amanda byram shares her daily skincare regime - organic rose skin care products

amanda byram shares her daily skincare regime  -  organic rose skin care products
Boots Ireland has conducted a national survey of the X-generation women in Ireland (
Persons born between 1961 and 1981)
And reveals how the concept of beauty is constantly changing.
Fortunately, the results of more than three months of investigation are basically positive.
Nearly half of the Irish women surveyed said they were confident in what they are now, and they were even more confident than they were 10 years ago.
Even better, 41% of Gen X women surveyed said they were more natural in skin care and beauty as they grew older.
"It's much easier for a lot of women to accept the aging process because we understand our skin and body," said Brand Ambassador Amanda bilam . ".
"We become healthier, healthier, and strive to reduce stress --
"All of this has an effect on your skin, so women look naturally young," she continued . ".
In fact, Amanda has created a fairly comprehensive skin care program, which she says has grown a lot since she was in her 20 s, when her work life was full
Getting up while working outdoors in sunny Los Angeles is a habit of causing pore blockage and black spots.
"When I was in my 30 s, I really started to be paranoid about fine lines.
She smiled and said, "I remember one morning, I thought in particular to the Mirror, 'Oh, this has happened '.
"Then, I spent a lot of money at the Skin Clinic in Los Angeles, and my skin looks good, but it's not sustainable, so I started working on nutrition.
"The TV show host received a degree in nutrition and a personal training certificate, gained a new understanding of her skin and designed a set of daily skin care procedures that suit her.
"When I wake up, I like to splash a little water on my face and make it wake up a little.
I treat my face like I do my body
I woke it up.
"Also, the first thing I do in the morning is to try and drink a little water because it's important to replenish the skin.
"When I go, I use a clean gel or clean foam in the shower to remove the sweat from the night.
"Moisturizer is absolutely essential, whether it's serum, cream or cream and grease --
I mix and match.
I mixed the form of brand, texture and moisture. "I don't tone.
I have never been able to tone, which is boring me!
I don't know why.
"I only exfoliate once or twice a week.
Living in London now, taking the subway means your skin gets dirty and dirty.
"In the evening, let-
Up will always get off at least an hour after returning home.
My skin needs to breathe
"Cleaning, eye care-
But the cream and serum I used in the evening is much heavier.
Serum, then oil, then cream-
Let me mix and match.
My skin has been changing so I will use what I think is right.
"I meditate at least once a day --
It doesn't always work like this-
Because the pressure has a great impact on my skin. I try to de-
The pressure is greater, away from the pressure, in the evening, if I have time, I will sit down with my rose quartz roller and oil, and I also have a Chinese person to move your skin and muscles.
I really noticed a huge difference.
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