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body, second only to the brain and the heart.
It performs 500
2000 physical function necessary for survival. .
It is also the biggest filter for your body to remove and process toxins from the blood.
The fact is, drinking can put a lot of pressure on the liver and kill the liver cells.
If the consumption is long enough, or excessive (overeating), the liver cells begin to die.
Life is over without a liver.
Not in a peaceful way.
You don't need to be an alcoholic to get liver disease.
It all depends on how your body handles the poison.
Women are more susceptible to alcoholic liver disease than men.
In most cases, the liver regains when aggravation (alcohol) is removed.
If there is a chance of healing, the liver is able to perform an amazing repair and regeneration.
Even after 70% of the mass is destroyed, this organ can still function, although it does not work effectively.
If the conditions leading to the destruction have been eliminated, the liver usually bounces.
At other times, this damage is very serious and the liver cannot regenerate, which will develop into cirrhosis or liver cancer.
The goal of any type of liver disease is to slow or stop its progress. . Period.
Once the liver is damaged and cannot be repaired, a liver transplant is the only option for survival.
Getting a new liver is not an easy task, and the person who needs the liver because of alcohol is usually the last candidate.
They also need a time frame for abstinence and sobriety before they can qualify.
Sometimes, people are not always taken into account, depending on the stage of the disease and the current state of health.
How do you know if your liver is damaged by alcohol?
Many times you don't know.
The symptoms of liver damage are very vague and are often mistaken for other diseases.
Unless you have done a specific liver function test, the damage is not usually detected until your body is suffering a very serious injury.
Do you know why you're hangover?
This is because your liver is slow and cannot discharge toxins from ethanol and aldehyde from your system.
Alcohol is poisonous!
The first warning of the liver that is trying to perform;
Vomiting (especially in the morning), dry
As damage to liver cells increases, more serious complications begin to occur, which may lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer.
How do you clean, protect and heal your liver?
As long as you don't have irreversible liver damage, something can be done to protect and help your liver recover.
If you have irreversible liver damage, consult your GP and expert care team before doing any of the following.
Treat your liver well. .
Pay attention to every product on your skin.
The more natural the better.
Can meet almost all skin care needs without hurting the liver.
Everything you put on your skin is ultimately handled by your liver.
Avoid taking OTC painkillers, especially Tylenol, or only when absolutely needed.
This applies to almost all types of painkillers and cold medicines.
Drink plenty of water with fresh lemon juice or lime juice, and citrus fruit helps the liver detoxify.
Reduce the amount of fried fat food in your diet and lose weight if you are overweight.
Consider taking supplements and herbs to improve liver function;
Ginger flour, Thistle, Alpha
Lipoic acid, dandelion root, good B complex, vitamin C and branch-
Chain amino acids.
Reduce the amount of protein obtained from meat.
Plant protein is not that hard for the liver.
Increase the intake of the following foods; ;
Bean sprouts, avocado, apple, olive oil, coconut oil, linen-
Seed Oil, beats, carrots, green tea, citrus, grapefruit, whole grain, walnuts and cabbage.
All of this has been shown to help clean the liver.
Niacin vitamin B3 has shown to help recover from addiction, but don't take it if you have liver damage now.
B3 is a liver vitamin.
Consult a general practitioner before taking.
Stop drinking and seek treatment if you can't quit smoking alone.
Join support groups such as AA or seek detox help from medical monitoring.
You must stop drinking! Period.
Do not take OTC painkillers, especially Tylenol.
Check your GP and ask for a specific liver function test to check for fatty liver and alcoholic liver disease.
Liver biopsy may be required.
If you are hospitalized for drinking, please contact the liver disease specialist (liver disease specialist.
Depending on the degree of damage, a medical examination may be required every week.
What happens if you are diagnosed with ALD?
If you are sure that you have alcoholic liver disease, the following will occur.
You must stop drinking.
This is not too much emphasis.
You will be prescribed a specific drug (liquid retention water pill, prescription strength vitamin, his fructose if needed ).
You may need a puncture (removal of abdominal fluid) which will be performed more frequently depending on your body's response to the drug.
Many tests will be conducted on a regular basis to monitor and care for liver damage.
If your blood quality is not good, blood transfusion may be required, or, if you are bleeding due to a rupture of the stool (alcohol drinkers usually have severe thiamine and folic acid deficiency, which may result in liver HE ).
You may need drugs (if any) to treat anemia or diabetes ).
You may stay in the ICU and extend your stay until your liver is stable.
Manage abdominal fluid
You may take steroids, which suggests some evidence to help stabilize or cure the damaged liver caused by alcohol.
You may be prescribed medication to reduce pain in the gut to make it easier for you to eat.
To prevent bleeding, varicose veins may be ribbon-like.
You may be fed if you can't eat or meet your calorie needs.
You may need a liver transplant, Kidney dialysis, palliative care, or hospice care when the liver is no longer working.
If you have any type of liver disease, please seek advice on the treatment of grief and depression.
Alcohol abuse is a multi-faceted disease.
Using alcohol can do a lot of damage to your body, mind, and major organs.
Alcoholic liver disease can be developed at any time and will become cirrhosis. ALD is life-
Extreme care and management are required.
If the disease does not stop, 3/4 of those diagnosed with ALD will die.
6-most deaths
If not treated in an appropriate medical setting, the symptoms will last for 12 months.
For patients and caregivers, the end of the disease is terrible.
This is a psychological burden, stress and pain.
Reduce or eliminate your chances of developing alcoholic liver disease by not drinking.
Help those with alcohol problems.
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