an expression of doubt about facials - face mask after facial

an expression of doubt about facials  -  face mask after facial
In March 18, 2009, Manhattan's lawyer Michelle Palmer bounced from an American scientist to an American scientist in Catherine St. Louis's "deep skin," allowing her skin to clean, evaluate and fall off, just because she has always heard that facial care is the best way to get glowing skin.
"I 've never done a lot of research to figure out what these products are doing, or if I can get results at home, or if it's better for me to go to a dermatologist --
This is what single women in this city do . "
Palmer, 36, paid $100 to $250 per session.
The aesthetics and spa have long been promoting the daily care needed to radiate the skin.
But dermatologists don't necessarily agree.
Dermatologists say the bloated and breathless spa menu today promises to be more than just facial care, and people think monthly facial care can be their first line of defense against wrinkles.
The doctor said, "People say, 'I have a face after my face, but I still have wrinkles. '"
Board member Amy Derek
Certified dermatologist from Barrington.
"They have unrealistic expectations of what cosmetic surgery can do.
Meanwhile, some doctors have underestimated the effect of their treatment because they don't want their patients to consult the interviewer on the street, the meteorologists say. “They’re bad-
They said something because they wanted our business to go to them . " 14-year medalist, owner of peace of mind skin and body care near Los Angeles studios.
"If my clients go to them, they will convince them to join the filling, Botox, or super-strong peel that they don't need.
"Advertising is the pillar of $10. 9-
According to the International Spa Association, the billion spa industry is the third most popular spa service in the country, second only to massage and nail care.
Some facial treatments are sold for facial massages, relaxing purely and simply.
But most Spa and meists also offer dazzling results.
Claim to do more face facing.
Aesthetician so said
The so-called oxygen mask can make the skin plump, produce collagen and regenerate new cells.
A company called intraceu has the technology in 300 spa, resort and doctor offices across the country.
Deirdre Burke, director of sales and education, said it uses pressurized oxygen to deliver modified hyaluronic acid to the face, but has no research to support its machines.
Nevertheless, the company believes in its efficacy, she said, adding, "you are a believer if you are treated.
But many dermatologists still don't believe it without scientific evidence.
"Show me the data that oxygen facial care makes the skin better," said Dr . "
Jeffrey Dover is the director of a skincare doctor, a general dermatology clinic in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.
Exhale spa with Outpost in Dallas and Santa Monica, California
To promote the "non-" of $195
Surgical cosmetic surgery on their website requires the use of "sub-
Sensory micro-current waves that stimulate and enhance facial muscles.
And the Manhattan flagship store of Dr.
Board member Nicholas Perridge
Certified dermatologist, electric
He said on his website that stim raised the face, which is a "non-
Invasive "facial lift" that will "stimulate the younger performance of facial muscles ". . . . ”Dr.
Derick is not familiar with these two special facial treatments, and he believes that only massage the skin can cause temporary swelling, which may be the reason for the improvement of the effect after facial care.
So what do consumers expect from deep cleansing, micro-grinding and other staples of facial care today?
Get rid of some of the outermost dead ads.
The old cell layer
Many dermatologists say the old-fashioned peeling, micro-grinding, or GaN-alcohol skin works.
Sa skin may help reduce sun spots, they say, and acne patients may benefit from careful extraction that blocks pores.
A growing number of dermatologists are hiring meteorologists to provide this service. Ms.
Palmer is now married and she found her three-year interviewer Rowena Woo at the dermatologist's office at the Tribeca skin Center in Manhattan.
"If the customer wants
"We don't have facial care," she said . "
Wu, who insists on basic knowledge such as cleaning, extraction and exfoliating.
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Arielle Kauvar, New York's director of Laser and Skin Care in Manhattan, does not provide facial care on its own, but she does provide micro-grinds and ethanol and water-Yang skins.
"From a purely budgetary perspective, cosmetic surgery can add up," she said . ".
She would advise patients who don't like frowning or Crow
Feet and spending hundreds of dollars on the counter
Consider the aging face of Botox.
"The same money can at least eliminate these wrinkles," she said . ". (
Of course it's temporary. )Dr.
Leslie Bowman, professor of dermatology at the University of Miami, recently wrote on Yahoo's skin expert blog that cosmetic surgery was a waste of money and caused a storm.
Angry aesthetics and their followers make up a large part of 1,453 reviewers.
The two criticisms are particularly acute: the manicurist "often does not know which products are suitable for the skin of each customer", and facial care can cause skin rupture in most cases. Dr.
Since then, Bowman said that meitologists play a vital role in providing customers with home care and sunscreen use.
However, she was surprised that some of her new patients "put facial care at the level of sunscreen ". ”Dr.
"Doing facial care is a big cost," says Bowman, because unlike sunscreen, "it has no preventive or long-term impact on your skin.
Some aesthetics disagree with their satisfied customers.
Nancy Gitten, 50year-
Old geologists from Los Angeles used to have sun spots on her face, but since 12 years ago she started from Ms.
She believes that her skin color has improved significantly.
Dermatologists are also cautious about the lack of custom facial care.
"If you go to the hotel, they will do something similar to everyone," said Dr . "
Dover has been an American in staff since 2000, is
The author of the equation of youth.
"This is a recipe. ”Such one-fits-
All recipes that may not even do a preliminary skin assessment will backfire.
Take the case of Dr.
Dover's wife is also a dermatologist.
"She went to do spa beauty where they would put things that should never be worn on her skin," he said . ".
"Then they had a massage and she suddenly had a deep and tender pimples.
"Now, she gives anyone else any facial vouchers she receives.
"The standards in this industry must include a complete analysis of the skin," said An G . "
Hinds, president of the Catherine Hinds Institute of aesthetics at Mass urn.
"Every American should know this.
But often consumers are guessing which face might work.
Dermatological partners, with the practice of three meteorologists at Wellesley.
Milena Turok, director of Aesthetics, said this was bypassed by booking only one hour instead of the service.
"We will analyze," she said . "
"It is dangerous for patients to choose treatment.
"Advertising needs customization," suggested Celeste Hilling, founder of Skin Authority, a product line used by 62 resorts and 37 doctor offices across the country.
"At the end of the day, whether you're spending $40 or $400, it's not worth it if the face doesn't have the active ingredients you want," she said.
"A version of this article appears on the New York edition E3 page with the title: doubts about facial expressions.
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